Lovely Links: 12/13/13

Like Angie, I’m always mystified when I see catalog and magazine images showing heavy coats and scarves with open-toed shoes. Where in the world would this work?

A thought-provoking alternative look at selfies.

This fun and flirty outfit features a double dose of daisies.

Although Mango’s new plus size line, Violeta, will only fit to size 20, it has been created using input from 40 fit experts. Here’s hoping they opt to design for more sizes eventually.

“I came out. I came out to myself. I came out to my father, Rev. Father Mamabolo, to my mother. My mother took it the hardest. I hated myself for loving her like that. I hated myself for dreaming about my first love when I was 14. She still does not know that I loved her. I hated that my mother blamed herself but I took the stance to tell my mother that this was not about her. It was about me. It was about me accepting myself. It was about learning to love an outcast of my family, my society, my upbringing. It was about me learning to love me.”

Visual grouping will help give your outfits some cohesion.

Several anthropologists discuss how to dress for an anthropological conference. FASCINATING. (Via Final Fashion)

Always looking for more ways to wear navy, and I love how Audrey paired her navy top with a rust skirt and cognac boots.

This curved braid bun hairstyle is ever so elegant.

Allie dishes out some great tips on styling ankle boots for a curvy or plus-sized figure.

Many of the folks who write [Science Reporter Emily Graslie], write not about the science, but about her body, her looks, her clothes, and do so without any apparent embarrassment. She’s a science reporter who happens to be a young woman, and her woman-ness is the thing they focus on. The science, to her chagrin, often takes second place.”

Such an edgy group of artfully draped garments in this outfit.

Making ethical purchasing choices is tough when it comes to clothing, and equally challenging when it comes to cosmetics. (Contains a disturbing image.)

“Back then, you may have started your mornings with a derisive glance in the mirror, with a shunning of yourself. Now, I hope that when you look in the mirror, you see what makes you powerfully, wonderfully, uniquely you. ”

On this week’s Fox 9 Morning Show segment, we chatted about midi skirts and how to style them.

Carolyn Hax has three words for a distressed reader’s weight-obsessed sister, and they are “I don’t recall.” (Cheers, Nebraskim)

A little pop of teal in the scarf makes these bright tights seem like a chic and natural choice.

This list of 15 style blogs for women over 40 includes some of my faves like Blue Hue Wonderland and Amid Privilege.

Great tips on holiday dressing for girls who don’t love or wear dresses.

And from the Department of Random: Korean artist Jeeyoung Lee makes these amazing, surreal images entirely without Photoshop.

Additionally Simon Kitty officially endorses the Yes and Yes Puss in Books calendar. (Proof here.)

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/13/13”

  1. Anna

    Love the photo of Simon Kitty. Tell him not to worry. He is Already Pretty just as he is!

  2. Lisa

    I am excited to be in a group with Blue Hue Wonderland – she’s super talented, if any of you haven’t seen her blog.

  3. Krysta

    My best friend often sits me down to watch The Brain Scoop. The main reason I don’t watch it on my own is that I find the speed at which she (and many other related YouTube show hosts) speak grates on me, but I love what she’s doing. I have to say, before I read your blurb with the link to the story on her the most thought I ever gave to her appearance was “cute”. I’ve always been far too interested in the content of her videos. And while I’m sad that she’s receiving such comments and e-mails (though not surprised), I’m glad that she made that video.

    And as far as women posting on Youtube… Have you seen the channel feministfrequency? Anita does a good job of pointing out sexist problems in modern media, and putting the discussion of feminism and sexism in everyday language, rather than academic language.

  4. Erin

    I don’t even understand not liking dresses. I would wear one every day if I could. That said, those formal pants outfits are the bomb.

  5. Kathleen

    Being almost 44, I’m impressed with women over 40 who can still wear heels! Years and years of wearing them have ruined my poor feet for anything but the most sensible of shoes (that I scoffed at in my 20s and 30s, of course.)