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“’It felt like it was the right time to look at the rise of women in contemporary power roles, and how they view and use fashion to facilitate their place in the world,’ said Donna Loveday, a co-curator, describing the show as one of the most ambitious the [Design Museum in London] has done.” (Cheers, Lisa)

Just like the Budget Babe team, I’m loving the glut of two-tone black and brown bags currently on the market.

Important and often-overlooked point: Try to assemble your outfits in natural light, at least partially. Things can look great under the dim bulbs, and clashy out in the sun.

Reader Sewing Faille pointed me to a series of posts in which three professional photographers discuss photographing each other, and the discomfort inherent in entrusting your image to someone else. Sara’s perspective, Zack’s perspective, Bernard’s perspective.

Wonderful and gentle advice for curbing comparisons between your style/figure and the styles/figures of others.

“Ms. Kondo’s decluttering theories are unique, and can be reduced to two basic tenets: Discard everything that does not ‘spark joy,’ after thanking the objects that are getting the heave-ho for their service; and do not buy organizing equipment — your home already has all the storage you need.” (Cheers, HM)

Gonna have to try pairing a leopard-print scarf and military jacket myself sometime soon.

Fabulous reader LeAnn wrote a column about body acceptance, mountain climbing, and shifts in self-talk. (She swears a bunch. And I love her for it.)

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore the DevaCurl line of products? I used them even when I was straightening my hair because they’re so amazing for my wavy texture. I use No Poo and One Condition, then a mix of the serum and pomade to style.

Beyonce + Topshop = Athletic streetwear line that’s sure to sell out in seconds.

How do I actually listen to my body?

Ashley looks Boho fabulous in a floaty maxi dress and fringed handbag.

The way media treats female breasts supports the notion that women’s bodies do not belong to ourselves, but to the public. If an actor shows her breasts in a movie, she’ll be asked a million questions about it. If a guy is half-naked, it’s not a big deal, it’s funny, it might not even be brought up.” (Describes surgery)

Related: “I was ashamed that I’d offended somebody or a lot of somebodies at my office and made a woman that was practically a stranger utter the phrase ‘low cut tops.’ I was ashamed because I’d forgotten something I knew before I could put it into words: as a woman, your body is merely on loan to you from the public gaze.” (Discusses disordered eating)

I, too, have heard rumblings that straight-legs are the new skinnies. We shall see.

Lovely Lauren at AsianCajuns turned me on to We Make It Last, a digital magazine about sustainable clothing and style.

Most of us want to feel better about our bodies, but so much advice is nebulous and vague. This post offers a five-step game plan for improving body image that includes awareness, reflection, and active change.

The Barking Dog Shoes team rounds up shoe options for those who suffer from top-of-foot pain.

I thrifted a pair of slouchy leather pants a while back. and am still exploring how to style them. Kela’s slouchy faux-leather pants look amazing with her simple black sweater and printed heels.

“Beyonce, as powerful and secure in her position as she is, isn’t taking a lot of personal risk with ‘Feminist’ in lights. But it’s because she’s secure enough to make that step that others might be inspired to overcome their own reservations. What Annie Lennox* dismisses (nay, criticizes vehemently) as feminism lite, tokenism, self-promotion, is also a woman’s way of embodying feminism to a crowd of screaming girls who admire and want to emulate her — possibly right down to her 20-foot-tall sense of pride in her feminist identity.

Time offers another summary of the bizarre history of women’s clothing sizing practices. A nice reminder that, especially today, sizes are incredibly arbitrary.

Rust orange and cobalt. What a marvelously unexpected color combo.

Painter Aleah Chapin is exhibiting her huge, amazingly realistic paintings showing nude women in many stages of life and aging at The Flowers Gallery in London.  In this article, she and some of her portrait subjects talk about the challenges and body image-fueled fears that accompany the creation such a body of work. (Not safe for work viewing, nudity. Cheers for the link, Kim)

I’ve seen a number of zipper-embellished sweaters lately, but I think Khatu’s is my favorite. And I love how she paired it with polka dot pumps.

Very true: Hourglass-shaped figures are all we see in plus-sized models. Even though the majority of women lack those curves and tend to be more rectangular in shape.

I’ve recommended this long, irregular links necklace to about a dozen clients this year, and now it’s on super sale!

Short-waisted and wondering how to belt? Great guidelines here that still respect your figure-flattery priorities.

Sandra looks smashing in her flirty plaid dress and tall boots. Love that bow clutch, too!

“Much of the criticism around casual dress is gendered: Mark Zuckerberg gets gentle joshing, at most, for his sartorial quirks, but could Marissa Mayer get away with a hoodie and shower shoes? And notice how often the ‘casual dressing at school’ panic is inevitably centered around girls? There’s a reason that women dressing casually threatens the status quo — it’s subversive and the ultimate sign of not caring.”

Apparently, there’s a debate raging over woman vs. female as modifiers.

A moto jacket and floral dress make for a foolproof juxtaposition outfit.

Must-have lists can feel so stifling. Natalie rebels by showing her alternatives to the “classic trench” and “black blazer.”

Charlotte Rampling, Tilda Swinton, and Jessica Lange are now joined by Helen Mirren in the club of over-50 women fronting major cosmetics campaigns.

In other barrier-busting news, transgender model Lea T is Redken’s newest brand muse.

AP contributor Cassie has just launched a new line of jewelry called The Enthusiasts celebrating personal passions, and is donating 10% of her profits to associated charities. Rock!

A cute way to do ankle boots and cuffed jeans with socks. My solution? Pull your socks up, cuff low so the cuff juts against the top of the ankle boot, no one is the wiser. Unless you sit down and cross your legs. See my suggestions on this week’s Fox 9 Buzz segment on ankle boots.

“Look in the mirror and see what’s actually there. Not a comparison to some nonexistent ideal. Look at what’s there. Your flaws make you beautiful. Your dark circles make you beautiful. Once you can see how gorgeous your flaws are, you will be transformed into something much more magical than a pretty princess, holding her breath forever. You will be FORMIDABLE.”

And from the Department of Random: Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say “penguins.”

Additionally: Lacy is taking a calligraphy class. Her contenders for quotes to transcribe cracked me up.

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