Lovely Links: 11/4/16

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Slightly upside-down Harriet, maxin’ and relaxin’ in the basement.

“As the conversation evolves around feminism, one question continues to bubble up; can fashion truly help to empower women in India?

With cold weather on the horizon, I’m loading lots of pins into my Layering Inspiration board.

Crystalin busts the myth that petite women “can’t” wear over-the-knee boots.

Sequined silver pants for day? Yes please!

Twin Cities folks! Innovations 2016 is coming right up – this fashion event features designers from the Twin Cities fashion departments and schools, and stylists who’ve been challenged to create looks with used/secondhand materials only. Use code ECOCHIC for a discount on tickets through November 6!

Body positivity seems to have distanced itself from direct politics and become a kind of secularized feminism. As with almost all movements that are vague and unclear, it is easier for those politics to gain more followers, each of them convinced that their version of the thing is the right version. With no clearly delineated language, those ideas go largely un-contested.”

A recent post with an angular jacket stirred up some comments, and this blazer has a similar shape that’s slightly cropped, features pointed ends in front, and has a rounded lapel.

Loved this roundup of ethical fall basics.

Kelly was thrilled to find some gorgeous pieces at Zara in XXL. (Zara runs super small, so it sounds like these items will fit to size 16 or so.)

When Healthy Isn’t an Option: How I Learned to Love My Chronically Ill Body

The “new” proportions we can expect to see: Wider bottoms and shorter-length tops.

I’m mesmerized by Allison’s sneaker/loafer/brogue hybrids.

“But there is no drama here, no conflict, and no reason for the Beyhive to attack this award-winning author and MacArthur genius grant recipient. In fact, Adichie’s thought-provoking comments generously remind feminists of productive ways to think about the movement. Her comments not only echo the belief that there is no one way to be a feminist—that feminism more appropriately should be understood in the plural, feminisms—they also reorient the focus of feminism back to the critical, fundamental subject: women.”

I was given a 4-color MAC eyeshadow palette years ago – this one is almost identical – and it has served my every need since then. The browns work great alone or blended with the black. Simple but perfect.

My favorite shoe blog reviews a brand I’m yet to explore: Johnston & Murphy.

Cassandra professes her love for her drapey knit trenchcoat, and styles it in three equally chic ways.

DIY half-and-half t-shirt. COOL.

Holiday party season is almost here, and this sequin mesh flare top – made in the U.S. – would be dynamite for an evening fete.

Tuxedo-style dresses are so darned cool. Elissa styles hers with a slightly sheer cardigan.

From Refinery29’s 67 Percent Project: “For the last six months, we’ve been shooting stock photography and redesigning illustrations to more accurately reflect the women who make up the majority of our country. And we’re partnering with Getty Images to make this collection available to other outlets that wish to join us in closing the representation gap.”

Yet another designer I’ve fallen for over at The Realreal: Thomas Wylde. Asymmetric jackets, skulls on everything, funky graphic tees … yes to all.

Velvet is a huge trend this fall and winter, and LISSA the Shop just got in a few gorgeous sustainable velvet pieces from CP Shades.

Sarah gives her two cents on the best brow products for redheads.

Heaps of yes to this denim jacket, striped shirt, suede skirt outfit.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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  1. Erika

    That article on the “new” proportions we can expect see strikes genuine fear and anxiety into my heart! No, no, no! Those are the kinds of garments that look the absolute WORST on me and it was what was popular for so, so many years…and now there is finally an abundance of garments that are right for my figure…ARGH! These are the times I want to just burn down fashion.