Lovely Links: 1/24/14

Still have room in both the St. Paul and Chicago accessorization worshops! Would love to see you there.

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Angie sparked a lively discussion about pastels, possibly the most emotionally charged color palette out there.

The Representation Project – sparked by the truly amazing film Miss Representation – compiled a sobering video montage titled How the Media Failed Women in 2013. Lots of disappointment, but some triumphs are highlighted, too.

Shainna looks edgy and amazing in her high-waisted flared skirt and dark lips.

Printed silk Doc Martens. Zounds.

On the Fox 9 Morning Buzz this week, we chatted about crop tops. And crop-top-like alternatives!

“There are lot of thoughts surrounding this debate, and while I may lean one way or another when I’m listening to smart girls discuss their very nuanced positions on having hair down there, I ultimately think that conversations of this nature expose the very gray spectrum that feminism needs to embrace.”

Cobalt, citron, and black make for a bold winter ensemble.

I’ve always loved freckles – mine and others’ – but not everyone feels that way. This short video interviews several women, including Chanel ambassador Poppy Delevingne about their feelings about their freckles.

Kinda related: Patience talks about what her birthmark means to her.

Take a peek behind the scenes at amazing local company The Elixery to see how lipstick is made.

Ashe shows off her super cool lock pick earrings. Chic and helpful in a pinch.

Feministe helpfully recaps the circus that is Lena Dunham’s Vogue cover and photoshoot, Jezebel’s $10K unretouched photo bounty, and Dunham’s own replies to the whole debacle.

Love this simple DIY for a two-tone tartan skirt.

Also love the results of this AMAZING ombre knit bandana … and any of you are welcome to make me one. (Lapsed Knitter, here. Sigh.)

Amazing plus size model Elly Mayday gently pushed to continue her lingerie modeling gig for Forever Yours even after her cancer diagnosis, chemo, and surgeries. It’s moving and inspiring to see her in the ads that followed, scars and all.

High Plains Thrifter offers some solid advice for how to be an informed tailoring customer.

Bras and Body Image is celebrating its second birthday by highlighting lingerie and clothing brands that design for the big-busted figure.

These Ostwald Helgason for Aldo designs are making me drool.

Jasmin Singer explains what losing 100 pounds taught her about how society treats fat people. (Via Thick Dumpling Skin)

I know I gush over everything Stéphanie wears, but oh my goodness, that printed sweatshirt! And with a quilted leather mini!

Did you know that SJP is launching her own shoe line?

And in light of this week’s post about closet organization pros and cons, I was thrilled to see this post about successful shoe storage.

“TIME released it’s latest issue this week focusing on Hillary Clinton’s potential 2016 White House bid with a cover image that doesn’t even feature the former Secretary of State. It is just a woman’s leg in a pantsuit with a high heel that has a little man hanging off the edge of it. The caption asks, ‘Can anyone stop Hillary?’ This is not the first time an image like this has been used to symbolize a woman’s power. In fact it seems to be the only one often used to convey the power of a woman. Why?”

Related: Feminism according to stock photography.

These stunning embellished burgundy booties are calling to me. (Must find earplugs …)

This tank top storage solution blew my mind.

Mattie looks marvelous in her chunky necklace, dramatic skirt, and graphic tee.

“Dove doesn’t so much ‘redefine’ beauty as much as it merely re-centralizes beauty as the foremost priority in a girl or woman’s life. It’s not revolutionary to re-encourage females to fixate on their looks, or document their looks at any given moment through their cell phone cameras, and then discuss what they see. This is for-profit advertising that sells anti-aging creams, skin firming solutions, and underarm beautifiers under the guise of promoting life-changing self-acceptance through feel-good videos. This tactic allows a company to cash in on women’s insecurities by being a false ally in the fight for positive body image.”

And an interesting counterpoint on the upside of faux-empowerment advertising.

You remember Hypercolor shirts, right? (I know SOME of you do.) Now you can find out how color-changing textiles work.

The truth of the matter is sometimes it is really hard to love yourself.

Megan and her daughter own the same sweater. And they are both so stinkin’ cute in it.

“Yes, everyone says ‘I’d love to have curly hair! You should just leave it alone!’ until they actually see it. Then they back away slowly, as if trying not to antagonise a large bear.”

The elegant draping on this dress is just stunning.

I’ll be watching and discussing Beyoncé’s visual album with girlfriends tonight and was fascinated by this piece, which explores the idea that the album is an ode to radical motherhood.

Cassandra shows us an amazing 20 ways to style a black blazer. So many ideas!

“If you haven’t heard, Aerie (the lingerie brand) is doing a campaign with un-retouched photos, displaying beautiful women in all their natural, imperfect glory. It would seem the reactions to this are from opposing camps: the first, thrilled at any sign of social progress, are infiltrating every social platform with the awesome news (guilty); and the second, genuinely pissed that people are making a fuss over the fact that this is still a display of some ideal beauty, are saying that it’s a ludicrous thing to be celebrating. It’s as though because the women in the campaign aren’t one exact idea of what a perfect representation of an imperfect body should look like, the sentiment itself is inherently wrong and invalid.”

I’m busily updating my own eBay post, but in the meantime here five key steps to take before you sell anything on eBay.

Love that this cozy winter outfit features a burst of bold orange.

The Closet Feminist offers 10 compelling reasons why fashion needs intersectional feminism, and fast.

Solanah talks openly about how frustrating and confining it felt to be a vintage clothing collector, and begins to explore why she’s changed her dressing and shopping tactics.

Who defines what is beautiful?

And from the Department of Random: Why walking through a doorway makes you forget. Wait, what were we talking about?

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15 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/24/14”

  1. Andrea

    Thank you for that tank top storage idea! I use the shower curtain rings on a hanger for scarves, but never thought to do tanks or camis that way. Excellent!

  2. Sonia

    Wow! Another fantastic array of must-reads. Thank you, Sally, for culling the web for the most intriguing stuff out there. I appreciate your hard work and all the different perspectives you find for us.

  3. Chris

    Loved the link to Patience – I am a huge fan of hers, and have been for years. Her attitude is amazing and it’s fantastic given her public profile (at least in Australia) that she has the power to share her positive message.

  4. Robin

    I just want to say (again) how much I love this site. I very much enjoy fashion and style discussion, but have strong feminist convictions that conflict with many other bloggers’ ways of discussing clothing and appearance. You give me my favorite versions of both topics, and even a break from the more infuriating gender-related stuff I can read about elsewhere. Thank you so much for continually addressing the intersection of fun personal style and complex gender dynamics!

  5. mo

    Seemingly random, but related: Why do many (most?) women have their toes turned in in these links, as well as many other bloggers fashionistas? It may seem to denote “demure,” though I’m picking up a weaker vibe. Stand toes forward (or out or crossed or anything else) and strong, ladies! You look great and the toes in seem like a question mark on that.

    • Andrea

      I have wondered that, too. It kinda bugs me — so unnatural. Is it to create a “thigh gap”? Which would be unfortunate, IMO.

    • Xandy

      I stand toes in when I am showing an outfit so that the outside of my shoes is more likely to be visible to the camera. I design shoes, and when I look at an outfit, I like to see a good side view. I never thought of it as conveying an attitude or anything though I only know about my personal motives.

  6. Xandy

    Thank you for the link, It is always so nice to see that people are still looking at my patterns.

    I think I have to do some back reading today of your other posts, this is a really interesting list of links.