Lovely Links: 11/2/12

Twin Cities residents, on Friday, November 9, I’ll be judging the Night Vision Trunk Show Express Yourself Clothing, a local thrift store, partnered with 11 design students from St. Kates. Each designer chose three items from the store to create a whole new look. Come join the fun! It’s free!

I’ll be at the Edina Galleria EILEEN FISHER store on Saturday, November 10! Join me from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. when I’ll be reading from my book, talking about adapting trends for your body type, and offering personal wardrobing advice.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be speaking on a panel at Giant Steps, a conference for creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives. The conference is in its third year, and has a reputation for being an incredible resource for artists and businesspeople. Other speakers include Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl, Maren Kloppmann, and Jessy Greene among many others. It’s on November 16 at the Guthrie Theater, and you can register right here.

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I’m mad for these artful, interesting layers that include some off-kilter pants and an extra-long scarf.

Barking Dog Shoes shares three picks for comfortable, classic black pumps. Some of these will even work for fussy feet!

“Typical online conversations and memes such as ‘When did this become hotter than this?’ pit skinny celebrities of today like Nichole Richie against bombshells of the past like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. While the purpose behind promoting larger women as sexy was initially well intentioned, it has has grown into something quite ugly. Yes, larger, curvier women should be celebrated as attractive (just like anyone else), but not at the expense and rejection of women of other shapes and sizes.”

I love the look of a cheeky graphic tee with a floaty, full skirt.

Petite and tall sizes aren’t all about height. This post explains how these sizes differ from regular sizes.

My most recent piece for the Huffington Post outlines the importance of wardrobe care and repair.

Rocquelle – who is my #1 hair hero for sculpting her locks into the most amazing and gorgeous configurations imaginable – writes about how her locs helped her find herself.

So glad to see that grown-up tulle is becoming a go-to for dressy outfits.

Better Marketing interviewed me about my business and social media practices. It’s a podcast, so you can hear me chatting with editor Unmana!

This purple hat with a tiny felted fox charm is darling. DARLING, I tell you.

Wondering how to style your oxfords and brogues? Me too. Alison offers five great outfit ideas.

The ever-insightful Rachel Hills examines the recent controversy and conversations surrounding Alexa Chung, body image, weight, and skinny privilege. (Via The Beheld)

The perfect finishing touch for a dramatic, vintage, floral maxi dress? A giant hair flower, of course.

The problem is I’m not trying to ‘get’ a man. And most of my body insecurities have had very little to do with the desire to have one. I have not tried to be prettier so that men would ask me out. Men asking me out was good. It was important. I would have been happy with more of it, I’m sure. But my disappointment with my appearance, and the squirming, insistent anxiety that I didn’t look right, I didn’t look good enough—those things felt bigger than men.”

And from the Department of Random: My college’s all-female a-cappella group, The Harpur Harpeggios, competed, recorded, and won awards while I participated and directed. (And they’re still going strong!) So, naturally, I’ve seen “Pitch Perfect” twice already. Here’s one of my favorite scenes. (Video contains a swear or two.)

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/2/12”

  1. Unmana

    Thanks for linking to the interview — it great fun talking to you! And I keep repeating to myself: “success doesn’t come overnight!”

  2. Joules

    2 Things) One, now I want to see pitch-perfect. Two) Love the article about body sizes and clothing sizes. I like to describe myself as “One cup size short of an hour glass figure with killer shoulders to pull it off” because I’m hippy but not busty, I have shoulders like a linebacker and to top it all off I’m average height with long limbs.

    So not only do I go and check out all the “curvy” blogs only to find out that they are almost always for girls with a bit more waist and less hip than I have (or the same hips with more love in the middle) but I also have to wear the same size as my thinner, taller friends because average sized long-sleeved shirts, while covering my torso, fall in that horrible place between being a 3/4 sleeve and a being an actual sleeve. Now I know why. Pants… I’ve given up on. Do you know how hard it is to find pants for a bottom that’s not only lengthy but hippy? Skirts and dresses mean I only have to work with the hippy part and wear a lot of leggings because anything that wasn’t designed to brush the top of my knee very quickly turns itself into a mini-skirt.

  3. Samantha

    Hey, do you provide “Welcome to the Twin Cities” shopping tours? I will be a new resident as of 12/8!!!

  4. Aging fashionista

    re;: your Hiffington Post article; I’d love to see more on wardrobe care and repair. I seem to be hard on clothes-spills, pills, washing mistakes like the one you described etc. Your thoughts on prevention, treatment, how to avoid buying clothes that damage easily? Also, thoughts on when it’s time to give up and let them go wherever hardworking clothes go at the end of their days? That is one of my problems with some thrifted stuff, it already looks a bit worn more or less depending on the item and where it was purchased.