Lovely Links: 1/10/14

Although it has a slightly caustic intro, this piece from Hadley Freeman has some great New Year’s style advice: Pick and choose your trends, wear what you love, and find out where you’re stuck in a sartorial rut. (Cheers, ErnestPig)

Leave it to Kelly to make a long tailcoated jacket look super feminine and chic. You can also see how she had it tailored here.

“Women seem to spend most of their lives trying to stop their flesh from moving, we find our wobbly bits embarrassing, or disgusting. In belly dancing, if you have wobbly bits you learn how to wobble them to the music with grace and rhythm and then adorn them with sequins and sparkle! Belly dancing encompasses many varied styles of music and dance, there is a style to suit any body shape, age and personality. It gives you permission to feel beautiful exactly as you are.”

Another great use for ruined or thrifted sweaters? Cozy, wintry lampshade covers. (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

Over at Huffington Post, I talked about why I declined to do red carpet coverage that would’ve included style- and bodysnarking.

Nicolette shows us a great take on winter white with a splash of pink, and shares an inspiring recap and list of goals

Artist Gracie Hagen‘s project Illusions of the Body shows models in conventionally sexy poses side by side with purposely slouched poses. Amazing what body language and posture can say, and how it can affect your feelings about yourself. These are nude photos, so be aware. A bit of exposition here. (Cheers, Anna)

Cute plus-sized workout clothes! YESSSSS!

Marie Claire Australia invited some of the country’s top advertising agencies to create an ad that would convince women to love their bodies now, not later. (Cheers, Fritinancy)

“… I think I speak for all girls and women between the ages of 13 and 19 when I say that grown-up male journalists are probably not the best choice to assign stories about teen-girl culture to (keeping in mind those aforementioned exceptions). What they come up with, too much of the time, is a lot of off-base and frankly clueless speculation about what girls think, what we do, what we want, and what we need.”

Anna dishes out some great tips for making it through the New Year’s diet (and diet talk) deluge.

Related: Kate shares some thoughts – as a woman recovering from an eating disorder – on dealing with onslaught of post-holiday body-shaming messaging.

The Fluevog Flueblog is rolling out the Spring/Summer previews as we speak. SO much pretty.

Oh, how I wish I was lounging by the pool with Thamarr. Maybe then she’d let me borrow her amazing yellow pencil skirt.

“The usual downsides of my identity don’t even seem to apply. No one questions my pronouns; after all at times I am the only example of a ‘woman’ in the room. Neither do I feel misgendered as simply ‘woman’; just being a programmer queers my gender. It is convenient for the men around me to appropriate my presence and ignore the distinction. ”

Hollywood execs please note: Movies with strong female roles actually make MORE money. (Via I Feel Delicious)

When Alison asked for my favorite beauty buy of 2013, I didn’t hesitate: Vitamin C Active Moisture Serum by Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. Period. Read why and check out other blogger beauty faves at Wardrobe Oxygen.

This quote about women’s bodies, men’s reactions, and shirked responsibility is SO RIGHT ON.

An oldie but goodie from Kat at Corporette: How to look professional in flats. All the time.

This week on the Fox 9 Morning Show, I chatted about the many, many uses for brooches. Look for some of your favorite bloggers in the segment!

Love the idea of layering a fuzzy vest over a leather jacket.

As a fellow fan of Queen Latifah’s work and style, I thoroughly enjoyed this roundup of some of her show-hosting outfits.

If you enjoyed my makeup overview this week, take a peek at cosmetics expert Keiko’s perfect red lip and gorgeous brow tutorials.

For those of you interested in minimalism in life and style, Into Mind is an amazing resource. Consider starting with this post: Simple Living vs. Calvin Klein: Defining the Minimalist Approach or this great roundup that details a 10-step wardrobe revamp. (Via Sam Loves Makeup)

Also from Sam, “… the people in my life reacted strongly to my shift in style. This is to be expected; when you spend a shit ton of time with people, they easily pick up on your changes (especially more drastic ones). My mom and dad noticed quickly that I stopped wearing “girly clothes” and poked fun at me, even making “lesbian” jokes before I formally came out to them. My friends call me The Beanie Queen, and I’m frequently asked if I’m tired or sick at school (this is what happens after 3+ years of wearing a full face of makeup every single day to class). I quickly learned not to be offended or upset by these problems. When things change, people notice…and when people notice, people speak up. I answered politely, laughed, and went about my business, continuing to express myself in a way that made me comfortable and content.”

