Lovely Links: 1/6/17

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A rare moment of cuddling.

The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better

“While it’s refreshing to see fashion houses casting diverse and differently abled models to star in campaigns and walk the runway, the battle for inclusivity is far from won … If we really want to see the revolution on the runway, more brands must take the leap to actually creating specifically for the one in five people in our country living and thriving with differently abled bodies.”

A very wise aesthetician recently told me to switch to this VivierSkin cleanser, and I’m loving the super gentle, non-foaming formula. (Little did I know that my Aveda cleanser was loaded with alcohol!)

Loved this list of where to buy responsibly made pajamas

Danielle folds two trends – dark florals and over-the-knee boots – into this marvelous outfit.

Tomboy Toes is a small e-commerce startup that sells formal dress shoes in styles traditionally sold in “menswear” departments, but made available in sizes intended to fit women, trans men, and non binary people with smaller feet.

Nina is killing it in her moto jacket, metallic skirt, and bold red pumps.

If you’re Frye-obsessed like me, but on a tight budget, be sure to check Etsy. The site is brimming with gorgeous vintage Frye boots and shoes.

Speaking of boots, snow boots that are actually comfortable are tough to find – the Barking Dog Shoes team rounds up their picks for snow-friendly pairs that will keep your feet happy.

(A tough but rewarding read, disordered eating discussed.) “I’m going to start getting dressed in the dark and stop dropping paychecks at Sephora. I’m going to approach every person, every interaction—faceless—and demand they laugh at my jokes and notice how warm, how intelligent, and how kind I can be. I’m going to start being better and it’s okay if I don’t look good while doing it. Also, I’m going to eat the melted chocolate bar I just found in my backpack and I’m not going to feel bad about it or chew like a lady. I’m giving up this civil war raging inside my body.

This angle-hem top has a chic abstract print, is made in the U.S., and available in sizes 0X – 3X.

5 Tips for Self-Care in a Culture That Glorifies Stress

Jeniese teams her leather pants with a utility jacket and leopard heels. LOVE.

“If I can’t stop people from staring at my fat body and deciding it is wrong, I can reclaim this staring by deciding that it’ll be directed to blue hair, glitter, and black lipstick.”

There are some great basics and fun accent pieces – including some Prairie Underground! – in LISSA the Shop’s final sale section.

I love how honest and detailed Debbie’s gray hair grow-out posts are. In a recent update, she rounds the seven-month mark and talks about her challenges and progress.

Imogen points out that a Vogue UK article declaring breasts/cleavage to be “out” isn’t just wrong, it’s damaging.

Une Femme discusses the concept of style baggage, saying, “I think of style baggage as a set of beliefs and attitudes that sometimes hold us back from dressing and visually expressing ourselves as we’d like.

Loads of bursting-with-color Desigual scarves are on sale now.

Diane looks dynamite in her yellow stripe-accented wide-leg trousers.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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