Lovely Links: 1/17/14

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The founder of Mohop shoes speaks candidly about her experience building her business and the myriad challenges she faced. (Cheers, Wendy)

Shay looks absolutely radiant in her purple minidress.

I had SUCH fun writing my first post for our local PBS station’s Rewire site, an exploration of costuming choices and their emotional significance on the BBC’s Sherlock. (British readers have informed me that my observations are obsolete with season 3 – can’t wait to find out why! NO SPOILERS, please!)

This fascinating post asks, “What’s the payoff for self-loathing?” and offers some insights and workarounds. (Via Medicinal Marzipan)

Plus-sized model Jennie Runk talks body image, dieting, and feminism with Elle magazine. She is refreshingly frank and takes no guff.

It may be frigid in Minneapolis, but in Australia temperatures are soaring. Smaggle has some simple tips for dressing when the weather is off-the-charts hot.

Chunky wedge sneakers offset the fifties vibe of this crinolined shirtdress. SO fun.

So what DO you say to people who assume you’re trying to lose weight? Anna has suggestions.

This capsule wardrobe of petite career clothes could be a good jumping-off point. Love the use of prints and the pops of red.

Swooning over this adorable intarsia sweater featuring a camera. Charlotte adds some chunky necklaces to toughen the mix.

It’s harder to talk about the way fat women are represented on TV and in film, and how these representations affect fat women (like me) IRL, because there are so few examples of us being seen as anything except walking, talking truffle-shuffle jokes. It’s hard to work out how to do something properly when it’s so rarely been done at all. ”

Strappy red ankle boots make this layered look sing.

Comedian Rachel Dratch relates a story about how her decision to improve her posture ended up drawing unwanted attention to her bust.

Visual grouping is a fabulous way to create unity within your outfits.

Assa looks marvelously cozy in her oversized boyfriend coat.

Speaking of coats, Trish took two thrifted coats and refashioned them into a fantastically on-trend and super gorgeous leather-sleeved trench. I am blown away. (Via I Feel Delicious)

Even more DIY inspiration: Check out these 10 sweet refashioned dresses.

Callie talks about all the “can’ts” and “shouldn’ts” attached to dressing, especially for plus-sized women, and posts outfits featuring items she previously believed to be forbidden to a woman with her figure.

Cropped top and harem pants for the win.

Gabourey Sidibe is one of the very, very, very few fat people who have made any kind of traction in Hollywood. She has publicly had to deal with health concern trolls and fat bashers every step of the way (not to mention the racism that she has to deal with as a Woman of Color in a racist world). I don’t understand why other fat people can’t allow her to dress as she wants without negative comments and offering to be her stylist like she isn’t smart or savvy or fashionable enough to get the job done on her own.”

Five equestrian boot styles with removable insoles for orthotics. Hurrah!

“Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox flawlessly shuts down Katie Couric’s invasive questions about transgender people. More commentary from Janet Mock here.

Oh Stéphanie, you are endlessly elegant in this leopard, black, and shiny gold ensemble.

We went mad for plaid on the Fox 9 Morning news this week. Fun ways to make the pattern work.

In other plaid news, Fabulatina looks amazing in her oversized plaid scarf.

This stellar group of 40+ fashion bloggers talk about why it’s rewarding and fun to blog after 40.

If self-love feels impossible right now, take a peek at this post which offers some more manageable steps. (Via Weightless)

Although this outfit features lots of classic basics, in combination they are anything but basic. Well played, Tamia.

The Budget Babe highlights her picks for petite skinny jeans on a budget.

Bless the Onion: Mandatory Unisex Golden Globes Uniforms Keep Focus On Stars’ Work

What if I don’t WANT to dress like a French girl? (Amen to this – love the style from afar, but nothing I want to attempt myself.)

“For the last eight years, sculptor Sophie de Oliveira Barata has been making realistic prosthetic limbs for amputees, but now she’s moving in different direction. While teaming up with various artists and designers, Sophie has created the Alternative Limb Project, making some out-of-this-world prosthetics to showcase the personality and imagination of individual amputees. From Swarovski crystal legs to forearms wrapped in snakes, these designs are both surreal and astounding.” (Via Worn)

In the market for new eyeglasses? Angie has tips.

Tanasha is going to have to lend me her Run-D.M.C. shirt. That’s all there is to it.

Interesting question: Does feminism have a problem with virginity? (Tongue-in-cheek and full of swears, FYI.)

And from the Department of Random: I LIVE for gag reels, so I loved watching these 11 gag reels from serious shows.

Also: Get me out of this bucket, you jerks.

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/17/14”

  1. Vildy

    oh man, I loved the artificial limbs as style accessory. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  2. Vildy

    Just read your costuming article. I don’t watch the series or really any tv (I’m antsy 😀 ) but I do read a lot about costuming and the psychology of clothing choices and your article was phenomenal. Am saving to reread over and over again. I have the mindset/approach of *both* the Sherlock and the Watson types and as regards dress, as well. I wonder how I ever decide whether to button or unbutton my top layer! Love the idea of maximal pragmatism coupled with touchability of fabric.

  3. Heidi / Frantic But Fabulous

    Thanks so much for the inclusion!

    The Sherlock costuming article was great. Are you familiar with Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style posts? They deconstruct episodes of Mad Men through the costuming choices and it’s always fascinating; you might like. (You can see them here:

    I also enjoyed the Laverne Cox interview. She’s fantastic on “Orange is the New Black,” an amazing but sometimes difficult to watch show.

  4. Anna

    Jennie Runk is PLUS SIZE? After linking to the link and seeing her photo, I would love to have such a body. As many have pointed out, Marilyn Monroe was approximately that size, and I don’t recall that she was ever labeled plus or fat or whatever. To what levels of “plus” have we sunk?

    PS: Yes, I know that CAPS online indicate shouting. I feel like shouting over this obscene definition of PLUS. There—I’ve gotten that off my (well-endowed) chest. And this is a safe place for me to do that.

  5. trish

    Thanks for giving a shout-out to my jacket! What a great collection of links you put together!

  6. jo

    I really don’t understand the Laverne Cox link. Shutting up a interviewer asking a relevant question, what? “The preoccupation with transition and surgery objectifies trans people.” The reason trans people are trans people is because they want transition and surgery to look like the opposite sex. Why can’t you ask about it? The topic was transexuality, it was not an unrelated question.

  7. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Thank you Sally for including me in Lovely Links. Seconding the love for the art-in-artificial limbs, and great to see Smaggle as well as Catherine’s 40+ post. Cheers!