Lovely Links: 1/31/14

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Jillian Mercado, a 26-year-old woman who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a child, is now modeling for Diesel.

The Budget Babe rounds up some fun and affordable picks in radiant orchid, Pantone’s 2014 color of the year.

Female friendships are a place we can share experiences only women go through, and ask for feedback. They’re proven to critical in the success of life-long partnerships. They’re one of the best experiences you can have in a lifetime. And I can’t help but feel many of us never achieve this type of friendship because we’re too busy comparing our lives to each other.”

What a difference proportion and fit can make.

Erica pairs her gorgeous hand-sewn silk dress with over-the-knee suede boots and a sparkly jacket. Dynamite.

I’ve been disappointed in most of the Banana Republic designer collaborations, but I have the feeling I’ll be all over the BR/Marimekko line.

Melanie has some fun with Photoshop in reaction to the Lena/Vogue kerfluffle.

This post outlines three steps the media could take to move us all toward a more body positive space.

Related: Creative resistance to objectifying advertising.

In researching an article this week, I stumbled upon this amaaaaaazing illustrated glossary of fabric prints and patterns.

Marie has a blast styling her graphic knit set with trendy high-top sneaks.

“Years ago I was intent on losing weight. It was my goal for a long time (essentially a decade). Today, I realize that’s not what I wanted after all. What I really wanted was to feel better about myself. What I really wanted was to feel more comfortable, confident and secure in my own skin … What I really wanted was to be more adventurous and independent and easy-going. And happier. A whole lot happier.”

Apparently, scratch and sniff jeans exist. This post explains how they work.

Responding to rude or inappropriate remarks can be so challenging. This post offers some advice and examples.

Layered milk jug rings – such a fun DIY idea! (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

This comic explores one woman’s journey from body shame and confusion to love and acceptance through the world of burlesque dancing.

The “column of color” concept is one that I use just about every day with clients.

Audrey looks lovely and elegant in her ballet-inspired dress.

“I knew I had told pregnant women before, ‘You look so tiny still!’ and meant it to make them feel good, so hearing that this made women feel as though you were being judged about their baby-building abilities or eating habits was an educational experience for me, and this made me think about how we talk about weight and bodies in general, to pregnant and non pregnant women (and men) alike.” (Via Yes and Yes)

This post rounds up more than 50 resources for tall and long inseam jeans. (Also see my specialty size resource roundup.)

A wonderfully uplifting read: Seven things to remember when you think you’re not good enough. (Via Yum & Yuk)

The Style Crone looks elegant as ever in her spiral maxi skirt and red hat.

We had a lot to say about deodorant use and rotation over on Facebook this week. Swing by and weigh in!

Thoughts on the idea of the “handsome woman“?

Great ideas for color pairings that bring out the best in navy blue.

Not financially sound, but hilarious no less: Hannah K. Lee’s Shoes Over Bills project. Yep. Been there.

And in other shoe news, this week’s Fox 9 Buzz segment was on boot height and leg flattery.

Mustard, black, and chambray is one of my favorite combos.

LPC reviews four pairs of boyfriend jeans, and proves they’re a trend that women of all ages can explore.

And from the Department of Random: Here’s a black tie moment for the ages. Wish I could’ve been there.

Additionally: I once asked my friend Andy if he could get me a copy of the song “Baby You’re a Rich Man,” which was somehow missing from my beloved Beatles collection. Never one to under-deliver, he created a two-disc mix set for me titled “Das Kapital” that included everything he had with money, rich, poor in the title. It included several that are included in this list of songs about money to listen to while you prep your taxes.

Finally: Driving around the Twin Cities over the past few weeks, this scene and music have been on an almost continuous loop in my head. Hats off to Carter Burwell for composing a beautiful, haunting melody that perfectly captures a Minnesota winter. (P.S. The King of Clubs, shown at the end of this clip? Actually in Northeast Minneapolis. Or used to be. Bulldozed years ago. FACT.)

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/31/14”

  1. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Thanks for the mention, Sal! I love Lisa’s review of bf jeans, and omg, the money music is embedded in my head now. “Take The Money and Run” and “Exodus” are classics from my heavy listening years!

  2. Sarah Vickers

    You do know that Baby You’re a Rich Man is on the Magical Mystery Tour album…which is easily purchased in stores.

  3. Melanie

    Fargo is one of my favourite movies. That’s a song I’ll enjoy having in my head all day.
    The glossary is wonderful. I like to know the proper names of things. Got any ideas about where to find a glossary of fashion terms, bell sleeves, darts, A-line, etc.?
    Your links always feed me for the week. I’m laughing about the Shoes Over Rent book. And thank you so much for the shout-out.

  4. Lisa

    Thank you so much. It was a surprising amount of work to try on those boyfriend jeans. Made me understand why I so often wind up in pants that don’t fit.

  5. Micki

    As a woman with an invisible disability, I love seeing people with all sorts of disabilities featured in advertisements. I’m just now catching up on reading your blog and am somewhat confused. You posted here about the Diesel model but a few posts ago, you weren’t happy about an ad campaign featuring what you called “differently abled” models. What is the difference? In my mind, being disabled, visibly or not, isn’t something you can control. Much like race, gender, height, etc. That makes me perfectly happy with ads or models that have those visible differences, not matter what reason they are featured for. If a black model can be on the cover of Vogue, why can’t a disabled model? There is a was a huge hulabaloo over Naomi Campbell’s magazine cover and I’m sure when Lauren Scruggs or another beautiful model that just happens to have a disability scores Vogue, there will be a big deal out of that one too.

    • Sally

      The difference to me is how the companies handled these campaigns. In the case of Debenhams, they seemed to have created a diverse campaign specifically for the purpose of gaining press attention for doing something different. In the case of Diesel, Jillian answered a casting call and although the campaign is getting press it’s happening naturally instead of because of how Diesel positioned themselves. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s there. I, too, am happy overall to see diverse women represented in ad campaigns, and especially to see differently abled women included in as many as possible. But when companies include diversity merely to grab publicity, I question their motives. It feels exploitative instead of supportive.

      Also in this feature I post links to thought-provoking and interesting articles I’ve found (or been sent) over the course of the week. Many of them clash with things I’ve said myself or linked to in the past because I am constantly mulling and reevaluating what I think and feel about these important topics, and because I want a variety of viewpoints to be considered and discussed in this space.