Lovely Links: 12/9/11

Learning to love yourself and cherish your body can definitely be a long and winding road.

Shen looks smashing in brights paired with black.

“It is the opinion of some that as we age, we should become more conservative and not express ourselves in the same ways. I once had a woman email me to say that her grandchildren didn’t want her to dress colorfully any more.They thought that she was too old to wear clothing that would make her stand out in anyway.The problem with this is that the longing for personal expression, and the need to be creative don’t end at a certain age.” (Cheers, Lisa)

Check out this roundup of the best DIY trends of 2011. Maybe you’ll get inspired to tackle a few projects over the holidays!

These artful, pared-down layers are making me wish for a boxy sweater vest.

Take a peek at this slideshow displaying shoes of the very famous. Fascinating stuff. (Via YLF)

This recent article offers an overview of the ongoing controversy surrounding appropriated Native American design motifs, with an eye toward the financial implications and an exploration of how Pendelton figures in.

Tamia makes a turquoise leather dress work for work. And it looks amazing.

More great insight on the idea of so-called body “flaws.”

Who knew a polka-dotted midi skirt could look so utterly elegant.

“Why are so many of us capable of viewing everyone around us through a more liberated lens of beauty, while still holding ourselves to those same brutalizing standards we so decry?”

Always timely, Elissa shares great tips for successfully thrifting for winter coats. Durable goods like coats make GREAT thrift finds!

These fun suggestions for turning an oversized men’s shirt into two different dresses, two skirts and a chic halter top is a great reminder that garments and accessories can work beyond their intended uses. (Careful, the gal in the vid does a bit of flashing – NSFW.)

Here’s a great tutorial on how to apply the golden mean to dressing.

I’m intrigued by the concept of It’s a site where you can donate almost any goods to their partner charities, and sales proceeds go the charities you designate. (They’ll be adding more charities, from what I can gather.) They seem to have made it easy to use … would you consider trying it out?

And from the Department of Random: Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 12/9/11”

  1. Kate

    The third link from the bottom, the video for ‘turning an oversized men’s shirt into two different dresses, two skirts and a chic halter top’ is broken. 🙁

  2. Lauren

    HAHahaha!!! My siblings and I watched that video… me and my brother are still going around covering up our faces and going “nighttime…. DAYTIME!!!!”

  3. Anna

    Thanks for the shout-out! And biggest thanks for the always wonderful list. I look forward to checking this out every week! 🙂