Lovely Links: 12/23/11

Well, I shall now attempt to unplug for a few days. Hope you can do the same, that you’ve got time off work for whatever holidays you may (or may not) be celebrating, and that at least once over this weekend you get a gift, a kiss, or a tasty treat!

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If you’re interested in checking out my regularly-updated wishlist at, there are some gorgeous goodies to ogle! Loads of other bloggers are participating, too. ( is an affiliate site, see my disclosure statement.)

This fascinating article chronicles the campaign to convince women that they must shave underarms and legs, beginning in 1915 and continuing (as you undoubtedly know) through the present day. (Cheers, Q.)

Sarah’s collection of vintage aprons made me envious. And I don’t even bake!

“I’m fat positive because I’ve been fat my whole life. No matter how much I work out or how little I eat, my clothing has never dropped below a size 20 (I know!). I could spend my life in a gym, chasing some mirage that my body will never be, or I could focus on eating and moving in a way that makes me healthy and happy.” (Via Yum & Yuk)

Susie Bubble does bright, layered, and … well, adorable in a set of fun outfit photos.

Financial times explores the relationships between style bloggers, celebrity fashion, and the retail economy.

Sassy bird-print sweater + asymmetric skirt = perfection.

This older post came across my radar twice this week and it’s well worth reading: Lesley explains very eloquently why she is uninvested in beauty.

This older post from a beauty blogger discusses how dismissing beauty as frivolous undermines its real power. Not really the flip side of Lesley’s post since she was talking about natural physical beauty and Meera is more focused on beauty/cosmetics work, but still interesting to ponder the two philosophies. (Via The Beheld)

Nothing like an outfit that includes soft and hard pieces to remind us that juxtapositions can work beautifully.

The founder of New York’s School of Charm and Cheek talks about how burlesque transformed her body image, and how it can work wonders for women who doubt their own beauty.

A cluster of brooches is a fabulous way to perk up a plain crew neck sweater.

Ashley tackles the oft-ignored topic of infertility and body image. (Via Medicinal Marzipan)

College Candy offers eight adorable bright wardrobe pieces for winter, each for $20 or less.

The U.S. is taking tiny, baby steps toward banning Photoshop use in ads. Tiny. Baby. But still. (Via The Beheld)

Far from comprehensive, but still fascinating: This graphic shows how hairstyle and hat shape affect face shape.

A mini dress and bright red tights makes for a bold, fabulously cherry ensemble.

What are your thoughts on infinity scarves? I like them in theory, but fumble with them in practice.

If you will make me this Wonder Woman sweater, I will marry you.

Kyla’s plaid midi looks marvelous with her chunky booties and cropped sweater.

Do you feel like the evolution of fashion has been slowing in recent years? Think about the difference between style in the ’90s and current style. Then think about the difference between style in the ’30s and style in the ’50s. Eh? Eh?

Love these picks for lingerie and loungewear designed for women with large busts.

And from the Department of Random: Maybe you all saw this in 2008 when it appears to have been made, but it’s new to me. And SUCH fun. I know it’s long, but stick with it.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/23/11”

  1. Meghan

    Interesting. I believed the “my body will never change” thought pattern. After I had been running for 2+ years nothing changed. I tried eating healthier, cutting soda, nothing changed.

    Then I had to wake up and get realistic. When I joined Weight Watchers, the weight dropped off. Not saying this is what it’s like for everyone, but I know that I was finally surprised.

  2. Mary

    I am super interested in that lingerie / loungewear link, but it’s leading me back to the (fascinating!) Two Whole Cakes post. Happy holidays from a longtime lurker!

  3. Kyla

    Wow, Sal – this is a great round up! Some amazing stuff here, and as always, I’m completely flattered to be included! Have an amazing holiday with your family and loved ones! xoxo

  4. Leah

    Love your links, as usual, but it looks like the last one (lingerie for the large-busted) is broken! It links back to the article from Two Whole Cakes.

  5. Alison

    Sally, thank you so much for including me! What an awesome list of links, I have plenty of amazin reading material for the weekend!

  6. Sandie

    Here’s my theory about why fashion has evolved more slowly in the past twenty years: the energy of capitalism has been directed elsewhere–to the realm of technology. Products *have* changed very rapidly since 1990, but they’re silicon products, not cloth ones.

    And you might even say the super-accelerated rate of technological change makes us want to circle back to older fashions, expressing nostalgia for a time when our lives were less consumed by technology.

    There, that’s my cultural studies essay for the day.