Lovely Links: 12/30/16

Weekly Kitty:

Any box will do.

Nowness created this short film as part of its series “The Way We Dress.” In it, London-based director Avril Furness asked a range of women, from teens to grandmothers, what they would want to wear as their final outfits, and the reason for their decision.

Eco Warrior Princess tells us where to find pre-loved and secondhand maternity clothes online.

Love how Sheela combines unexpected pieces – a velvet duster, graphic tee, and menswear tie – in this bold, funky outfit.

“About five years ago, I used to think that practicing yoga was for people young and limber. I also believed that my thighs were the size of tree trunks and the ham hocks I called my upper arms needed to be covered with sleeves. It wasn’t until I became a dedicated yogi (at the age of 37) that my self-image changed and I realized how amazing my body is.”

How to Take Care of Yourself While Being a Caregiver

This collection of fashion illustrations using snack foods and everyday objects is wonderfully whimsical.

Lu layers a collar necklace over a mock turtleneck, and it looks amazing.

If you dug the asymmetric dress I wore in this week’s outfit, it’s now on sale in three colors!

This minimalist earring tree would look so perfect on my dresser.

“Sure, I could say something like ‘almost everyone has dealt with or is dealing with body insecurities,’ which would be true. I could mention that way before social media or hashtags, many people who are naturally extremely thin – a group to which I’ve never belonged – have fought to have their need for body acceptance recognized as well. That would also be true. Which is why the current climate where so many personal experiences are welcomed and able to be shared is beautiful. Join in or carve out your own safe space. Yes, all bodies are beautiful and all sizes matter. And if the ones who have specifically been told that they are not and they don’t are now stepping into the spotlight, just get out of the way.”

Allison makes bleach-stained, destroyed jeans look so darned classy.

Fashionista offers its picks for the best ethical winter fashion pieces.

Beyond pencils and powders, this list of slightly odd products you can use to tame and shape your eyebrows is … well, eye-opening.

An outfit that makes you feel confident and attractive, and then gets out of the way, is a great outfit. It means the outfit was comfortable, unfussy, stayed put, and ticked all the right aesthetic boxes. It didn’t have any niggles or sources of insecurity. It is an empowering outfit.”

Always wanted a McQueen skull scarf but put off by the price and scared of scoring a fake on eBay? The Realreal’s prices are FAR lower than retail, and every scarf is authenticated by experts.

The Barking Dog Shoes team is jazzed about these Chaco boots.

Loved this comprehensive guide on how to wash and care for wool garments.

You can never go wrong with buffalo plaid and stripes.

[Model Barbie Ferreira] has recently up with Teen Vogue for a 6-part web series called ‘Body Party’ where she invites viewers to virtually take part in discussions she has about body image.

My mini obsession with black-based tie-dye continues, and I’m lusting after this sustainable asymmetric cowl tunic from Raw Earth Wild Sky.

Darlene reminds us that if you’ve got a much larger top than bottom (or vice versa) matched top/skirt sets are a fabulous way to create the look of a dress minus the fit issues.

Sometimes a bright red shoe is the perfect finishing touch.

I am not exaggerating when I say my Alternative Apparel hoodie is the softest thing I own.

“I find myself wondering daily if having grown up in a family of all average height siblings and parents, did you delight in having a smaller version of yourself? Was it exciting for you to be able to put into this child an acceptance, a love even, of her body? Because while at the time it was normal for me, I see now, 39 years later what a gift it was. Now that there are three generations of dwarf women in our family, I like to think that our bodies are our birthright.”

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