Lovely Links: 11/15/13

Our friends over at Mode-sty have opened a maternity section! Loads of cute midi and maxi dresses in there.

Kendra shows us another amazing 30-day capsule using just ten items.

Love this showcase of plus-sized bloggers rocking various styles of necklaces.

“As a blogger of a certain age and not identified with grandiosity, I see myself as a very small part of the movement to change the perceptions of older women in our culture. ”

What a gorgeous mash-up of lace and stripes.

This post examines fat shaming, thin privilege, and how the two interact in depth and from many angles. (Cheers, Kelly)

This Seattle tattoo artist explains why she will no longer do face, hand, neck, or finger tattoos. Fascinating stuff. (Via Weesha)

I adored Danielle’s catalog of winter coats she’s worn and hated. Most of us northerly folk have similar mental lists.

Purses and wallets are gendered spaces. There’s nothing inherent in men’s and women’s constitutions that naturally recommends carrying money and belongings in different containers. Like the use of urinals in men’s restrooms, wallets and purses are a way of producing understandings of gender difference rather than as a natural consequence of differences.”

Afrobella explores BB, CC, and DD creams for all skin tones, including explanations and reviews of several brands she’s tried. (Via Shen Dove)

Who’d have thought that white tweed pants and a green velvet peplum jacket would make such a perfect pair?

When Caitlin’s “unflattering” photo went viral and she fought back against the fat-bashing and nastiness, people began lauding her as a role model. She writes about how that made her feel.

Nothing says drama like a maxi skirt with a sassy side slit. LOVE Jessica’s graphic handbag, too.

This super cool hardware bracket necklace is cheap and easy to whip up. (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

“A 26-year old Germaine associated love with other people; being loved by others; and, inescapably, being saved from the horror of myself by their love … Ten years later, and a 36-year old Germaine cannot think of the word ‘love’ without three other words: ‘photography’, ‘queer’ and ‘self.’”

This LBD puts a twist on a classic by pairing a knit top and leather midi skirt. Kellie styled it simply with a dazzling necklace and cozy coat.

This week on the Fox 9 Morning Show, I demonstrated some ways to work those square scarves into your outfits. Also, I introduce the extremely practical concept of “the workout scarf.”

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson told Bloomberg TV that “some women’s bodies just actually don’t work” for the company’s yoga pants. As in, if your thighs rub together and cause pilling, you’d better get your pants elsewhere or stop complaining. Anna’s response is fabulous.

Let us visit with a gorgeous 102-year-old woman who does NOT feel bad about her neck.

About Face asks, “Do you think a disclaimer would be helpful in discouraging airbrushing practices and fostering healthier body images for women and girls?

I’m a fool for fuchsia, and Jean wears it so well.

Alison explores the concept of the Fear of Missing Out Closet, and goes on to explore when purchasing multiples makes sense.

Always wealth of self-care inspiration, Rosie has shared ten lessons she’ll be living in her 40s.

Slightly related: I found myself nodding vigorously while reading this list of 14 things we have to stop assuming about other people.

Plaid and enormous cozy socks. What more could an autumnal outfit ask for?

Mia explores the oft-ignored bustline-hairstyle relationship.

“True eccentrics — the Isabella Blows, the Vivienne Westwoods, the Anna Piaggis and the Stephen Tennants, as if there could ever be more than one of each — are the kind of people whose entire existence is devoted to individuality and innovation. That’s what makes a real eccentric: they really mean it, and they’re willing to suffer for it. Their social function is to explode our preconceptions about what beauty is and what good taste means. Eccentrics raise the bar on the impossible.”

Believe it or not, there are a couple of body positive animated kids’ shows out there.

And from the Department of Random: “Huh” means the same thing in every language. (Via Skepchick)

Additionally: Googly eye books.

Finally: My friend Liz did a social experiment with Minnesotans and pizza. Watch it here.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/15/13”

  1. Not quite anonymous

    I appreciated the link to the discussion of purses vs wallets. I didn’t agree with everything in the article, but I think it’s an important idea that isn’t discussed enough.

    My own experience with purses vs wallets is the following. I didn’t have a purse as a small child, presumably because my parents didn’t think I needed one for carrying things around. When my period started and I needed to carry sanitary napkins, my mother bought me a purse. I hated that purse. It reminded me of everything I hated about puberty, and more specifically about puberty as a female.

    To this day, I rarely use a purse. This forces me to select clothes with usable pockets (and is a major reason I don’t wear dresses/skirts more often). I have a sense of freedom when everything I need is carried on my person rather than in a bag I have to keep track of. For work, I carry a backpack, but it’s not a gendered thing. Almost everyone I work with carries a backpack to work. We leave the backpacks behind for short intervals away from work, such as going out for lunch, so the backpack is definitely more of a work tool than a personal accessory.

    So yes, I have strong feelings about purses vs wallets. I wish this topic was discussed more often so I could know whether I’m just weird or whether others feel the same way.

  2. rc

    NQA – I don’t think that’s weird at all! I don’t identify with the puberty/purse thing, but I, too, tend to stick to pants and other things with pockets because I prefer not carrying a purse. Definitely something I’m interested in seeing more discussion about.

  3. Psyche

    Thanks so much for linking to me. These were amazing reads. I especially enjoyed Anna’s response to the lululemon founder’s remarks.

  4. Sarah

    Watched your piece on using square scarves…there IS a ton of things you can do with them….check them out here…

    She shows at least 20 ways to wear a square scarf, if not more (I estimated, I didn’t count them,)