Lovely Links: 12/2/11

I’m EXTREMELY proud to have contributed my story to The Choose Love Project, and am in very, very good company. To give you a bit of background from the project’s mission, “Created by Lori Race and Rachel Cole, The Choose Love Project aims to help women, both young and old, to understand that loving our bodies and healing our relationship with food and exercise are choices, that these are indeed about choosing love.” Do check it out.

Bright red and burgundy look so marvelous in a monochrome mix.

Gracey shares her tips for crafting leggings-based outfits that won’t attract undue attention to your tum. Lots of photo examples, too!

This is a pretty ingenious way to store high heels.

Eric Kee and Hany Farid created algorithms to detect which portions of a photograph have been altered. Be sure to check out the before and after examples linked to within the piece. (Thanks, Bridget.)

Roisin has never been afraid of bright colors, and I adore her for her fearlessness.

A rhinestone-to-neon necklace project has been on my list for ages, and this tutorial makes it look incredibly easy.

UNICEF has partnered with Threadless to create GOOD SHIRTS, a series of super cute tees whose sales benefit those in need in the Horn of Africa.

I just can’t get enough of camel and red. Throw in a little leopard for good measure, and you’re bound to draw compliments.

I’m a longtime devotee of knit frocks, so I loved these budget-friendly, fashion-forward sweater dresses.

I found this interview with Michelle – a journalist and fashion lover who also happens to be blind – to be both fascinating and inspiring. Her own blog, Eyeronic, is also a great read.

Fabulous tips for crafting stylish winter looks appropriate to warmer climates.

These photos of completely un-Photoshopped and diverse bellies make me so very, very happy. (Via The Frisky)

I adore the proportion play in Eboni’s sassy outfit.

I’ll be first in line for this one: Marni for H&M. WOOHOO!!!

“We’re not exactly encouraged to trust ourselves when it comes to evaluating any product, and the premise of beauty products means that our trust as consumers is doubly negated: Because we have such a hard time truly seeing ourselves, it can be near-impossible to tell if a product really ‘works.'”

I’m almost certain these shoes are being worn by a dude in this photo. But I’d still conk him over the head to steal them were I nearby.

Betcha didn’t know you could take a plaid wool scarf, tuck it into your belt, and make the most marvelous bustle-kilt hybrid imaginable. Neither did I.

This selection of images from Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women is utterly fantastic. (Via The Beheld)

And from the Department of Random: I love Eden’s collection of favorite quotes, especially, “Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.”

Another from the DoR: I’ve subscribed to the TED Talks podcast and am absolutely loving it. This man, Shea Hembrey, explains how he became 100 artists. It’s long, but worth watching.

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15 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/2/11”

  1. JewishGirl

    1. LOVE that high heel storage method.

    2. LOVE Lyddie at Chic on the Cheap.

    As always, love these links. Can’t wait to work my way through them….

  2. Kate K

    I always love when blogs feature a links round-up for the week but Sal, your links are always my favorites. I only read it when I have time because I know that I’m going to open and read them all. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Allie

    LOVE your link list, I always find the greatest blogs and such inspiration. Honored to be part of the list!

  4. Roisin

    Thanks so much for including me, Sal – I’ve had such a sucky day today, and that’s just picked me right up! x

  5. Grace at Fashion for Giants

    Hi Sal! Thank you for including me in your lovely links. And thank you for including Vixen Vintage – I LOVE that bustle idea. Really I love her whole outfit; it’s brilliant.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Julia H. @ The Petite Spiel

    Love the belly post. I’ve always been good with my belly, but lately have been feeling a little iffy about it due to some recent weight gain. It’s “fluffier” than usual, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome. Good reminder!

  7. Amy

    You continue to amaze me, the quotes & Ted are just what I needed to see tonight. Thank you more than you know.

  8. sandra

    Ted Talks is amazing. Most would benefit from watching it. Thanks for posting.

  9. pope suburban

    Oh, that neon necklace! I think I’m going to be making a couple– one for me, and one for my boyfriend’s kid sister’s Christmas gift. They’re so fun!

  10. Eyeronic

    The fact that you’ve mentioned my blog in the same vicinity as a shout-out to Ted Talks has made my day, and very likely my weekend, too. 🙂 Thanks so much for including me among these other stellar links. *Off to read your own guest post.*

  11. Eboni Ife'

    Oh my! What a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much for including me in your round-up (and for introducing me to your blog!)

    Hope you’re having a GREAT weekend 🙂