Lovely Links: 1/4/13

Always looking for more visual guidelines to mixing prints, and this chart has some great tips.

If layering button-front shirts beneath sweaters feels too bulky, consider a dickey.

Over on Facebook, I shared images of what I wore to a recent family funeral, as an illustration of this older post on how to dress for emotionally significant events. (You can also see what I looked like during my week of nasty flu!)

Bra sizing is always controversial, but this guide comes highly recommended.

Amid the crush of body-related resolutions, consider checking in and reflecting on your body image state.

Peter asks should you wear the colors that make you happy or the colors that flatter you most? (My answer: BOTH.)

I stumbled upon Heartbreaker Fashion this week, and am lusting after dozens of the pin-up-inspired designs.

Lilli’s fab floral frock has me daydreaming of warmer temperatures …

This list of 10 ways we body shame each other without realizing it was certainly eye-opening.

Yet another fabulously minimalist outfit from Stephanie. So elegant!

Considering my recent hat-related confession, I was intrigued by this post full of tips on how to wear hats with confidence.

The two women behind Vancouver-based noise band MYTHS talk with Worn about fashion, feminism, and music.

Since I’m a relative newcomer to her blog, I loved Tipa Tipa’s roundup of her favorite vintage-tastic outfit from 2012.

High Plains Thrifter shares a tip for removing lipstick stains from clothing.

I loved Imogen’s tips for finding your 2013 style.

Check out this tribute to the groundbreaking style of the women of the Harlem Renaissance.

Eternal*Voyageur has reviewed and is giving away a copy of my book!

Before you let the current crop of “new year, new you” fad diets and exercise regimens get you down, read this post.

Denim and sparkles offset each other perfectly.

In its Room for Debate section, the NYT hosts a discussion on whether makeup hurts self-esteem, with seven panelists weighing in.

And from the Department of Random: Here is a guinea pig wearing a sombrero.

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/4/13”

  1. Chris


    Forgive me but with rare exceptions, I don’t like pattern mixing. Am I sartorially challenged? You betcha! But that’s OK with me. I go for what suits me rather than what’s trendy.

    I don’t mean to laugh at your flu discomfort but your photo is hilarious. Of course it’s not because you were ill but because of how you staged it. Another thought. Although I know they were tissues, they bring to mind giant popcorn.

  2. Elspeth @ The Layman's Guide to Beer

    Thank you so much for the bra sizing link! I’ve found a handful of bras that are comfortable, but upon just my first look I’ve found a solution to a problem I have. (my straps often slide down and apparently it’s because the band is too loose, not because the straps are.) I also have a friend who has tremendous difficulty finding a good fitting bra and I plan to refer the link to her.

  3. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Sorry for your loss – kindest thoughts to you and your family. This year’s “plague portrait” is sad-funny and dear! I loved Peter’s Male Pattern Boldness post and seeing Lilli featured here as well.

    However, I found the responses to that NYT survey on makeup / self esteem much more relevant and interesting than the thing itself, for example articles by Meghan Murphy
    and Amanda Marcotte

    Thanks for another great link round-up, Sally! I enjoy this weekly feature.

  4. Anna

    Best bra sizing site I have seen in a long time. As a plus-sized woman who needs excellent support, I have always found it impossible to strike a happy medium between having the underwire poke out in the center and going without an underwire and accepting the inevitable droop. Lots of choices and good instructions on this resource. Thanks, Sally! (Oh, yes, and I loved the artistic arrangement of all your used tissues…like a garden of gardenias or maybe water lilies floating on the floor.)

  5. MargeauxB

    I can’t believe you linked to that prints post–she’s using other people’s work without permission (British Vogue with no named photographer?)! Bad idea, not covered by Fair Use.

  6. SamiJ

    Thanks for the body shaming link which has for me beccome recently relevant as my body shape has changed. I’ve received many comments that could be summed up as family/friends saying “You don’t look like me, so here’s a negative comment.” Body shaming is always about how the commenter feels about their body. It is never really about the person they are commenting on, yet it still hurts to be on the receiving end.

  7. Sunny Penner Cox

    Glad you linked to Breakout Bras! It was here that I began to think that the road to conquering my back pain might lie along the journey to justifying expensive lingerie. I just ordered from BB for the first time this year, and they cheerfully entered into a full-scale ADVENTURE in helping me determine this nursing mother’s current size and I found the perfect bra (did not know such a thing existed) for far, far less than the department stores and European Bra Fitting Salons assured me I was in it for! I am so grateful to them for their excellent customer service, and to you for always being there at the end of a frustrating week with a nice bouquet of interesting ideas to consider. Hope the new year brings great things!