Lovely Links: 11/19/10

Turns out, Audrey Hepburn grappled with self-image issues, too.

If you’re pregnant and struggling to stay chic, do take a peek at Pregnant and Fabulous. Because she totally is! (Via The Budget Babe.)

“How much happier would so many of us be if we could simply believe that we are as beautiful as we decide we are?”

I buy about 80% of my clothing, shoes, and accessories online, mainly because I love to have access to infinite variety. But Jennifer Nicole’s reasons for preferring online shopping over in-person shopping make perfect sense to me, too.

Nubby has chosen her personal style theme for the season, and it is Parisian Cyborg. How can you not love that?

Here’s what I want you to say out loud to yourself next time you look in a mirror.

Someday Zara will hit Minnesota … until then, I’ll just drool over the Zara November lookbook.

Style Underdog, who is usually swathed in nothing but neutrals, spent the past week wearing nothing but COLOR. Talk about a fabulous personal style challenge!

The We Stop Hate YouTube project was started by a 16-year-old girl named Emily-Ann Rigal. Wow.

Prepare yourselves for floaty layered perfection.

This week, Google launched, a new site that allows you to filter searches by genre, silhouette, pattern, and color, and includes a visual search that analyzes a clothing item for its color, shape, and pattern and then returns visually similar items. You can check out celeb and blogger boutiques, or build your own. Anyone scoped it out yet?

In other shopping news, I’m intrigued by eBay group gifts. This video explains the details, but essentially the service integrates eBay, Facebook, and PayPal so you can share the cost of giving someone the perfect gift.

Kate’s ruminations on the politics of leg-shaving are well worth a read.

College Candy serves up some fun, trendy ways to remix your favorite black cardigan.

That’s right, Sarah’s got bulldog clips in her hairdo. You wanna make something of it?

Check out this interview with The World Famous Bob, a girl who became a drag queen to learn how to love her woman’s body. She touches on many aspects of body confidence and self-image. Also the power of burlesque.

If you follow dozens of blogs (as I do), you’ll find these tips for keeping up with your reading absolutely invaluable.

Pretty sure that the Budgetnista should send her oversized pink foldover clutch directly to me.

The ladies at threadbared suggest that instead of asking, “Is fashion feminist?” we should be asking, “How is fashion an instrument of gender oppression and how is it a means to feminist liberation?” Further reading list accompanies this post.

And from the Department of Random: ZooBorns showcases the newest additions to zoos around the world. I squealed. A lot. (Via Lemondrop.)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/19/10”

  1. La Historiadora de Moda

    A lot of European women don't shave their legs regularly. Often they get a wax every few weeks. I did that when I lived in Spain. It was time-saving and very liberating. Since my return to the states I'm much more lax about how often I shave my legs.

  2. Sidewalk Chalk

    I always look forward to your link roundups — it's the mark of the start of the weekend 🙂

  3. rubybastille

    Thank you for linking Average Fantastic again! People are coming out of the woodwork for some actual discussion, which is pretty cool.

    And thank you for reminding me that ZooBorns exists, therefore the life is good. 😀

  4. rubybastille

    Also, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on Can we…friend each other? Does it work like that?

  5. unmitigated me

    When we married at 22 I wanted to start with the babies right away. Jim knew that was a bad idea. So we bought a new car, to see if we had the skills to take care of an inanimate object. Turns out we weren't ready, after all! Then we moved up to mammals, and got a kitty, Pudding. Much better job there, and by the time Pudding was three, we were ready for a real baby!

    Now, my daughter is 21, and getting married next year. She just got an adorable puppy, step one.
    ZooBorns: Just the next step in staving off grandma-hood for me.

  6. budget chic

    Hey Diva,

    I'm going to keep my eye out for one and when I snag it, it will be making it way to you. You know how I love to shop, don't need reason but its good when I have one! 😉