Lovely Links: 11/4/11

My second fashion feature ran in the Minneapolis daily paper, the StarTribune, last weekend! It’s a piece on finding a flattering winter coat.

And since I think I neglected to link to my FIRST feature, here ya go: Thrifting for fall and winter trends.

Jessica shares her tips for where to find the best G cup and above bras.

This guide to button-front shirts offers several fabulous options, and also points out that my preferred term, “button-down,” refers to something more specific. Oops.

JoAnn’s pattern mix thrilled me – and not just because it included stripes!

New York Magazine examines how the blogosphere has transformed the feminist conversation, saying, “Like feminism itself, it would be a mistake to peg the lady-centered blogosphere as just one thing (“lady” being the term of choice for many online writers, an ironized alternative to the earnest “woman” or problematic “girl”). Some posters consider themselves primarily activists, some journalists, some artists.”

Adios Barbie explores the myths about eating disorders in the LGBT community. (Via The Beheld)

Twin Cities bargain shoppers take note: Twin Cities Consignment is a great online guide to our area’s best consignment shops, including some of my own faves like June and gh2.

Ragen deals with size bias in a new Zumba class, and comments on the idea of “looking right” in motion.

Tish’s Faces Through the Ages project highlights stylish women who are re-examining and redrawing the beauty boundaries. Fabulous stuff. (Thanks, Dorky Medievalist!)

Turns out, funky floral platform shoes are a marvelous way to tie an outfit together.

“The bridal weight loss industry encourages women to actively find things wrong with themselves, buy a book that will fix it, and view their wedding day as a finality that has everything to do with a number on a scale or on the tag of a dress.”

Betty Confidential debunks five common cold-weather skincare myths. SPF is an all-season thing, friends.

Another marvelous blogger goes bare-faced and shares her thoughts on what naked face can mean.

On a related note, Franca will be creating a round-up of photos and posts from makeup-free folks next week. She’s got a few thoughts here, but will post full details tomorrow, so check back.

Laura believes that women through the centuries have tended to blame their oppression on traditional expressions of “femininity” and sought ways to escape that, both through clothes and through behavior.

Red polka dotted dresses make me happy. How about you?

Psychologist and body image expert Margarita shares her seven favorite books on body image.

Mary Jo Kane, Director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota, writes about the rampant sexual depictions of women athletes and its repercussions. (Found via a Midmorning interview this week)

Related topic: The International Boxing Association may soon require female boxers to wear skirts. Because THAT’S important.

Bella has long maintained a list of 40+ style bloggers, and now she’ll be highlighting a 40+, 50+, and 60+ member of her blogroll each month.

How exactly do you build and maintain a professional wardrobe while pregnant? New mom S. shares her tips and resources.

French chain stores are selling bras sized for girls aged 5 and up. Yeah, you read that right. (Cheers to N for this link.)

This melancholy musing on paring down one’s possessions really struck a chord.

Singer Kelly Clarkson has long brushed off weight-related comments, but as Wendy points out, even this seemingly positive attitude may backfire if she ever changes her behaviors or body shape.

Not quite ready for freezing temps yet, but this roundup of adorable winter coats is helping me steel myself for winter.

I can’t stand rings that clack against each other on adjacent fingers, but Alicia’s rings-everywhere look is making me reevaluate.

And from the Department of Random: Undeniably happy-making song that came up in my iTunes shuffle this week. Also, dig those massive shoulder pads. Whoa.

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20 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/4/11”

  1. Mia

    Yay for Jaunty Dame again! She’s so awesome and thoughtful.

    Also, the article on size bias in Zumba really got to me. I sent it on to Tia even though I’m sure she’ll see it here. The fact that some people thoughtlessly, cruelly mock plus-sized folks who are working out or being active (whether they’re trying to lose weight or just love to be fit and plus-size at the same time) is so disgusting and confusing. Because fat people should just be invisible! All the time! And they’re going to be made fun of for being fat, but they’re also going to be made fun of for being visible and active! Holy cow, indeed.

    • GingerR

      I couldn’t believe the Zumba article either! I hope she stands right in front of the offending woman and wiggles her butt around every time she spies her at the same Zumba class.

      There is absolutely no call to say something like that to anyone at a gym.

      One of the things I like about Zumba is the variety of sized women in the class. A lot of women who would walk out of a traditional aerobics or spin class enjoy Zumba and put the skinny gals to shame with their style.

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Tish is rocking my universe with her series on faces. I just discovered Jaunty Dame via you, thanks so much. And any book by Geneen Roth is a must-read for an EDO person, or anyone who knows one. Geneen is the real deal.

  3. Chelsea

    Tons of fantastic links!!

    It’s like you were reading my mind (AlreadyPrettyStumbleUpon!) with your choice in links!

    Similar to the sex sells link, there’s been some debating and conversing over that in the women’s brazillian jiu-jitsu community, you might be really interested in reading.

    It’s about an ad placed on a companys facebook depicting women that are nearly naked, in very sexual positions in a sport that’s mostly male dominated that more women are getting into, as well as people’s reactions and the surprising reactions of OTHER women (such as “women are mad about this ad because they’re jealous and ugly”, what?!!?!)

    LOVE the floral shoes link and the thrifting for fall and winter trends is perfect!

  4. diane

    Okay, can I just say that your blog and your point of view has been SO inspirational for me? I love love love the Friday links, as well all the thoughtful topics you share throughout the week. I post comments occasionally, but just wanted to give you a huge ((comment hug)) because I appreciate what you write about and it always hits home run for me. Thank you, Darlin’. YOU ROCK.

  5. Sandie

    Love the red polka dot dress, too! Does that mean I can wear my similar one now? That’s a dress I’d relegated to the “spring and summer only” category. But I’d be happy if I could brighten up a November day with it.

    Thanks for the wonderful links!


  6. Sandie

    PS. Congratulations on the Star Tribune articles! That is fabulous.

  7. Alicia

    Hey Sally, Thank you so much for the link love! It’s always such an honour to make it to your lovely links! xo