Lovely Links: 11/9/12

Twin Cities residents, TONIGHT, Friday, November 9, I’ll be judging the Night Vision Trunk Show Express Yourself Clothing, a local thrift store, partnered with 11 design students from St. Kates. Each designer chose three items from the store to create a whole new look. Come join the fun! It’s free!

I’ll be at the Edina Galleria EILEEN FISHER store TOMORROW, Saturday, November 10! Join me from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. when I’ll be reading from my book, talking about adapting trends for your body type, and offering personal wardrobing advice.

Next week, I’ll be speaking on a panel at Giant Steps, a conference for creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives. The conference is in its third year, and has a reputation for being an incredible resource for artists and businesspeople. Other speakers include Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl, Maren Kloppmann, and Jessy Greene among many others. It’s on November 16 at the Guthrie Theater, and you can register right here.

And this has little to do with me, but the Uptown Minneapolis Fluevog store is opening TOMORROW, Saturday, November 10, and there will be two Minneapolis-only styles for sale. Whoopeeeeee!

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Anna recommends 15 books that shaped her body love journey. (Beautiful You is pretty spectacular, too!)

Read this post and learn the difference between fashion fads, fashion trends, fashion classics, and fashion cycles.

Marie is smokin’ hot in her peplum top and snakeskin skinnies.

Leather wipes, foot deodorant spray, and four other easy, cheap tips for keeping your wardrobe in good shape.

Love the idea of a body-positive emergency kit. What would you put in yours?

Gender bending, superheroes, election pride, and storm relief all in one photo. “Raena Lamont, 3, wears a Captain America costume at a polling center Tuesday in Staten Island, New York. The polling station doubles as a donation site as Staten Island works to recover in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.”

It’s official: If I could, I’d copy every single one of Grown and Curvy Woman’s outfits.This pink ruffle blouse and speckled pants are dynamite together.

The Budget Babe rounds up five affordable pairs of cap-toe pumps. The Shoedazzle pair is so cute.

“If you were to make a caricature of Michael Kors, what would he be wearing? Probably a black tee shirt, jeans, maybe a black blazer and a pair of aviator sunglasses. How about Vera Wang? I’d put her in a tunic and leggings in shades of black and gray, a fresh yet bare face and sleek long hair parted in the middle. Carolina Herrera is known for her crisp white shirts, Anna Wintour for her razor-sharp bob haircut. Those who are busy, even if they live and breathe fashion, know the value of a uniform.”

I’m shivering just looking at this lightweight khaki dress, enormous black belt, and open shoes … but tucking away the photo for springtime inspiration. (You Southern Hemi folks could probably recreate the look right now!)

Gorgeous blogger Ami Schaheera shares some stunning photos from her experience at the Islamic Fashion Festival 2012.

Kendra looks lovely and ladylike in her orchid pleated skirt and raspberry beret.

Oh, the brilliance: Wevther gives forecasts AND outfit suggestions. Click on the city name to change it to your own location.(Via Yum & Yuk)

“I laughed when I started getting these emails, but then I realized that Groupon has simply made the same mistake so many others have made, which is conflating ‘achieving the cultural standard of beauty’ with ‘healthy.’

Planning to do a bit of shopping this weekend? Here are five dressing room tips to help you look and feel great in your new purchases.

Now we’re talkin’: 50 – count ’em, 50 – fun projects to help you re-use old sweaters.

No guidelines will work in every situation, but I liked this post’s advice on how to select an interview outfit.

Love how JoAnn has styled her trench vest. And gosh, those are some gorgeous photos of fall in Georgia.

Hanna Pesut’s Switcheroo series shows men and women swapping outfits and poses. (Via Fat Aus)

This fascinating article explains why wearing black clothing in summer will keep you cooler than white. Hah! (Via YLF)

Red stripes, rust, and an articulated Cloisonné goldfish necklace. Who could ask for anything more?

“There was very little fat-shaming in my life, but I still felt like being fat was wrong, bad, unfeminine, shameful—all those things fat activists say are erroneously attached to weight.”

Rosie Molinary shares five tips for raising media-literate kids, and ways to show them what’s real and what’s not in print, online, and on-screen.

Tartan legs! Yes!

And from the Department of Random: I will sit here.

Additionally: Janet. In my head. All week long.

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/9/12”

  1. Anna

    Thank you! And I agree — that’s a great addition. So many good ones to choose from! 🙂

  2. Anna

    I am charmed by the appearance of Leopard prints (!) among the gorgeous garments in the Islamic Fashion Festival!

  3. France

    Dear Sally I really enjoy looking at the fashion islam, as a baelly dance I really aprecciate, and was wonderfull to see the prints, very impressive,
    good work.
    best wishes
    France from viña del mar city chile

  4. Maya

    Thank you for the link to the Islamic fashion show- I loved it. In the spirit of your post recently about needing to see it to be it- getting a chance to see beautiful head-coverings and lovely modest outfits was really a pleasure for me.

  5. Ginger

    Hehe, I saw the link about “black better than white for summer” on YLF, too. I have to say, I’m totally not buying it! At least not for where I live. Maybe it works for more temperate summers. The physics in the article are interesting, and I can see how it would work, in theory. But in north Texas it is too hot, both day and night, for too many months on end. Besides, when it’s really hot, there’s usually no breeze – and if there is one, it’s as hot as a hair dryer, even in the shade. The direct + radiant heat from the sun is a lot more than body temperature. So I’m going to keep wearing white, and just staying out of the sun as much as possible! Being “cool” outside in a Texas summer simply isn’t possible. 🙂