Lovely Links: 1/6/12

If you’re working on any style-related New Year’s resolutions, consider checking out the Already Pretty Self-Guided Mini Makeover! It’s a fun and affordable way to work through some major style questions.

Totally loving Girl Next Door Fashion. And not just because she’s a Brit who misses Duluth.

Absolutely key to making changes in your self-image: Believing that you are worth the effort.

Great tips for utilizing a gift card to a store you dislike.

“Lisa Bloom and my friend Kate make the same mistake of embracing a false dichotomy that says we can either talk to girls about beauty or talk to them about books, but not both.”

I dig this citron maxi skirt in a big way.

Over at The Frisky, I outlined five reasons to wear color with color AND seven reasons you should consider offering compliments to total strangers. So many reasons.

I stumbled upon Lovely Fatties just last night, and I’m already smitten. (Not safe for work.)

“Here’s how halving my wardrobe changed my life: I am always caught up on laundry. It takes me about half as long to get dressed. My outfits are a million times more colorful and creative. Old pieces have become new favorites. I look into my closet and am inspired and excited, not overwhelmed. My beautiful clothing is displayed with the care and pride it deserves.”

These sculptural dresses made from bright, bold textiles are making me swoon. What I’d give for that long-sleeved, full-skirted frock! Must learn to sew …

Because you can absolutely never have too many, here are six more ways to tie a scarf. Loving the knotted loop.

Nobody does brights and black like Allie. Seriously.

In her series on nutricosmetics, Autumn says, “I’m wondering if nutricosmetics are being touted as a route to a sort of ‘inner beauty,’ serving as a modern-day extension of Renaissance ideals of beauty and inner goodness.”

Both of these classic, ladylike ensembles are as chic and gorgeous as they can be.

One of my favorite blogs that has been on hiatus for ages, is back! Check out Omiru for inspiration, advice, and eye-candy.

Very excited about the new blog, I’m Feminist Enough to …, which aims to redefine feminism for women of color worldwide.

This mix of rust, teal, and plum is simply lovely.

“… there’s so much more to life than the way we look and so much freedom in letting that go … This is not the same as not caring about oneself, but rather about focusing on the myriad aspects of being human that have nothing to do with how we assemble an outfit.”

This is a bit more work than the other links, but I highly recommend subscribing to The Moth podcast so you can hear Aimee Mullins’ story about her prosthetic legs, her running career, her modeling career, and her incredible journey to self-love.

Still lots of tickets left to the Strong, Sexy & Stylish event: 9 Steps to a Happier You.

And from the Department of Random: So jealous of this gal’s skill. SO jealous.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/6/12”

  1. jesse.anne.o

    Hmm. I read that Lisa Bloom book and I don’t know if I would interpret her message the same way those folks did. While she does mention not to focus *only* on complimenting little girls’ looks, I think she just meant it as a red flag to check yourself that that’s not the ONLY thing you’re complimenting them on. For many people (myself included) it has been a default compliment for little girls. I think the part he cites where she tried to stay away from the topic of looks during the conversation with the little girl was specifically for counterbalance of lookism in the little girl’s life, not to make her life devoid of speaking about appearances forever.

    From what I recall she only mildly goes into deconstructing conventional expectations of female appearance in the book but she does definitely admit and recognize that she cares about a feminine appearance but – in keeping with the premise of the book – that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to know about the world at large and be able to discuss its dynamics, people and abstract concepts as well. A lot of what she goes into is just being cognizant of what you value and making sure you make time for that over the things you do not value. And, as a woman, making sure that you are checking out whether you’re being unduly influenced by female role models who *are* only concerned about appearances.

    While I liked the premise, I didn’t love all of the book but I just don’t think that post represented what I thought Lisa Bloom was saying. If that was true, she would have eliminated all of the parts of the book where she speaks about personal care and appearance.

  2. Elspeth @ paper armour

    Seriously thank you for posting that link about complementing strangers. I’ve been meaning to get into the habit of this, because I daily run across a stranger or two I can complement.

  3. Amy

    A truly fantastic roundup. The Bloom article has been on my mind all year–and that response has pinpointed my problem with it (I was the undergraduate girl in heels in my graduate poetry seminar, and yes, the professor commented). That whole scenario is probably what led me to start a style blog about academia in the first place. Allie is better with black/color than anyone I know, indeed! Lovely Fatties just made my day. AND, I have just written “tiny acts of bravery can lead to bigger ones” on a post-it to put on my mirror!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Charlotte

    Thank you so much for the link love Sally! It means such a lot to me.
    Give Minnesota my love- I miss it so much!

    Charlotte x

  5. Autumn

    Thanks for the link, milady!

    And !!! on the eyebrow girl! I always scoff at the whole “girls playing ukelele on YouTube” thing but girls doing cool tricks on YouTube I’m all for. (Once spent 20 minutes of my life looking at videos of girls beatboxing. Amazing, that!)


    HAHAHA, I was in such suspense after your build-up of the video and it definitely delivered. My favorite part? The girl chillin’ in the back with her back turned, completely unaware of the situation.