Lovely Links: 12/5/14

Weekly Kitten:


Harriet in the bedroom garbage can. Blurry, but hilarious.
(Do you see her lynx ears? DO YOU SEE THEM??!?!)

I am THRILLED to announce that I will be running the Shopping Tips channel for! Swing by weekly for new content, or sign up in the left rail to have new posts delivered to your inbox.

This post on developing positive body image within your family offers helpful, gentle tips for re-routing negativity. (Cheers, Gloria)

A rich yellow cable knit and pleated leather skirt make a marvelous, unexpected pairing.

A new breed of high-performance wool clothing is creeping into the market, and folks who live in cold weather climates (like, I don’t know, ME) have some wonderful woolens to look forward to. (Via YLF)

These pumps may be wildly impractical, but they’re still gorgeous.

How many times have I told myself that I would be kinder to myself, more loving, happier, finally relax, when … the lump disappeared from my nose, when I weighed X, when I was skinny, when my cellulite went away, when I got X award, when I became someone important, when I could afford X, when I traveled to X, when I could fit in these pants, when, when, when… And then I’d be happy.”

Kileen is still rocking amazing looks at 31 weeks pregnant, including this cozy blanket scarf and jeans outfit.

Great tips for finding warm, waterproof boots for fussy feet.

Defining the well-fed woman.

“Some people question the power of words, perhaps disguising it all as a joke, a carless remark, or a ‘helpful’ comment. But bodies remember so much, even when the mind forgets, don’t they? I know mine does, and it keeps letting me know.”

Over on Mad Mimi, I offered bloggers some tips on monetizing email newsletters in helpful, non-sleazy ways.

A simple black maxi dress with tan and cognac accents can be utterly stunning.

Thrilled to see that the gr.Dano folks have teamed up with Shoptiques and have their latest offerings available online – including the tunic from this week’s outfit post.

The designer of “normal Barbie” Lammily dolls is now producing stickers for the toys that include stretch marks, freckles, scars, acne, and tattoos. Many little girls love dolls that look like themselves or their family members, and adding features like these may make that even easier.

Australian TV host Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit on air every day for a YEAR and no one noticed. He did it to call out the dressing double standard applied to his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson.

“There are more women in the 50+ bracket than ever before and it’s abundantly clear that they have felt let down by the fashion industry.” (Via 40+ Style)

Some interesting scholarly input on normcore right here.

Matisse is such an underrated shoe brand. I love nearly all of their boots, but am just drooling over these studded ankle boots. Can’t justify the price, but also ogling these asymmetric ankle boots.

How do you balance a desire for novelty and variety in your wardrobe with a desire to shop less? (Via Recovering Shopaholic)

Not too long ago, Beverly moved from the West Coast to the Midwest. These outfits prove that a warm climate girl can learn to layer like a pro.

This roundup of glam plus size holiday dresses includes some gorgeous picks. Igigi is always a great resource, too.

Think of a size label as a very vague guide to a kind of approximation of how large or small a garment is. That’s it. It has no value, particularly nothing to do with what kind of person you are, and I know that you are fabulous.”

Can a new app help fight counterfeit fashion?

Natalie wears what is quite possibly the coolest, sexiest jumpsuit/playsuit/one-piece ever created.

Why it doesn’t make sense to call ourselves ugly.

Lindy West describes what it’s like to be a plus sized woman engaged to a thin man.

What does a “one size fits all” garment look like on a variety of body shapes and sizes? Answers in this post. (Thanks, Beth!)

This recent study on the motivations for and responses to the French burqua ban reveals some fascinating findings.

And from the Department of Random: Michelle MacLaren has signed on to develop and direct a Wonder Woman movie. FINALLY!!!!

Additionally: This week I remembered that I have a “liked” section to my Pinterest account where I put all my random, off-topic stuff. So many funnies in there. Including this seasonally appropriate one.

Also: Tassie devil populations are recovering. HURRAH!!!!

Finally: My new password

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/5/14”

  1. Melanie

    Ah, so many links, so many viewpoints. Fantastic. Thanks as always. Yes, I see those cute ears and I’m cheering for those little devils! Great news about Congratulations!

  2. Ruth Slavid

    Just read the piece about over 50s not being served by high-street stores. It includes this puzzling bit: ‘Marks & Spencer was the first retailer on the UK high street to launch spanx armwear to cover so-called bingo wings or flabby upper arms and enable older women to wear sleeveless dresses with confidence.’ So what? You have your vest poking out of your sleeves? Rather like having your Spanx knickers protruding below your skirt! This sounds hideous on anybody of any size of any shape. Obviously you could wear a sleeveless dress over a tshirt or whatever but the point then is that you would NOT be exposing your arms.