Lovely Links: 12/30/11

Riley wants to know why the hell all the boy toys are superhero-y and all the girl toys are princess-y. And pink. So do I.

This electric blue flared-hem coat is utterly covetable.

Amazing local jewelry designer Karin Jacobson will be selling some of her designs at a deep discount on over the weekend!

This simple DIY for creating bejeweled high heels looks fun and fabulous.

If you’re thinking of constructing some resolutions for the coming year and looking for some body-positive suggestions, check out this list.

Jessica’s stud-shoulder cardigan and tangerine blouse make for a dynamite combination.

What exactly is deadstock? (Not nearly as creepy as it sounds!)

Marzipan discusses what it means to teach children body-positive habits, and illustrates the vital importance of doing so.

This new line of suits, pants, and shirts designed for expecting mothers looks interesting.

Alicia – whose style is the exact opposite of mine, being minimalist and almost entirely based on black garments and shoes – shares her thoughts on how to refine personal style. And I totally agree with her.

MAC has chosen Iris Apfel as their next cosmetics spokeswoman and collaborator. ROCK.

And from the Department of Random: Happy New Year! (Almost!)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/30/11”

  1. Anne

    Sally, thank you for introducing me to Rosie Molinary. I’m certainly going to try those resolutions (they sound much easier to implement then the cleanse outlined in Whole Living) I also love the song by Zoey D. That is actually one of my favorite holiday songs. Happy New Year.

  2. Alicia

    Thank you Sally once again for including me in your Lovely Links! I love that even though we have opposing personal style that the principles might remain the same. Have a wonderful new year! xo

  3. Sigi

    Ack! And a great big Happy New Year to you and yours, Sal! Thanks for another great year’s blogging.

  4. Molly

    I always look forward to your Friday links for their mix of inspiring images, feminism, body positivity, and pure style ideas–not just heavy reads and not just fluff. I also love the diversity of the women in age, body shape, race/ethnicity, and style sense. Following Rosie Molinary, I will be choosing a word to guide my new year!