Lovely Links: 11/12/10

The time to love your body is NOW. Period.

Want to know how to develop a unique style? Super Kawaii Mama gives you the lowdown. And she should know.

Anthropologie catalogs frequently annoy me. Blurry photos do NOT motivate me to purchase embellished skirts and asymmetric sweaters, people. But the most recent one I received had a section that featured animals crawling in and out and around the merch, and it was so cute I made HM take a peek.

New-to-me style icon: Pull Your Socks Up, whose tagline is “growing old disgracefully.” LOVE! (Cheers to @the_ahtist for the recommendation!)

Oh my. The Mulberry show had a French bulldog strutting down the runway with the models. The cute. It hurts me.

Great advice on how to defend yourself against the food and body hangups of others. (Via Medicinal Marzipan.)

On a related note, Dr. Robyn has some tips on how to enjoy a fat-talk-free holiday season.

If my recent post on introducing affiliate links piqued your interest for your OWN blog, this post from Alterations Needed reviewing many of the major affiliate programs will be absolutely invaluable.

You should probably read this next time you’re facing down a drear Monday morning.

Four great ways to wear stripes: Rocker, ladylike, casual, and dressy.

Wondering which boots will create leg and figure balance? Here’s a guide to choosing boots that will suit your body shape.

And speaking of boots, if today’s post has got you hankering, here are some great over-the-knee boots for women on a tight budget.

Jentine is a goddess of thrifting, so I’m tickled to hear that she’ll be sharing tips, techniques and thrift wisdom in her new Thrift Thursdays series.

Susie gives us a tour and a wee bit of the history of Harris Tweed.

Fat studies classes are becoming more common at colleges and universities. Though this post’s author questions their impact, I have to imagine the increasing popularity of such classes signals shifting awareness. Has anyone taken a fat studies class?

Refinery 29 has pinpointed four unexpected color pairings that wow.

Hayley’s hat, necklace, and sandals are utterly perfect together. Fact.

Anyone tried Fashionstake? Sounds like the site combines the social group-purchasing of Groupons with the sample sale shopping of Gilt Groupe.

This piece on the gendering of food is fascinating. (Via Medicinal Marzipan.)

Heel condoms: Brilliant idea, weird name.

In this piece, the author asserts that striving for a thin, toned, “perfect” body can be a mechanism for masking what is really wrong and for avoiding true vulnerability. Really hit a nerve for me.

Since I’ve been wrestling with successful deployment of tights over the past few weeks, I was delighted that Kasmira posted her personal tights-wearing cheat sheet.

And from the Department of Random: Damn You Autocorrect shows us what happens when predictive texts go horribly, horribly wrong. I pulled a muscle laughing at this blog.  (Via College Fashion.)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/12/10”

  1. Alison

    Ah! I have a French Bulldog. He's all cream, no black mask. They are fun dogs, but can be a handful too. Think BIG dog in little dog body. Mine is very snuggly, I love him.

  2. Frankincensy

    By the time I'd got to the bottom of this post there were 10 new tabs open in my browser. You post such great selections of links!

  3. Alison

    Thanks Sally for that! I really needed a good laugh. I have to put it away now, my tummy and face hurts!

  4. sui

    Thanks for the link love! ♥ These are some awesome shares. đŸ˜€

  5. Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

    Thanks as ever for the link – and lots of interesting reading here to do!

  6. Pull Your Socks Up!

    I was wondering why I was getting sooooo many hits from your site and now I know – thanks so much for your very kind words Sally:). xoxo