Lovely Links: 10/7/11

Check me out! I’m in a commercial for ARC’s Value Village! (TC residents, the St. Paul store is absolutely MASSIVE and I love it. My second favorite to home base over in Brooklyn Center.)

Turns out, six-year-old Katie has perfected the art of handing out heartfelt compliments. To friends, family, and strangers alike. (Cheers, Elizabeth!)

And speaking of things that made me cry this week, you should probably check out this post and video about Rachel Crow. “There is a potential for this in each and every girl, and it is something that we need to encourage, nourish, nurture, love, and build up on an individual level, with those in our lives, every single day.”

Tips for how to wear socks and heels like a grown-up.

This moving article highlights women photographers who explore their relationships to their bodies, ill and scarred though they are, and utilize photographs to create understanding and tenderness. (WARNING: Many of these photos are graphic, involve nudity, and can be upsetting to some viewers. Proceed with extreme caution. Thanks Lyrebirdgully for the link.)

Every time I visit Little Girl Big Closet, I think, “Modern ladylike.” She’s got it down pat, I tell  ya.

Wondering how to wear vintage without looking costume-y? Here you go.

“If I’m feeling shitty, sad, stressed or out of control, pulling together an outfit that I know looks physically amazing makes me feel emotionally better … By putting myself first, even if it is only through what I decide to wear, everything feels a bit brighter.”

Have you seen Style Crone? Stellar style and a collection of hats that will make you green with envy!

Now that the hubbub over Missoni/Target has died down, it’s on to Versace/H&M. Are you interested in this collection? Think it’ll be another case of shrewd eBay resellers scooping up every available garment the moment the merch hits the racks?

On a related note, here’s a fun roundup of zig-zag-adorned clothes and accessories for those of us who missed out on Missoni.

My current eye candy guilty pleasure is Closet Visit. Every woman featured has about a bajillion items I’d love to steal.

Vanessa’s recent closet rehash proves that she is the queen of prints.

In the market for extra wide calf boots? Tina offers up some fabulous recommendations for styles including cowgirls, heeled tall boots, and buckle-detail flat boots.

Imogen touts the power of the “third piece,” explaining, “The Third piece is your hero. It’s the accessory or piece of clothing that can add the excitement and personality to your outfit.”

I’m a sucker for monochrome, and Charlie’s mix of blues and blacks is just as chic and modern as it can be.

Here are some great tips for anyone who longs to be a minimalist, but can’t seem to hack it. Sign ME up …

A new study finds that women wearing makeup are perceived as more likable and trustworthy. This study brought to you by Procter  & Gamble. Hmmm. (Via The Beheld)

Kendra’s marvelous red shift and structured lady purse make a dynamite combo.

Apparently, an Australian store called GASP thinks it’s good retail policy to shame and berate potential customers who aren’t thin or “fashion-forward” enough for their merchandise. You should’ve heard the string of expletives I hurled at my computer while reading this article. (Cheers, MM)

On the heels of our discussion about menswear looks, here’s a roundup of menswear-inspired items for less than $20 apiece.

I can safely say I never thought I’d mourn the passing of a tech wiz, but, like so many others, I am. Here’s a great post on what Steve Jobs can teach you about style. (via wardrobe_oxygen)

“In a desperate quest to distance themselves, their plots, and their characters from anything that could in any way be mistaken for feminism, Hollywood writers rely on one of the most deceptive and disgusting tropes ever to be forged in the fires of Mount Doom. That trope is called The Straw Feminist.”

Kelly reviews Emmyloo Shoes, a site that offers footwear in sizes 2 to 6. Another resource for the small-of-foot!

Just because a skirt has a busy, funky print doesn’t mean it can’t be marvelously versatile.

Thanks to All Women Stalk for voting Already Pretty as one of the top body image blogs!

In their series “What I See in the Mirror”, The Guardian asks well-known men and women what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. (Via YLF)

Tanesha looks utterly stunning in her cobalt blouse and pencil skirt.

“Over the years I’ve learned to take a compliment, and believe it. Call me attractive, gorgeous, even beautiful, and I’ll buy in. But ‘pretty?’ Pretty feels like it belongs to someone else, like a pair of designer heels that I might admire but could never walk in, or a too tight dress.”

