Lovely Links: 12/3/10

I’m waaaaay behind on my reading since I’ve been sick all week long, so a short list this week, I’m afraid …

Twelve great tips for letting go of perfectionism, a practice that often impedes self-love.

A look at why Asian-Americans have become powerful influencers in the fashion industry.

There’s merit in finding something – anything – to do with your body that you love, and loving when your body is able to do it.” (Cheers, Leonie!)

I’m all in favor of swapping your Little Black Dress for a Little Red Dress. But then, I’m a lifelong lover of red.

Why do famous runway models shill for J.Crew and Victoria’s Secret? Because Vogue pays peanuts. (Via Nubby Twiglet.)

Lemondrop interviews Margaret Cho who, unsurprisingly, remains awesome.

A challenge to wear something truly magnificent every day for a week? Now there’s something I can get behind!

Kristy explains exactly why the reality TV show “Bridalplasty” is insidious and alarming. And reinforces my belief that, were I to watch an episode, my outrage might cause me to burst into flames.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted this week to advance legislation which would allow fashion designers to seek legal action against brands (especially fast-fashion chains) that produce nearly identical but lower-quality versions of designs.

And, from the Department of Random: Since this whole week has become a bit of a feline tribute, this study on the physics of cat lapping is truly fascinating. This study does NOT cover Simon Kitty’s method of drinking, which is to dunk his paw in the bowl and lick the water off of it. So elegant.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/3/10”

  1. Chalkdust and Boots

    I second the rage toward 'Bridalplasty' – every time I see a commercial for it, I get so angry. Not to sound exactly like my mother, who throws this phrase around all the time, but this, truly, seems like a sign of the decline of civilization as we know it. Grrrrr…

    Also, I second Wendy's demand to see Simon Kitty photos.

  2. ashe mischief

    Oh man! Lottie drinks water the.same.way. It's the most adorable and slightly ridiculous thing ever.

  3. Audi

    Oy, I just had a flashback of a time I stayed at a friend's place and left a glass of water next to the bed, woke up the next morning and had a sip, only to find that it tasted really funky. Later I saw her cat drinking out of my water glass in the way Simon Kitty does. Catbox-flavored water! AAAARRRRGH!

  4. 3goodrats

    My Clarence drinks water the very same way – I didn't know it was so common!

  5. Sero

    I'm just going to jump on the cat bandwagon. My Hank does the same thing, too! He always moved his water bowl around, but after we moved to VA (a year ago) he started paw dunking exclusively. None of my friends' cats do this and only believe that he does if they see it happen đŸ™‚

  6. Sal

    OK first, Simon would be THRILLED to find that he's totally hijacked my blog.

    Second, a story:

    Husband Mike and I were sitting in the breakfast nook eating dinner (what, if you had a nook you'd eat non-breakfast there, too!) and HM was having white wine in a tumbler glass. Simon jumped up on the table, and before we could stop him, dunked his paw in the wine believing it to be water. He held it up to his face, took a sniff, and then proceeded to look at HM, then slowly turn to me, with a look that CLEARLY said, "You drink this foul shit? What is WRONG with you people." He shook his paw and sauntered off. We collapsed in hysterics.

    • Kathy

      Sally, that is hilarious! I can just picture that face! And I will join the group that has a cat that drinks by dunking their paws and then licks them off. We will now start calling it the “Simon Method”!

  7. Christy

    ok, my cats do that too. I also had one that for a while, would dip her paw in the bowl, shake the water off onto the floor, and then drink it from there.

  8. Kyrstin

    my older cat drinks reasonably, but my young kitten runs at her water bowl, splashes it everywhere and then runs away. She'll return later and use the Simon method đŸ™‚