Lovely Links: 1/27/17

Weekly Kitty:

This week I purchased this object, which I believe is called an Interlocking Badger Bowl Holder. Simon and Harriet approve.

“Desperately Seeking Susan’s” Lessons in Thrifting and Thrills

Danielle makes the head-to-toe winter white look seem effortless.

The question should not be ‘how’ or ‘why’ fashion can be political, it should be: why isn’t it seen as such? Why is an interest in clothing seen as vacuous and shallow and those working within the industry as either vain or lacking intelligence & depth? And why is fashion–a form of art and communication–stripped of its political value when other forms of art largely do not come under the same scrutiny?”

The Curvy Fashionista rounds up more than a dozen plus-sized hosiery brands, including tons I’d never heard of before.

Been stockpiling some of my greatest hits posts in my Tutorials pinboard.

Love the bold brights in Samantha’s blue and silver ensemble – and the unexpected proportions!

This woman’s letter to her three-year-old daughter about her own struggles with body image is heartfelt and moving.

I love the look of satchels, but they don’t quite gel with my personal style so I’m constantly hunting for a satchel-handbag hybrid. This one might be the winner.

“We see self-compassion as self-indulgent. We see it as selfish. We see it as weak. Which is unfortunate because a) this means that we don’t practice self-compassion and b) self-compassion isn’t any of these things.”

Dear shaving commercials

Kellie’s “Wild Feminist” tee is calling to me. And the texture mix she’s worn it with is dynamite.

Grechen talks about truly great sustainable white tees. (My own roundup of opaque white tees, including specialty sizes, here.)

The fabulous Magdalena of Pretty Cripple is featured in this Buzzfeed article: 13 People Prove That Style Can Be Radical

Can Men Be Objectified By Women?

Angie shares tips for wearing cropped pants in winter. SO HELPFUL. I also recommend doing either cute patterned socks or dark neutral ones if they’re going to peek out.

Related: Alison rounds up ankle pants ideal for curvy cusp-sized women.

Café Noir is a fun and relatively affordable shoe brand carried by Yoox that’s made in Italy. This pair of chunky ankle boots is on my wishlist.

Always helpful, the Barking Dog Shoes team offers yet more picks for stylish shoes that accommodate bunions.

Just started following Beyond Classically Beautiful on Georgette’s recommendation. The site’s mission states, “We work to inspire, showcase, and uplift black women through beauty and style coverage focusing on the everyday woman.” LOVE.

I bought a used version of this Obey jacket on eBay and I am smitten. It’s puffy and voluminous, but buttery soft and fabulously warm. It has already become a fixture in my loungewear capsule.

Can’t remember if I’ve linked to these feminist fairy tales before, but they’re well worth another look/listen if so.

And from the Department of Random: These crazy bananas are for you.

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