And from the Department of Random: I hope I haven’t posted this gem before … but even if I have, it’s worth a second viewing. “Bob,” by the incomparable Weird Al. Note, of course, that the visuals are a tribute to this song, and all lyrics are palindromes. Including the title/tribute subject’s name.

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20 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/7/11”

  1. Jenn

    On socks and heels:
    I used to wear white socks with my shoes all the time. I kind of liked the white socks and mary janes with grown-up clothes look…. but I got a little bit mocked, so I tried brown floral print knee socks with squared-toed brown pumps. I got complimented all day on my “boots”.
    Sometimes I still rock the white socks, but I have to admit I love finding new sock/heel combos to make “boots”. I’ll have to try mixing neutrals now.

  2. Jenn

    Also… in connection with the GASP article (which did make me gasp… I mean, who could possibly live up to “the select few”. It’s a good thing their clothes are “priced such that they remain inaccessible to the undesirable” – high prices are their only hope of staying in business if they only sell something once a week).
    I recommend reading She’s in the middle of a twitter war with a PR firm who have similar ideals.

    Thanks for the links! I always know how I’m spending my Friday afternoon. 🙂

    • Sal

      I saw that, Jenn. Her “picture of Wil Wheaton collating” page is hysterical. I’ll be curious to see how the whole thing ends.

  3. sarah

    wow, that rachel crow is a rockstar! And I don’t just mean her vocal stylings – which are SICK! My god, that girl’s got talent and wit and humour and love in droves.

    As for GASP? I gotta say, I had a good solid laugh at this poor pathetic creature who is struggling to wrangle the English language into some expression of superiority. Bwaahahaha! Okay, okay, granted – I’m being an elitist of a different type, but really, all those misplaced “whoms” and improperly conjugated verbs had me literally snorting with laughter. There’s something very lovely about a nincompoop who (not whom) exposes his own tender ignorant underside in a desperate attempt to assert status.

    • pope suburban

      Oh no, I am right there with you. I love weird fashion more than the next person. My eyes lit up a little at the idea of a dress someone would describe as a “dead flamingo,” because the potential there was exciting! Yes, I loved Bjork’s swan dress. But the employee was appallingly rude and that e-mail was a hot mess. If someone really wants me to believe they are a class act, they need to show some basic manners and at least a college-level grasp of their native language. This guy reminded me of Liza Doolittle at the racetrack, except without the charm and good heart.

  4. Erika A

    I just don’t know about socks with heels for work! To me, no matter how it’s styled it still looks juvenile. I think it’s a cute look for parties or casual wear, but even in the photos in the linked entry (her outfit is great), I still don’t find it professional. Something about it is distracting to the eye in a way that to me, doesn’t belong in a serious environment.

  5. Hayley

    Absolutely can’t believe the GASP management response. They are clearly having delusions of grandeur, because the majority of their clothes (mostly dresses) are SO tacky and over priced that I’ve learnt to never step foot in there.

  6. Becky

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s the same thrift chain as Savers, which is my favorite ever since I moved next to one a few years ago. That’s where I truly became a believer in thrifting. It’s all about finding the right shop in the right area for you.

  7. Jane

    Love the ad! You look great – and it’s nice to hear what your voice sounds like too.

  8. Kelly

    How adorable are you in that commercial? So adorable.

    I love your voice, too.

  9. Lauren

    Goodness me – I just read the GASP email. I was not only gobsmacked at the atrociously snooty attitude, but also at the person’s mangling of the English language: “people whom are talented”?! “A list celebrities ‘to’ the likes of”?! (Call me a pedant, but shouldn’t someone charged with writing to customers be able to, you know, er, write?!).

  10. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    Thanks so much for the link! I was away for the weekend and came back to find my site traffic going nuts. A peek at Referring Sources revealed the cause. 🙂 And thanks also to Ally of Wardrobe Oxygen for the original link tweet.

    I want to steal everything Kendra wears. Could she be any cuter?

  11. Becca

    Oh my gosh, that GASP email… I absolutely cannot imagine a single situation where that kind of response is appropriate. It just always goes so much better when you respect the person who is complaining – even if you don’t agree!

    Anyways. Unreal.

    Thanks for the link, too! It’s such a thrill to be included. Especially with such awesome company. 🙂