Lovely Links: 1/9/15

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Weekly kitty:


The inside of my laundry basket is SUCH a fun place to play.

New Year’s Eve may be long gone, but this easy up-do is still a great one to have on-hand for fancy fêtes.

The Lane Bryant/Lela Rose collaboration preview looks stellar. The draped skirt and watercolor blouse are my faves.

As Meadham Kirchhoff announces that they won’t be showing at London Fashion Week in February, Susie Bubble questions how a label that that has critical acclaim, feverish fandom and beautiful product, finds itself unable to carry on.

How fun is this print-mixed menswear-influenced outfit? For more inspiration check out Lola Androgynous – this skinny leather tie outfit blew my mind.

This DIY detachable shearling collar could be used applied to faux fur or any other thick, cozy material.

“[Naomi] Wolf’s argument is that as women have gained social, economic, and political power, societal pressure to adhere to strict beauty standards has increased as a powerful alternative to silencing women by keeping them distracted. ‘Women who love themselves are threatening,’ she writes, because our patriarchally developed, media-driven self-hate is our most controlling oppressor.'”

This marvelous poem is titled, “A love letter to my stretch marks.” (Drawings of nude female forms with this post, be aware.)

Reader Tina shared the Eureka! Pants System with me, and I wanted to pass along the info, especially to you sewists. It’s a fitting system that helps you customize your pants to your exact shape, including butt and crotch areas which are often overlooked for fitting issues.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz, I shared some winter shoe care tips.

Holy moly, Stephanie’s sequined ASOS Curve Red Carpet sheath dress is amazing.

The documentary “Teenage” sounds like a fun one. “[It] includes never-before-seen archival footage that depicts real teens and their voices: from Swing Kids, Subdebs and Bobby-Soxers and other subcultures.”

Why is Ann Taylor offering you 50% off on Thursday, 80% off on Monday, and 10% off new arrivals on Tuesday? Dynamic pricing.

I still can’t quite break away from my everyday rings, but dang, these geometric silhouette rings by Objcts are tempting.

Jean offers some tips for styling an oversized poncho.

“As much as we don’t want the fashion choices of the world’s incredibly influential and important scientists to necessarily overshadow their scientific achievements … you’ve got to admit that wearing a dress decked out in sequined examples of the very neurons you helped to discover is ridiculously awesome.”

Imogen shares a totally brilliant trick for figuring out if you’ve got long, average, or short arms.

Can’t quite believe it, but I’m starting to mix some gold jewelry into my collection. This spike pendant was on super sale at Nordstrom when I nabbed it (sold out there now, sadly), and this geometric necklace is calling to me now.

The Riveter presents its picks for the 11 best long-form pieces of 2014, including this fascinating history of the Styles section of the New York Times.

Nashelly adds badass accents to a simple, chic outfit. Love the results.

“Although vision plays an important role in this (mostly) negative and damaging process, the looking occurs in everyday settings and the narrow messages are often verbal. Mass media images reinforce rather than initiate this punitive process. That is why interventions meant to encourage body confidence in girls and women should prioritize family and school settings. Dove ads are like band aids slapped on after the damage has been done.”

Huh. There are rumors that J.Crew gave Jenna Lyons a slap on the wrist for her self-promotion efforts.

The Curvy Fashionista shares her picks for the top 20 breakout plus size personal style bloggers of 2014. So many great reads on her list.

29 people explain why it’s important to love what you see in the mirror, right now, today, just as you are.

And from the Department of Random: If you touch a baby bird, will its mom really abandon it forever?

Also: Chicagoans, you should totally tune in to WGN at 11 p.m. on Saturdays to hear my smart, stylish, hilarious friend Amy‘s show, RedEye Remix. Everyone else can listen live here.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/9/15”

    • Sally McGraw

      I hadn’t – thanks for the link, Elizabeth! I can’t wait to see “Selma.” Martin Luther King, Jr. is a hero of mine and the film looks amazing.

  1. fashionforgiants

    Great tips on the poncho styling. Ponchos are a piece I have a lot of trouble with for some reason. Thanks for sharing!