Lovely Links 1/3/14

“When developing personal style, it is all about dressing in a way that reflects what you value most. Skinny jeans, color blocking, whether or not a color is flattering are all fruitless things to concern yourself with if your wardrobe doesn’t first, and most importantly, reflect what matters to you.”

Angie’s footwear traveling tips are spot-on.

The NYT Trendsetter of the Year for 2013? Goodwill. YES!

Anoushka talks openly about what it’s like to live with alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss, often including the loss of eyelashes, brows, and body hair.

Such a simple, elegant, vintage-inspired winter outfit from Sophistique Noir.

In the spirit of my own outfit duds post – but funnier – Catherine posts her 2013 outfit shot bloopers and outtakes.

“However, the well-intentioned proposal that we arrest people who call other people fat presents a problem that extends beyond that whole constitutionality issue: it reinforces the idea that ‘fat’ is the worst of the worst. Of course, that is the story our culture tells us over and over in a myriad of ways. The way I see it, a push for the word to be added to the hate speech lexicon is essentially an admission that we’ve bought that story hook, line and sinker.”

This comic offers up a little gender role reversal and touches on modesty, responsibility, and blame.

In case Radiant Orchid isn’t ringing your chimes, here’s a breakdown of the other colors Pantone is loving for Spring of 2014.

Absolutely adore these nine small ways to build a better body image.

If you missed my interview on WGN Radio Sunday night, you can hear the whole segment right here! Huge thanks to Amy Guth for having me on.

Love this long sleeveless blazer layered over a lacy white dress – that is some ninja-level layering, friends.

Barking Dog Shoes gives us four dress shoes that accommodate orthotics. Bless those gals for their ongoing efforts to help the sore-of-foot!

“Prominent Asian film school Whistling Woods International released a YouTube video on Monday, exactly one year after the horrific rape case in Delhi that became international news and drew global attention to violence against women in India, that turns the tables on men who ogle women in public. The film shows four scenarios where women are subjected to the ever-pervasive male gaze while going about their daily lives, whether talking with friends or just riding the bus. But then a reflective surface, be it sunglasses or a necklace, turns these gazes back on the men themselves. ”

This pleated, semi-corseted, asymmetric dress is simply incredible.

Rashida Jones dishes out some fascinating commentary on the pornification of … well, everything.

This diagram of neckline shapes is incredibly helpful.

In this week’s Star Tribune, I talked about ways to style tall boots, mid-calf boots, and ankle booties.

And from the Department of Random: I’ve been struggling against sadness for weeks now because everything I see, hear, and read seems to be overwhelmingly negative and disheartening. Bless Mental Floss for rounding up 11 solid reasons to be optimistic in 2014. And Cheryl for sharing these uplifting videos.

Even MORE random: Obviously I’d love for you to follow me on Twitter, but you might also consider this person who writes “hot local singles” SPAM with an H.P. Lovecraft twist, and, of course, Kim Kierkegaardashian, who merges Kim K’s tweets with Kierkegaard’s philosophies.

Finally: Eight snowmen/snowpeople/snowcritters you wish were in your yard.

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links 1/3/14”

  1. sabine

    Reading about your sadness bouts: both my sister and I – me with Menopause depression, she and her self-help group with postpartum depression – have found lavender oil capsules very helpful (and a natural remedy). If you google this, you’ll find there are several studies to support findings of the beneficial effect. Maybe that helps.

  2. Aya in Couturgatory

    Ooh, I love the piece by Rashida Jones and the YouTube video. I also hadn’t come across And I Get Dressed before- new blog to follow!

    Thank you for the Sally bump. 😀 I am always honored. Would you believe folks in the blogosphere like the dress a lot but my family gives it (along with most of my fashion choices) the ol’ sideeye? 😀

  3. Katxena

    I’m one of your consult clients. When I got in touch with you, I only ever wore black skirts and solid colors. You helped me get more comfortable with more colors, textures and patterns. You wouldn’t believe what I wore today! A black and silver brocade floral skirt with a gray and black leopard print shirt and a black open-front sweater. Still a lot of black, but wow. All those patterns and different shades, and the sparkle from the silver. I was totally badass, not just in the way I looked, but the way I felt. I was powerful. I was me. Don’t be sad. You’ve had a tremendously positive impact on my life.

    • Sally

      I’m THRILLED to hear you’re having such fun post-consult, K! Thanks for your incredibly kind words and support.

  4. Olivia

    Great round up! I really love Rashida Jones’ piece. Query: “sleeveless blazer”, isn’t that a vest? 😉

    • Sally

      Hahaha, could be! Though I’ve seen the magazines using “sleeveless blazer” especially for the longer, boyfriend styles that are less like the vest you see with three-piece suits.

  5. Donna Cameron

    Sorry to hear about the sadness – I empathise! Interestingly I’ve just read through your collection of Lovely Links to give myself a lift, and it worked 🙂
    Thanks for being inspiring, and like minded, as far as I can tell.

  6. Bridgette Raes

    Well thanks for including a link to my blog post! It took me a minute to realize that you quoted me. Thanks!!
    Happy New Year!

  7. K


    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling blue. I can relate to your comment on how lots of things these days are downright mean spirited and negative. Why people invest time/effort on tearing others apart is beyond me. There are so many choices of fulfilling activities that keep our bodies and souls happy and healthy, that seeing folks making these choices makes no sense. Why not volunteer at a local food pantry/youth organization/animal shelter/religious congregation? Why not spread goodwill and make a difference in another living being’s existence? Keep on doing what makes you happy and fulfilled!!!

  8. Anat

    Sally, thanks for sharing about your sadness. When I read things like Rashida Jones’s commentary I feel so helpless and it just seems so badly f***ed up and hopeless. There are voices like hers but they are barely putting a dint into this huge crazy machine around us. I am trying to find a place of positivism in me and detox myself from all the negatives. I think less media exposure and more positive, creative “off-line” time is part of the answer on a personal level.