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Contemplative Simon.

What is a “French wardrobe”? Is it real? Is it relevant? Une Femme answers these questions and more.

Ruby Rose co-hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards, and used her first few lines to directly address the audience and gender binaries by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between.”

An exploration of luxury fashion’s use of sensory branding, from BOSS candles to edible Birkin bags

Luciana makes an all-white ensemble look unspeakably elegant. Also love Sheryl’s all white with black accessories.

As of September, several of L.L. Bean’s duck boot styles were already on backorder. Zounds.

On the Goodwill blog, I recommended thriftable styles and items for late fall and early winter.

LOVE this comic: 5 Ways I’ve Learned to Love Myself as I Gain Weight

I’ve moved away from oil cleansing, but my skin still gets uncomfortably dry as the weather cools. The Kiehl’s folks sent me a bottle of this Daily Reviving Concentrate to try, and so far I adore it. No breakouts, serious moisture, and it smells like ginger. Mmmmm, ginger.

Cheryl styles her long navy vest with stripes and sleek ankle boots.

[Actress Mindy] Kaling never set out to become a spokesperson, but simply by being a high-profile Indian-American woman who is not size zero, she has been forced to become one. She tells me about her frequent invitations on to Hollywood panels: ‘When I get invited, I’m often the only woman and I’m often the only person of colour at this event. So if I can’t make it because of my work, I get an enormous amount of pressure to come, because if I’m not there, a minority and a woman will not be represented. That pressure sometimes is a little unfair, because me being included makes other people seem like they’re open-minded and diverse.'”

On I rounded up the best resources for leggings and talked about buying budget-friendly bags that look luxe.

Vale shows off one of the keys to print mixing: Large scale prints work beautifully with small scale ones.

Take a peek at the super-stylish Myrda J petite plus line for fall – through size 24 and made in the U.S.!

Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay shares her perspective on the concept of “diversity,” and suggests an alternate viewpoint.

Related: Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word

Beth rocks a gingham shirt and her increasingly fabulous asymmetric hairstyle. (I know I’m biased, but really – she looks stunning!)

The trapeze silhouette doesn’t generally look great me, but something about the design of this soft, comfy LAMade dress just works. (More of a tunic on me – a bit short.)

At North Nabe I offered some tips and visuals for print mixing basics.

“I don’t feel as though all is right with the world and with myself and that I am finally able to relax and just be me. I wish that I did. I wish that when I dressed as a woman that I finally felt right. That I finally felt at peace with myself, that my outsides finally match with my insides. But I don’t.”

Dressmann’s “Underwear for Perfect Men” campaign echoes the best parts of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

I dream of these amazing Frye boots.

My experimentations in alteration have been more successful on the handbag/leather end of things, but I still loved perusing recent garment rebuilds the Directrice worked on with her tailor.

“Through the years, for better or worse, my height has just become part of who I am. I am short like my mother, who is short like her grandmother. My short stature gives me a lower center of gravity. If I should fall down, I have less of a fall. Yep, there are advantages to being short too!”

Teen Vogue assembled an online shopping guide for plus sized girls.

My current long-sleeved striped shirt is slightly cropped, making it far too breezy for cold weather. So I sprung for this striped top from Fair Indigo and am IN LOVE with it.

On HuffPost I wrote about the slow drain of body negativity.

Steph shows off the sheer panels on her elegant midi dress.

“I used to shop for every event and emotion. Now, when I feel myself getting stressed, tired, sick, frustrated, or bored, I take better care of myself. My body and brain are telling me it’s time to make a change, not that it’s time to go shopping.” (Via Recovering Shopaholic)

Great tips for making oversized styles work on petite frames.

This conscious shopping guide emphasizes not-buying whenever you can, but also breaks down where your money goes when you buy clothing. (Via YLF)

Plus-sized models talk about how they REALLY feel about their bodies in this lovely video.

Leather and lace is such a timeless combination.

“What a novel idea. LOVING MYSELF. Back fat, dimply thighs, stretched-out-had-a-baby-five-years-ago-and-if-you-didn’t-know-it-you-may-think-I-was-pregnant-again-belly, bruised up legs from a bitch of an auto immune disorder, gap that can fit 2 quarters and NOT a whole damn role of quarters-teeth, dark brown skin and all. I had. to love. myself. My WHOLE self.” (Discusses disordered eating)

And from the Department of Random: I missed this one before Halloween hit, but still a very fun read – my dear friend Annie Wilder talks about living in a haunted house. Which she does now. And has for as long as I’ve known her.

Also: Why do we get goosebumps?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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