Lovely Links: 12/21/12 UPDATED

Twin Cities folks, I will be on Fox 9 News at 9 p.m. TOMORROW (Saturday, 12/22) talking about gift ideas, thrifting for trends, and my book! Please tune in if you can!

Since I’m sure many of you will be holidaying from here on out, hope you have a lovely, peaceful time with family and friends!

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If you tried to hit up the Target/Neiman Marcus or H&M/Maison Martin Margiela collaborations and missed out, you’ll be interested to read about how eBay became a fast fashion graveyard. (Via Final Fashion)

Mandi looks retro-lovely in wintergreen and black.

This roundup of body-love, self-acceptance, and weight politics links will keep me busy for hours.

Kick up your black and white ensembles with a hit of metallic shine.

Great advice for how to highlight OR downplay your bust.

Wondering what to do next with that classic black pencil skirt? Here are 16 office-appropriate ideas.

If all of the diet and weight-loss commercials flooding the pre-New Year airwaves are making you feel ashamed and anxious, peek at this article which reminds us that actual “diets” very rarely work in the long term. (References the groundbreaking research of my friend and colleague, Traci Mann. She rocks.)

Another blog that’s chock-full of menswear-inspired dressing inspiration: Avant Blargh. (Via Wardrobe Oxygen)

This mash-up of navy-based patterns and flame orange is such fun.

Sure, the dress is lovely, but check out that killer belt!

Over at the Huffington Post, I offered three holiday party outfit ideas that won’t require shape wear.

Anna suggests we reclaim the holidays for body peace – yes to that!

Vintage Vixen Solanah – whose hair always looks as if she’s shampooing it in magical fairy dust – offers a tutorial on how to create pin curls.

“Reading comments on any article about pantyhose, you’d think we were talking about the Gaza strip, not flimsy tubes of nylon. Trends come and go, and people find themselves wearing things they thought unimaginable to don only months earlier (I have yet to buy a pair of skinny jeans, but I’ve tried them on, this despite being a vocal opponent during their initial resurgence in the 2000s). But there’s something about pantyhose that’s oddly divisive.”

Now THAT is an undeniably fantastic, funky, party-ready tulle skirt!

The finishing touches on this red, gray, and black ensemble are stellar. Love those amazing Fluevog heels, of course.

“Once you’re considered an ‘alternative girl,’ you’re sexualized in a whole new way. If you’ve ever had a dude on the street ask if you’re a Suicide Girl, you know what I’m talking about. So while going rogue, beauty-wise, can be freeing–it definitely comes with its own set of issues. And it certainly doesn’t make you oblivious or immune to regular beauty standards.”

A simple, form-fitting striped dress looks utterly perfect with teal accents.

Ms. Magazine interviews three feminist fashion and beauty bloggers, and lists several more.

Alissa is holiday party-ready in her tuxedo jacket and cap-toe pumps.

And from the Department of Random: Filmography 2012. Dang, I saw a lot of movies this year. (Via Geeks are Sexy)

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/21/12 UPDATED”

  1. Krysta

    Interesting link about pantyhose. I tend to prefer tights and sweater tights myself, and then only for when it’s cold out (or if I haven’t shaved my legs in a while and I don’t have any clean pants for work). My problem is that they never fit well! I’m short and have some weight on me, so ones that are big enough to go around me are inevitably too long for my legs and bunch at the knees and ankles. The crotch also tends to slid down, allowing for uncomfortable rubbing at the very tops of my thighs.

    Not to mention how easily they snag and run. I have cats that like to climb on me, or paw at my legs to get attention. And I regularly bump into things. It’s a miracle for a pair I own to last more than three wears or so without developing a hole, and they’re just too expensive on my tiny income to replace that often.

    Personally, I’d like to see the return of hand-knit socks to the fashion scene. Lace! Cables! Color! Warmth!

  2. Kathy Derengowski

    Well, here is MY take on Spanx 🙂

    Keeping Up Appearances

    To the genius who invented Spanx
    I offer my eternal thanks
    Though I’m dolled up in silk and pearls
    I’m firmly packed
    …its still a girdle, girls.

    To Maybelline for lashes long
    For make-up shades that can’t go wrong
    To L’Oreal for dewy skin
    Cosmetic counters-
    …Let the games begin!

    To Herbal Essence for my hair,
    To Neiman’s for the clothes I wear
    Victoria’s Secret for my bod
    Though she and I both know
    …that it’s a fraud.

    For artifice, that will conceal
    Creating grace and sex appeal
    The many hours that it took
    And what it takes, to fake
    …”The natural look.”

    -Kathy Lundy Derengowski

  3. Aris Merquoni

    OMG, thank you so much for the link to Stylish Curves–that outfit is fantastic.

    I saw an interesting post on Greta Christina’s blog which talks about the mission of your blog: “Transformation.” I thought it was a really good reflection on the way that clothes can make you feel more like yourself, and how faking it until you make it can actually give you a boost. Greta has been recovering from a death in the family and cancer (and blogging about both, really powerfully) and she talks in the essay about how dressing up helped to invigorate her at a few different times.

    Also that is an interesting pantyhose discussion. I often feel left out of discussions about pantyhose or tights because there are few pairs available in plus-sized and tall. Is sad!

  4. Kellie

    Sal – love the “Department of Random!” Filmography 2012 was incredible!

  5. tina

    That’s funny about the Target/ Neiman’s collab–from what I understand, Target could not move any of that stuff–they knocked it all down to 50% off!