An interesting discussion of what edgy style means and the many ways to express it.

This mix of teal, burgundy, gray, and prints is so classy and rich. Also love this take which mixes teal, burgundy, fuchsia, and sparkles.

The Levo League offers a quick roundup of tips for wearing leopard print to work, and links to yet more resources.

Susie Bubble interviews Orsola de Castro, founder of upcycling label From Somewhere, curator of British Fashion Council’s eco fashion initiative Esthetica and all-round expert on the subject of “green” fashion. A fascinating read on ethics, sustainability, and what’s really possible.

Tanasha makes black and neon look totally fresh in this moto jacket/midi skirt outfit. Love it!

On the value of letting go of best camera angles and touched-up lipstick. (Via Weightless)

Make no mistake: Carrie Brownstein rules at everything.

“The clearest way I can share with you how things have changed in my relationship to my own inner critic is that things just feel quieter, gentler, simpler. After having your inner critic shouting at you for most of your life, you can’t help but notice when bits of quiet arise.”

The Closet Feminist shares six body-positive, affordable style resolutions for 2014. Fabulous.

H&M may gradually raise its prices and begin paying its garment workers more. It’ll be interesting to see if they make good on this “maybe.”

And from the Department of Random: The Bloggess explains why it’s rude to tweet RIP when someone of note passes away. Kinda.

Also: January is the BEST time to buy calendars because they are so on sale. Sarah Von’s Puss in Books calendar is only $15 right now. Nab it, friends.

Finally (Via the excellent Goats on Things):

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/10/14”

  1. Emily Stowe

    I’m excited that the Closet Feminist article links to Lesley Kinzel at She is one of my favorite writers, and she covers “FATshion” as well as body positive related articles for them. Love her, and love the fact that my favorite blogs came full circle! I like it when the internet seems like a small world. 🙂

  2. KimM.

    Well, I just had to go to the One Love Organics website after that glowing review above of the Vitamin C Active Moisture Serum. Of course I couldn’t stop with just that one product…. I’m looking forward to trying these ASAP because my skin is weirdly dry. Thanks for the introduction to OLO!

  3. Amy

    I read several blogs with a weekly link feature, but your links are the best, Sally! You find such interesting and provocative stuff! Thank you!

  4. Shawna

    So much great reading here! Thanks, Sally. I always look forward to the Lovely Links.

  5. Chrissy

    Sally, you share your knowledge and perspective in awesome ways. I’m wondering whether it would be possible to do a red carpet review that highlights what worked, but also where you explain how/why a not-so-great look could have been improved. I saw something on TV (not sure which show) where someone was explaining that a certain look at the People’s Choice Awards red carpet didn’t work because the large floral print of the dress wouldn’t photograph well under those particular circumstances. Just a thought. Thanks for everything you do!

    • Sally

      Definitely, Chrissy! There are ways to offer constructive and expert feedback that’s not wholly positive, even for red carpet recaps. But I seldom see that play out and have never been offered the opportunity to do it myself. If you remember which show it was that talked constructively about a red carpet look, do let me know – I’d love to support that.

  6. Melanie

    I am cheering that you refused to put down people’s styles on the red carpet, Sally. You need your own TV show to lift up people’s red carpet styles. I also cringe when I see “likes” and “dislikes” in style photos.

  7. Carol

    Sally, thanks for your column on the Golden Globes. I would LOVE to hear and/or watch you do a style commentary about what DID work with red carpet fashions — I never think of analyzing the dresses that way and now that I consider it, that could be an awesome teaching tool! Thank you for staying true to your beliefs and being a force for body positivity in the world even if it means saying no to certain opportunities.

  8. Khinky

    Hi Sally
    Thank you for sticking to your values about the red carpet commentary, even if it meant losing out on a job. You are amazing. (And I think there’s more of a market for non-snarky coverage than people would think, especially with the rise in body acceptance over the past few years.)

  9. Frances

    Not doing the Red Carpet celebrity flogging show a heck of a lot of integrity on your part!