Lovely Links: 1/2/15

Weekly Kitty:


Kitty log. Like a Yule Log but, ya know, kitty.

Love how Jeniese layered a fuzzy vest over a tuxedo jacket for a funky and festive look.

Important feedback on the practice of telling disabled people that they shouldn’t let their disabilities “define” them. A reminder about how self image isn’t the same for all people.

Vaguely related: The short film “Impossible Shoes” stars paraplegic model and artist Sophie Morgan, and explores the dichotomy of shoes that are impossible to walk in and feet that cannot walk. View the film here.

I’m always surprised by how well pale pink and red can work together. Kileen adds some gold accents, which work beautifully.

This post offers some concrete, helpful resources for moving toward ethical shopping practices.

“For many people, even intelligent and brilliant ones, why does beauty count for more than anything else in their appreciation of other human beings—particularly of women? Why don’t other qualities count for more? And yet, am I not one of the culprits? For every scene expressing my disapproval of someone’s love of beauty, I wrote another scene in which I took great pleasure in imagining and describing that beauty. I revelled in my love of human beauty while frowning upon that love every step of the way.”

Erica made a stunning coat from a vintage Dior pattern that looks almost identical to the pattern image. And also cozy, unique, and fabulously chic.

I’m only a month in, but amazed by how effective this Gold Bond cream has been for the keratosis pilaris on my upper arms.

Like me, Gracey is digging sweater coats this year. (By the way, since some folks have asked sweater “coat” isn’t a name that’s literally accurate. It just means a thick and/or long cardigan. If you live in a cold or wet climate, a real coat will be worn over a sweater coat out of doors in winter.)

Patti muses on the trade-offs inherent to growing older.

This image shows how fit, proportion, and styling all contribute to how your figure looks in a particular outfit.

“The fact that you have a body — regardless of your appearance or ability level — means that you innately have access to physical power. Your body is an instrument to be used for your benefit, and not a burden to drag around, hiding and fixing along the way.”

Over on Facebook, I explained how I got sucked into the amazing customizable world of Zazzle.

Get a preview of the new looks from edgy, artistic plus-size line Zelie for She.

Any time we choose to enjoy and celebrate our bodies, it is a big middle-finger-up to all of the systems and people who would like us to hate ourselves instead, that would like us to be dead instead. Honoring and affirming our bodies by ornamenting them with adornment is a pleasure ritual. It is a freedom ritual to discover and express pleasure in a body that is under constant, severe, calculated, and systematic policing, surveillance, hyper-sexualization, demonization, marginalization and other forms of attack.”

Saga magazine highlights stylish women over 50 in their Saga Stylistas series.

New York Fashion Week has been booted out of Lincoln Center for good.

And from the Department of Random: Ice pancakes in Scotland.

Also: Charles Dickens’ Internet Search History

Additionally: HM and I were reminded of the genius of Ze Frank at the MIA last weekend, where we saw his video about the octopus as part of the “The Nature of Nature” exhibit. (It gets a little gross/dark at times. But is hilarious.)

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/2/15”

  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Thanks so much for the mention Sal! That’s a fabulous Kitty Log. : >

  2. crtfly

    I like octopi. They are very interesting animals. There are much more complicated creatures than I ever realized.


  3. crtfly


    These folks have THE eye for fashion photography and videos and nails the Los Angeles vibe. Please watch their incredible b/w video, shot in the Los Angeles River. I grew up in Los Angeles so it has special meaning to me.!lookbooks/c12bp

    I was so inspired that I wrote to the company.