Lovely Links: 12/7/12

I’m looking at a work trip to Chicago from January 21 – 28. If you’re interested in booking a consult, please let me know! (San Francisco dates will likely be early May, Boston late September … more on those soon.) E-mail me for details.

There’s still time to order up my book in time for the holidays! (Also available at I Like You in Minneapolis and Garrison Keillor’s Common Good Books in St. Paul )

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At the beginning of her documentary, “Subjectified ” – which explores complex stories about female sexuality – filmmaker Melissa Tapper Goldman asks her interviewees, “Are you beautiful?”

Alissa rocks a gorgeous purple dress … and sends a message in doing so.

Barking Dog Shoes rounds up some comfortable, stylish shoes that accomodate bunions. This site rocks!

In the wake of several prominent women swearing off any association with feminism, this post asks, “Why are women afraid to call themselves feminists?

Puffin sweater. So cute. SO cute.

Additionally, keep my debit card away from this roundup of cat-themed sweaters.

Not a sequined dress kinda gal? Une Femme offers some more comfortable, casual-yet-festive options for low-key holiday parties.

I thought being fat was why I was so difficult to love, and difficult to deal with, and too deeply unhappy to manage the necessary and varied upkeeps of friendship and too sad to keep my promises. I lied a lot. So weight loss surgery cured me of all that! Now I am a glorious glimmering beautiful blessed angel with happiness in my heart shining brighter than the sun! Except not really. I lost a ton of weight, and I found that, expectedly, it is easier to be on the skinnier side than on the fatter side, both socially and in a concrete physical sense, in terms of actually fitting in the world. But it didn’t make me a better person.”

Meryl and Hillary are radiant. That is all.

Stephanie never fails to make all-black ensembles look sophisticated and complex.

Fave blog discovery of the week: “Qwear is a fashion blog for lesbians, queer women, transmasculine and genderqueer people, women with gender nonconforming styles, and anyone who can rock suspenders.”

Will you be setting any self-care goals for the coming year?

Gracey shares some tips for keeping your belt in place when they’re worn with skirts and dresses.

“… here is the thing that you must know: YOU are someone’s long end of the stick. YOU are someone’s ‘if only.’ What, you say. Impossible. But actually it is not just possible, it is true. Someone has looked at you across the way and focused in on some part of your fabulousness and said, ‘I wish.’ Perhaps even at the same moment you are wishing away your physical self.”

Monique’s schoolboy-themed ensemble has some fun, feminine accents.

In her new book, author Ilya Parkins examined Poiret, Dior, and Schiaparelli, the three designers she feels most influenced 20th century women’s fashion and design. Do you agree with her picks?

Further proof that magenta goes with everything.

Meet Internet sensation, Liu Xianping. This 72-year-old man in China has risen to fame modeling for his granddaughter’s clothing store, Yuekou. The clothes are designed for teen girls. Interesting commentary on gender and age as performance.

Check out these eight rad winter outfits that are totally thriftable.

Caitlin has a few choice words for the woman who launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish “a collection of images of women standing up against a society that protects fat culture while bastardizing thin and athletic women.”

Love this mix of neutral prints and on-trend jewel tones.

And from the Department of Random: An Auto-tune tribute to Reading Rainbow. Commissioned by PBS Digital Studios, no less.

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/7/12”

  1. jennifer

    This comment doesn’t really relate to the post at hand… sorry. Just wanted to tell you how much you have helped me through only a few days of reading your blog. I no longer blame me when things don’t fit. I tried the “turn away from the mirror” trick today and had the BEST shopping experience to date. I actually bought two dresses. Thank You!!!!!!

  2. Rocquelle

    SOOO many good links this week Sally!! I’m completely smitten with that 72 year old grandpa and wish he was my own :-). Thank you for sharing each Friday dear.

  3. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Purple dress, happier bunions, fantastic feminist writings, Gracey’s belts, fashion history, cute critters, and Liu Xianping! Love it all, as usual! Thanks, Sally.

  4. Anna

    They’re all wonderful — but most of all I’m enchanted by Meryl and Hillary. What a shining example of strong, talented, and accomplished women!