Lovely Links: 11/11/16

Weekly Kitty:


You all know Simon is polydactyl, right? Here’s proof. SO MANY TOES.

Don’t think a pleated silver skirt can look badass? Sihem’s outfit will change your mind.

Love this: “After having some inspiring conversations with a number of femmes, I decided to launch Hi Femme!, a partner project to dapperQ that will celebrate femme fashion in all of its forms.”

The Dangerous Policing Of Female Athletes’ Diets

The Barking Dog Shoes team is wild about Dansko’s new mini-wedge ankle boot. Great for women with sensitive feet!

Eco Warrior Princess rounds up 14 ethical jewelry brands.

I loved all of Brittany’s article about gaining weight, but especially this post-script: “This is where I would assure you that despite my weight gain I’m completely healthy. I actually am not going to do that anymore because 1. it’s none of your business, and 2. it’s not a qualifier for you to respect the fact that I like myself. You just have to. Because I’m human.

Any curly girls out there who swear by the microfiber towel or t-shirt drying method? I know it’s supposed to make a huge difference, frizz-wise, but just can’t seem to make the transition from a regular towel …

Imogen strongly recommends picking three to five style guidelines, sticking to them, and ditching the rest.

How the Beauty Bias Makes Us Treat ‘Pretty’ People Better

Une Femme talks about trusting your gut when it comes to style and outfit assembly, and the importance of wearing what feels authentic to you … even if those around you would prefer to see you in something else.

Tanasha’s outfit combines neutrals, distressed denim, and clean lines. You can see why I adore it.

Grechen updates her post rounding up ethical/responsible alternatives to Madewell’s popular leather Transport tote.

The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman is … written by freelance fashion editor and founder of the Disneyrollergirl blog Navaz Batliwalla … is the definitive guide for the grown-up tomboy.”

Speaking of recommended reading, the team at Hourglassy loved reading The Bra Zone, a recent book from The Breast Life creator Elisabeth Dale.

Lisa always makes casual/cool/badass look so easy and effortless.

Rookie’s guide to getting your first tattoo is gentle, informative, and pretty comprehensive. Aimed at teen readers, but helpful to anyone in the midst of deliberation! (My own advice on the topic here, but I’m much more opinionated. Partly because I was asked to explain what makes a stylish tattoo.)

Loving Beth’s colorful, classic-with-a-twist layers.

Nordstrom STILL has the absolute best selection of cargo jackets around, including petite and plus sizes!

Alison has some great tips for wearing a bold or dark lip.

“For me, it has been worth the time and energy to try to make peace – and yes, ‘love’ – my fat body. So I don’t necessarily think ‘body positivity’ is a bad thing, just irrelevant to fat activism. It doesn’t matter whether you love your body or not, what does matter is that fat bodies are treated with care and respect.”

Can’t quite believe I’m still wearing lightweight jackets this deep into November, but loving it while I can! This sustainable Comfy USA jacket looks like some kind of marvelous cocoon/moto hybrid.

And from the Department of Random: If your week was as rough as mine, take a peek at these animal/grandparent/kid mood-lifters. The mondo teddy bear is probably my fave.

Additionally: Just found Noon’s breathtaking tattoo designs on Pinterest, and he’s offering a free 3/4 sleeve if you can meet him on January 7. THAT IS NUTS. GET ON IT PEOPLE.

Finally: A St. Bernard covered in cats. (More like this on my Awwwww board. Just sayin.)


**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/11/16”

  1. Catherine Harper

    I use an old t-shirt to wrap my hair after a shower. It keeps it wet without removing all the moisture until I’m ready to style it. I have a couple of old shirts that I keep in my linen closet and switch out with my bath towels each week. I can absolutely tell the difference when I travel and forget to bring along an extra tee for my hair.

  2. Anamarie

    RE: microfiber towels…I have tried the Aquis, and it works well to squeeze excess water out of your hair (gently) and not causing frizz. However, you have to be super careful to hang the damp towel so it gets maximum circulation and dries thoroughly. I had one for about a month, washed it in hot water regularly, and it still developed mold/mildew. WTF. I had to toss it.

  3. Mercy Morris

    Polydactyls are the best, I had a tabby boy who looked like he was wearing boxing gloves.

  4. Shevvi Crowley

    I swear by the t-shirt drying method for more than 5 years. I have finally hsir that frizzes with a number contact with looped terry.

  5. pneu

    I’ve used a microfiber towel for years on my wavy, frizzy hair. I’d say it reduces frizz somewhat, mostly because I wrap my wet hair up in it and then don’t touch it for awhile. Possibly any thinnish towel would work for this? I happened to have a travel towel so that’s what I use; it’s absorbent and dries very quickly. Your hair’s a bit short for the ‘plop’ method (piling your hair on top of your head and holding it in place with the towel…uh, google it for a clearer explanation…) but adding product and plopping helps me get a much more defined curl.

    Try with a t-shirt first and see if it makes a difference for you. Sadly, I’ve learned there are no magical rainbow unicorn solutions for beating frizz, and I hate spending money on yet another product that doesn’t work for my special snowflake hair. 😉

    You’re killing it with your hairstyles these days, by the way!

  6. janejetson

    I use a micro-fiber towel because it dries my wavy hair faster. An unexpected bonus is that the towel itself dries faster than regular towels which reduces the moldy/musty smell.

  7. csl

    Yes to the microfiber towel for curly hair! Made a huge difference for me.