Lovely Links: 11/17/17

Weekly Kitty, Special Edition:

This is Husband Mike’s new tattoo, done by the one, the only, Katie Kroeck at Jackalope Tattoo. (Why the bees, you ask? Because this.)

Sustainable Textiles Spotlight: The Truth Behind Bamboo Fabric

Hallie’s asymmetric ruffled midi skirt is right up my alley. Check out her pearl-embellished heels, too.

“We have lesbian friends that share pants, shirts, and um, underwear. Mixing outfits is a regular part of a relationship, they say. With us, though, that’s not the case. We don’t share clothes; we don’t share closets. You see, though we’re both women, we’re of distinctive backgrounds, families, and most notably, size. My partner is ‘plus size’ and I, by the working definition of the spectrum, ‘petite athletic.'”

Drooling over these made-in-the-U.S. Luchesse mid-calf buckle boots.

Who knew a pink fringed jacket could look so badass.

What to Do With Curly Hair at Bedtime (I struggle with this so often!)

10 Ways to Be Fat (In a World That Wants to Destroy You)

Cyn creates unexpected proportions with an oversized sweater and pleated midi skirt.

“Why do we like what we like? Why do certain clothes make us feel more confident, regardless of whether they are conventionally flattering? Why does a simple, neutral outfit thrill me, while a friend needs color and pattern to feel completely dressed? ”

Amber shows us her take on the super-trendy bow-blouse.

The team at Curvy Fashionista took Universal Standard’s Starter Kit out for a spin. The kit includes 8 items from which the recipient should be able to craft 20 looks.

I might feel a little exposed in this slit-hem LAMade dress … but not if I wear it with tights!

Yes! A roundup that includes both wide-calf AND narrow-calf boots!

[Saturday Night Live star Aidy] Bryant, who wears a size 18, has her share of fans in the fashion world — Eloquii and Tanya Taylor have made her custom dresses. Mostly, though, she makes her own clothes, with the help of Remy Pearce, a stylist who’s worked on SNL and 30 Rock. In the past, Bryant has hinted at the possibility of selling her own line, and she confides over lunch that the plans are now in motion.”

Rosie’s Body Warrior Pledge is just SO GOOD.

Jenny is loving Frilly, a site that lets you customize items to suit your taste. Her custom plaid midi skirt is pretty fantastic.

Will Getty Images’ Photoshop Ban Set A New Standard Throughout The Advertising Industry?

“While Suistudio’s attempt to send a message across to a highly sexist ad industry by parading naked men instead of women is bold, there’s still an underlying problem with it. Whether it objectifies men or women, it is still centered around normalising objectification, especially to establish power between genders. It sends a message across that to equal the gender scales in the industry and in life, women need to be in bigger positions of power simply because they are women.”

Allison goes all out on leather, teaming a moto and miniskirt in the same outfit to great effect.

This article on the pressure to be femme when you’re fat is eye-opening.

I was thrilled to discover that a handful of super chic Kiyonna plus sized garments are made in the U.S.! (More on Zappos)

A sociologist pulled 200+ Cosmo covers from 1975  to 2014. She found, “Overall, only 8% of the covers featured a person of color, including eight Hispanic women, four African-American women, four Middle Eastern women, and one Asian woman. The figure below shows that representation did increase over time. Among the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s covers together, just 3% represented minorities, while the 2000s and 2010s covers together pictured minorities 16% of the time.”

And from the Department of Random: Now I want to go to Belgium.

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