Lovely Links 1/25/13

Angie points out four underlying categories in most wardrobe shopping lists, and I think she’s spot-on.

Bow & Drape allows you to build a custom garment online and offers a Fit Kit with fabric and color swatches, dress muslins in up to three sizes, and a pre-paid return label so you can take a week to determine exactly how you want your dress to look and fit. (Cheers, Susan!)

I’ll never stop loving florals worn with stripes. Never, I say!

Busting Out, a new documentary by filmmakers Francine Strickwerda and Laurel Spellman Smith, explores the history and politics of breast obsession in America.(Link is to a video preview of the film that is not safe for work.)

I’m completely mesmerized by this French fishtail braid chignon tutorial. Three hairdos in a single hairdo. And SO PRETTY.

Mothers of daughters: Stepfanie offers some ideas for how to raise confident girls. Do you agree with her suggestions?

You, too, can contribute to Rocquelle’s Your Body is Fabulous series!

Two gorgeous takes on skinny red jeans: With camel and leopard, or stripes and chambray.

John Fluevog is rolling out the spring preview over on the Flueblog, and these patterned ankle boots have won my heart.

Huge thanks to the FIDM folks who featured me in their FIDMstyleProject over on Facebook!

This post offers some great dressing guidelines to consider if you’ll me the mother of the bride or groom in an upcoming wedding.

Wondering how to assemble an effective capsule wardrobe? This post gives guidelines for putting together a 10-piece capsule that will actually work. Great for travel.

“So here is my plea to the pro-makeup people. Keep loving it, or stop, whatever you want. If someone asks for your help, give it to them like the tactful person you are. If you ever think ‘Wow, she could use some makeup!’ keep that thought to yourself. If you encounter someone being judged for not wearing makeup, remember that appearance is not the same thing as hygiene and should not be the defining characteristic of a person’s skill, character or personality.”

Siamese cat-print blouse = win.

The world of nail art intimidates me, but I can’t help but love this Tumblr filled with nail art inspired by book covers. (Via Moda Veloce)

Gotta love a vibrantly colored coat for dreary winter days.

Pattern mix-master Catherine shares ideas for and examples of four ways to mix patterns, from subtle to extreme.

“Like many of you, I can imagine, I am guilty of rejecting items of clothing if my size didn’t fit. Why should I have to buy one size up? This is my size! However, in thinking more about last night, and this purple dress, I am reminded that our size is sort of like a box. It’s funny how we’re always trying to fit ourselves into this box, but life constantly tells us to live outside of the box. Who cares what size you’re wearing, as long as you feel comfortable, confident, and ready for the world?

Allie shares her picks for plus-sized wardrobe staples, all of which can be found online. She also breaks the staples down into categories and recommends specific vendors!

Also, with all the winter sales and spring picks crossing my radar, I thought it was about time I created a pin board of gorgeous plus-sized picks. Just getting started, but will add more soon.

Many friends and readers have recommended this site, and I should’ve thought to mention it AGES ago: Urkye is a clothing company that designs garments to fit women with large busts and small waists. I’ve heard nothing but good things about their wares!

Swooning over Weesha’s pleated cobalt maxi skirt.

The anti-‘superficiality’ thread in geek culture promotes often veers into femmephobic territory. Spending $30 on a single t-shirt with a particular geek darling’s logo emblazoned on it is considered admirable, while spending $30 on an entire outfit that reads ‘fancy’ or ‘overdressed’ (i.e. coordinated and feminine) is unthinkable.” (Via Geek Feminism)

Definitely stealing this combo: Camel, stripes, and leopard. Graphic, bold, and chic.

Considering a Brazilian wax but feeling nervous? This post explains what to expect and does a fabulous job of easing common fears. In fact, as someone who will likely never get a Brazilian, I still enjoyed it as a great primer for how to be an informed consumer of beauty treatments of all sorts.

Marcy’s sequined minidress is a bona-fide showstopper.

Just starting to dig into it, but already impressed by the blog Men Against A$$holes & Misogyny. Never forget that men can be feminists, too.

Gertie deconstructs a blazer made in the 1940s and one made in the 2000s and compares their construction. Times have changed …

Oh, how I adore Mandi’s vintage-y outfit with its sheer sleeves, polka dot stockings, and floral lapel pin.

And from the Department of Random: Natalie Dee shares her grocery shopping list.

Additionally, The Bloggess shares a list of Valentine’s Day ideas for underachievers. Though I’ve gotta say I think writing “You rock my world” on boulders takes some commitment.

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links 1/25/13”

  1. Kate

    Thanks for linking me! Have been getting lots of lovely traffic from you today! Appreciate it!

  2. Chris

    I guess I’ve lived in away from towns too long. People, and by people I am including males because it sounds like some of them do it too, actually allow hot wax to be applied to their delicate parts? And they pay to have this done?

    I thought it was an urban myth. I learn something every day.

  3. PK

    I LOVE the site Men against Assholes and Misogyny. That just made my Valentines Day. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.