Lovely Links: 12/1/17

Weekly Kitty:

An abundance of toe beans.

Miria effortlessly slips a graphic tee under her plaid suit. Love this look. Also digging Patti’s tee and maxi-skirt combo.

Le’s Stop Comparing Ourselves: 6 Ways Jealousy is Stealing Your Self Love & How to Stop It

This post exploring the pros and cons of a neutral wardrobe fascinated me.

Still whittling down my shoe wardrobe – listed tall cognac Fryes, Fluevog Lunas, McQueen high-tops, and distressed Frye ankle boots on eBay this week!

“If you need proof that female desirability is closely linked to the absence of body hair, you only need to look at shaving and waxing ads. Because not only do they manipulate women into going hairless, the models in the ads are shaving their silky smooth and already hairless legs.”

Know how experts say to use a darker shade on the tails of your brows, and a lighter one close to your nose? I love this Anastasia Beverly Hills powder duo since it gives me two for the price of one.

How Cosmopolitan’s Helen Gurley Brown taught women to prize skinniness above all else (Disordered eating discussed)

Sheila wears a silky burgundy blouse with a floaty chevron maxi skirt. Such a fun look!

“[Illustrator] Christine Yahya, known as Pink Bits on Instagram, is pretty much a body positivity icon. She’s got more than 28,800 followers on Instagram, where she shares illustrations of all kinds of women – different sizes, races, sexualities, and more – and has dedicated herself to the celebration of all bodies.”

Looking for holiday party shoes that look AND feel good? Look no further.

Love these three simple mindset shifts that can help streamline wardrobe decisions.

Layering inspiration: A belted shirt-dress over skinnies

Is Faux Leather Really Better? The Environmental Costs of Leather Substitutes + Eco Alternatives

“In reclaiming and adopting the affectionate definition of ‘gorda,’ and frequently using the word itself as an identifier, I learned that treating my body like a friend could mean treating myself to all of the things I was saving until later. I could wear the lingerie I never dreamed was “for” people like me. I could have the romantic interactions I’d been conditioned to believe were impossible for people my size. I could be the version of myself I thought was hiding under my many rolls and lumps.”

Now that layering season is truly upon us, I’m thinking of buying a few of these made-in-the-U.S. slinky turtlenecks.

More than a little envious of Annette’s weathered burgundy moto.

This post explores the connection between college athletics and disordered eating, and includes interviews with five affected women.

As she transitions from 37 years as a bottle blond toward her now-natural gray, Alyson has coined the term “gronde.” Love.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ethical Shopping

[Novelist Ruth Ozeki] spent 3 hours looking at her face, really seeing it, which she chronicles in her beautiful, thoughtful book The Face: A Time Code. What she finds is everything from her mother’s and grandfather’s cheekbones to features that, at the end of the 3 hours, have become more familiar, features that have softened, eyes that look less sad.”

Revisiting proportion basics: Choosing Top Lengths for Skirts and Pants

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Have Body Positivity Without Feminism

A client recommended the book Visionary Women, and now I’m considering buying it as a holiday gift for a few of my favorite feminists.

Rochelle looks smashing in her beret and suede boots.

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