Lovely Links 1/18/13

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I’m nowhere near ready to do this myself, but LOVED this post on how to grow out a pixie cut.

$1 plaid skirt alert! Thrift on, my friends, thrift on.

Hourglassy presents a great roundup of resources, reviews, and reading for women who have D cups and up.

Rust, orange, and cobalt look amazing together. Who knew? (Catherine knew.)

“…my mother is a child of poverty; I am a child of the working-class struggle. She needs her talismans, her high-end upmarket logos, to make her feel as if she is of worth. I was taught to fear them, to believe that obtaining them would bring about financial ruin.”

This photographic guide to skirt length-related judgment is fascinating. (Via Weesha’s World)

I’ll admit it: I’m yet to watch any episodes of “Girls,” but the uproar over the show is inescapable. And I’m particularly incensed to hear that viewers and critics alike are ever so offended that Lena Dunham dares show herself naked while not being an extremely thin, perfectly toned woman.

I wear the hijab because I am a Muslim woman and I believe my hair and body are my business, and mine only. It’s more than just a religious symbol (though that is a part of it); it acts as a sort of security blanket. I choose who sees what’s under there and that gives me a sense of power and reassurance I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

After falling down the rabbit hole of a “virtual makeover” website, Autumn shares her insights into the gamification of beauty. The print on this dress is simply marvelous, like scalloped stripes!

Omega makes a Red Carpet Resolution to curb the style-related judgment. (My thoughts on this topic here.)

“Growing up, I was too wrapped up in my own insecurities to notice that I wasn’t the problem—the ridiculous standards of beauty that were being fed to me were.”

This post offers up some great tips for winter weather commuting in style.

I interviewed Karoline Wells of local vegan, cruelty-free lipstick line The Elixery for the StarTribune this week!

Utterly adore Yoko Ono’s Cleaning Piece III.

And from the Department of Random: The storm system that swept across the U.S. last week? Yeah. That was Winter Storm Gandolf. (Not Gandalf, sadly. But almost as cool.)

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links 1/18/13”

  1. Jm

    Aww, I know you’re not ready to grow out your pixie, but I think it will look fabulous and can’t wait to see it– I especially love how soft and sweet the girl in your link’s hair looked in that “growing out just a bit” stage.

  2. Courteney

    I was slightly ticked off when I saw the comments they were making about Lena Dunham. I thought that as a nation we were finally making strides to accept women as they are, to applaud women who are healthy and do not care that they aren’t super skinny. Our relationships with food, diets and eating disorders can often be attributed to this idea that we aren’t good enough just as we are, even if we are trying to take care of our bodies. I for one refuse to believe it! I won’t tell myself I am not good enough, but continue to care for myself and hopeful teach others that they can be healthy, fit and not “super skinny” as well.

  3. Jean

    What an especially interesting collection of links this week! Thank you for what you do.

  4. Laura

    I’ve grown out a pixie cut a few times – definitely agree on ‘chopping the mullet’. I always hate losing that inch or so of hair, but it always looks revolting, & feels so much neater once it’s gone.