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Lap time.

What is body positivity? A short intro:

The folks at Hey Gorgeous! reached out after I linked to them a few weeks back, and wanted to offer a discount to AP readers! Use code alreadypretty25 for 25% off anything from the STELLAR holiday collection. Sizes start at 8 and go through 24 in many styles.

I’ve been sick all week. Outfit evidence here.

Pia points us to body positive readings about Nalgona Positivity Pride, Gabourey Sidibe shutting down fat-shamers, and Project Runway Season 14 winner Ashley Nell Tipton‘s Instagram greatest hits.

Musings on tailoring and alterations pros, cons, successes, and failures

Huh. I guess the V&A declined to exhibit Margaret Thatcher’s wardrobe archive.

Most people think of designer names at discounted prices when they think of Yoox, but the site is also a great resource for little-known European brands. Roberto Maurizi has some lust-worthy boots, and Studio Moda makes lovely minimalist handbags.

On I wrote about stylish non-clothing gifts, helpful products for keeping your wardrobe in ship shape, and highlighted some pairs of boots that are both chic AND waterproof.

The chunky cuff and badass boots make Greetje’s outfit fantastically edgy.

Biker jackets can be a great piece for busty women, and this post shows examples and offers styling tips.

Why is is SO HARD to find pants that fit off the rack? Imogen explains.

Over on the GoDaddy blog I made an argument for NOT posting gift guides.

Chioma mixes sweet and tough in this moto and dotty skirt outfit.

If you’re on the lookout for some edgy plus-sized holiday wear, check out this preview of Jibri.

I’ve got a white blazer languishing in the back of my closet, and Nashelly’s charcoal top and burgundy pencil skirt combo is making me want to bring it out of hiding.

This fantastic comic smashes 11 common myths about butch people.

This spiky, multi-chain necklace will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. (Bonus points if you get the movie reference.)

Dorrie looks dynamite in her leather midi and striped top.

“None of this is to say the Homeyee isn’t a very nice dress. Or that its sudden virality isn’t very amusing!! But maybe we should look at this picture — viewed 3 million times already — and see something a little more serious than yet another #dress meme. Zoom out from all those perfect smiles and identical sheath dresses, and the meteorologist dress says quite a lot about gender expectations in modern society.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I gave tips for winter-proofing your holiday party outfits.

The sheer asymmetric tunic from Nadia/Addition Elle is such an elegant piece – love how Back has styled it!

A drapey moto is the perfect partner for slouchy olive joggers.

I’ve noticed that online consignment outlet The Realreal pretty much always has a 20% off promo going on. You can snag some amazing deals on that site …

Deborah finds that the addition of a signature accessory – in her case, a sculptural belt – can breathe new life into your entire wardrobe.

When I go gray, I hope my hair looks just like this.

Diana Vreeland Writes a Technology Help Column

If you’ve ever felt conflicted about the body love or body positivity movements, this article is a must-read: 4 Variations on the Body-positive Movement and Why We Need Them

Petite blogger extraordinaire Kelly offers tips for styling men’s neckties.

Also currently looking amazing in a necktie: Kate Winslet in Vogue L’Uomo

“[Body of Truth author Harriet] Brown also finds an enormous hole in many studies on obesity: They don’t consider fitness or socioeconomic status, both important indicators of health that are in no way reflected in a person’s weight or BMI. The health/weight conflation is nothing short of bias within the medical field, kept burning by our culture’s obsession with thinness.”

On North Nabe, I interviewed SUPER talented designer Samantha Rei Crossland about her inspiration and gorgeous new collection.

Strappy flats and black culottes are a match made in heaven.

This crescent moon tee is high on my wishlist.

How to run an intersectional feminist club. Aimed at high schoolers but seriously, I’d like to put one together here in the Twin Cities …

Fun things to do with bobby pins

Gracey looks timeless and classic in charcoal, camel, and black. Patterned tights add texture to her outfit.

“I’m very concerned with the roles women get in entertainment. But it’s also important to be concerned with intersectionality: the fact that different categories of identities overlap and interact with each other. Representation matters, and the media we consume should more closely reflect the world we live in. What we see, hear, and read subconsciously influences us and normalizes ideas and language.”

Grechen’s take on creative professional is spot-on, if you ask me.

Tips for crafting personal style if you have a health condition that prohibits certain wearables

I am absolutely swooning over Sandra’s cape blazer, burgundy leather dress, and leopard booties. What a stellar combination of colors and textures.

And from the Department of Random: Cats caught mid-sneeze.

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