Lovely Links: 12/23/10

A bit early this week, for holiday reasons!

Holy cats, I got a shout-out from! Woo hoo! Huge thanks to beautiful Alice Bradley for her kind words.

Have you ever felt pressured to tan? Real, spray, or any other kind? I got a hilarious e-mail once from someone who said I should really lose 40 pounds and get a tan … I found both recommendations equally amusing.

Not only do Jenny’s tights have POM-POMS on them, but her entire outfit was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. Because that’s how the world’s most cerebral fashionista rolls.

How do you define “beauty”? I’ve got my own thoughts on this coming up …

Sarah shows how she’s styled a sculptural dress in seven different and equally creative ways.  Great inspiration for anyone looking to winterize a summer frock.

Gorgeous photos of girls with curls! (Via FashionFlirt)

College Fashion gives us three non-tacky ways to look both Christmas-y and cute.

Have you ever considered journaling as a way to retool or boost your body image?

Check out my guest post over at the Talbots blog, Red Chair Confessions.

Deanna gives her picks for the best red lipsticks on the market. And believe me, she knows. Are you a fan of the red lip? What’s your shade?

Eight pairs of fabulous flats for under $20 a pop. Nice.

Natalie has turned 30, and shares her thoughts on style and body image in a reflective, thought-provoking post.

Four amazing ways to style an oversized scarf.

And from the Department of Random: Modern Metropolis lists’ their 12 Top Banksy Pieces of the Year. (Via Yum & Yuk.)

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/23/10”

  1. Katharine

    Oh, red lipstick! I love it, and have had so much trouble with it. Deanne recommends Russian Red, which probably means that none of her other reds will work for me – very few reds that others love do. I’m pale and have yellow undertones, and the sad genetic curse of my dad’s yellow teeth, so most reds that look really red in the tube either make me look like a very, very ancient woman, or as though I’ve bypassed the ancient stage, and am dead. With yellow-grey teeth.

    But I went on a big Red Lipstick Quest this year, and tried on tons. Nothing from Shiseido, which is often recommended, worked for me – they all looked bright magenta on my face. MAC is a staple of course. Russian Red made me look dead, so I didn’t even consider it once I’d wiped it off, but I did buy Ruby Woo, which looked nice in the store. Then it turned magenta on me in the daylight, and I looked a thousand years old. I went back, and wound up with Diva and Ladybug; Diva was really nice. Ladybug was probably a tad too bright, but it was semi-sheer, so it worked – okay. Then after wearing both alternately for a while, I got a rash on my mouth and my lips started to peel. I don’t think I get along with MAC cosmetics that well. Their foundation makes me break out, too.

    However – FINALLY – I think I have a good red. It’s NARS Fire Down Below, and it looks nice. Maybe not as BRIGHT RED as I’d optimally like, but I don’t know if the “dead” and “yellow” and “ancient” tendencies can cope with bright. The funny thing is it looks exactly like my memory of So Cinnamon, an old – L’Oreal, I think? matte colour, one of the first of the long skinny style matte lipsticks, that I used to wear probably fifteen years ago or more.

  2. Audi

    I still want to punch that person who told you to lose 40 pounds and get a tan! What a loser. And no, I’ve never felt — or rather, allowed myself to feel — pressure to tan. I think I look terrible in anything but my natural pastiness.

    Also, I’m so proud that San Francisco finally got some of its very own Banksy pieces! I just love seeing them when I’m out and about.

  3. Imogen Lamport

    Thanks for the link Sal – have a fantastic Christmas/Festive season! Thanks for all your support of my blog over the past 2 years!


  4. sarah

    I consciously decided to stop tanning (naturally, through sun exposure) when I was 21. At the time, pale was not as in as it is now, and my peers looked at me strangely. But I had decided at that point that “I’d rather have good skin at 80 than a tan now.” Which tended to send my pals running for their sunscreen – because it’s a valid point, especially if you plan to live for a long time, like I do! (wink!)

    and I have Russian Red (I’m late to the party; just got it last year) and have been meaning to try Ruby Woo – it looks so awesome on one of my local baristas!

  5. Amy

    I love a red lip but I rarely rock it. I think I struggle with knowing when it’s rockable and when it would be overkill. Maybe for Christmas Eve church tomorrow??

    Also I am actually laughing that someone would have the gall to tell you you should tan! Clearly they didn’t know who they were talking to!

  6. Kylara7

    Boo to the jerk who told you to lose weight and tan. I wonder what s/he looks like and whether s/he’d be open to some constructive criticism from us…ha! I have olive skin and live in the north, so in order to avoid looking sickly in the winter, I use the skin lotion with a little bit of self-tanner in it; it’s just enough to add moisture and a little color AND it’s about $6-7 for a big tube at Target or a drugstore.

    Great scarf-tying ideas..I’m always learning from those. And today I’m wearing my snowflake earrings for holiday cheer đŸ™‚

  7. Sara

    Congrats on the mention – I just love that quote.

    I hate to admit it, but I used to go tanning in college. It’s such a big, embarrassing regret for me, now that I’ve grown to embrace my paleness and am incredibly concerned with healthy skin. I guess the only thing I can say about it is that being tan was important to me then, and since it’s not any more, that must mean my idea of myself and beauty have come a long, long way.

    And thank you so much for the mention, Sal!