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Handsome boy.

“People have their opinions about looking ‘natural’ versus not looking natural, but I say f– that. If you like purple lipstick, wear purple lipstick! There are too many things in the world that are hard enough as it is for a woman. If you feel better with your makeup on, wear your makeup.”

Love this luxurious-looking mix of layers.

A great reminder about self worth

“[Designer Izzy Camilleri] left haute fashion behind and launched IZ Adaptive, making clothes for people who have disabilities but who’d rather not abandon their sartorial identity. Cutting out the back of a biker jacket makes it easier to spend hours sitting in a chair, for example. She designed a funnel neck wool coat that’s longer in the front than in the back for the same reason.” (Cheers, Garrett)

This open-back shirt tutorial would be perfect for a button-front that’s a bit too snug.

Marianne wrote an open letter to two idiots who made fun of her at the gym, and it went viral. Here’s her response to the wave of Internet hate and fat-shaming that ensued.

So capsule wardrobes, right? Possibly THE fashion phenomenon of 2015, but also a bit daunting for some of us. The folks at Capsules have created a system for helping you build an effective capsule wardrobe using items you already own as well as possible new ones. And they’ve got great goals:
The service costs $5/month (billed quarterly) and includes a 30-day money back guarantee. Might be worth a try, if you’re interested in the concept, but could use some personalize guidance!

Ranti wears the least boring suit ever created – bright red, asymmetric closures, and cape details. Amazing.

Also love Beck’s super dramatic, flowing orange tunic.

“With 65 percent of female shoppers buying plus sizes, major stores can’t ignore the market. ‘As retailers are looking for growth, they’d be hard-pressed not to consider this customer,’ says Mariah Chase, chief executive officer of Eloquii, an online fast-fashion retailer of plus clothing.”

This windowpane print a-line minidress makes Dana look marvelously mod.

In this powerful poem, Blythe Baird is open and honest about her struggles with disordered eating, and how people reacted to her losing weight.

“The way we dress affects the way we feel. And the way we feel affects our ability to get stuff done and influence people. Call it superficial if you want, but researchers have a different name for the link between what we wear and how we feel: enclothed cognition.” (Cheers, Lisa)

On I talked about how much it costs to tailor clothes, offered some ideas for stylish non-clothing gifts, and rounded up eco-friendly gifts for $50 or less.

Reed Krakoff will design a line for Kohl’s.

More than a little jealous of Sheryl’s reversible red-to-black duster jacket. What a find!

“Consider this: maybe a woman — or really any person — who takes and publishes many pictures of herself is simply ambitious. She wants people to recognize her image-making ability, her aesthetic boldness, her bravery for stepping into the frame and clicking send. When you tell someone that they have sent too many images of themselves into their feeds, when you shame them with cries of narcissism and self-indulgence, when you tell them that they are taking up too much virtual space (space that is at present, basically limitless, save for the invented boundaries of taste): you need to question your motives. Are you afraid of a person’s ambition to be seen? Where does that come from?”

On the flip side: This social media/Instagram star reveals how she became utterly addicted to the affirmation of strangers via her selfies and posts. (Disordered eating discussed.)

Mary Walker Would Wear What She Wanted (via Geek Feminism)

“This is the sweet spot of handmade wardrobe building I have fantasized about. Knowing how to design and sew for my unique body means having the power to speak its beautiful, native language through mindfully-created garments that live to echo or enhance my silhouette.” (Cheers, LaPriel)

Jean piles plaid, gingham, a peplum, red bow heels, and a huge statement necklace into one outfit and looks entirely chic and uncluttered. The woman is a master.

How can a woman with a family, career, hobbies, and well, a busy life find time to create perfectly crafted outfits? Imogen shares her techniques.

I saw an oversized crystal necklace while wandering around Woodstock in October, and obsessed about it for weeks. I ended up buying my own behemoth from Gep Art Jewelry and the shop has dozens of similarly spectacular necklaces like this beaut.

Ace is holiday-ready in a quilted vest and bright red sweater. Love those socks, too.

On North Nabe, I talked about styling longline blazers.

“How, I wondered, could being fat possibly be okay when everybody and everything in my life before now had so adamantly insisted that being fat is unfortunate, at best – and utterly unacceptable, at worst? The switch-flicking moment happened when I thought about my life experiences as a fat person. Being fat in itself, I realised, had not prevented me from working hard, chasing my dreams, and doing what I had wanted to do”

A great reminder that head-to-toe black is always more interesting when you pull in multiple textures.

And from the Department of Random: A very important discussion.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/11/15”

  1. Une femme

    Thanks for the mention, Sally! I love that video with the dog and baby, cracked me up.

  2. crtfly

    About that article on selfies – I don’t care if people want to take pictures of themselves. What bothers me is when a person is so intent on the selfie that s/he elbows and shoves other people out of the way and blocks their view of the concert, parade, exhibition, etc. I would like to see more common courtesy and consideration for others. Rude behavior is not limited to people taking selfies by any means. I wish everyone would be kinder and less rude, camera/phone in hand or not.

    Sally, you think of yourself as having ‘larger hips and thighs’? If you fit the category of larger hips and thighs then I am definitely a hippopotamus toe dancer from Fantasia.