Lovely Links: 2/10/12

Autumn’s two-part series exploring the meanings of and emotions evoked by the word “glamour” is a definite must-read: Part 1 and Part 2.

I’m a sucker for an outfit that includes both bright pink and vibrant orange.

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, this investigation of modeling and “emotion work” seems especially relevant.

This e-reader article discusses how fashion bloggers earn money from their blogs, and includes an interview with me. You can also view it as HTML.

Elissa muses on what it means to be – and look – cool.

Patricia shares her observations as a plus-sized woman traveling in Paris and London. French and English readers, any other insights about the plus communities in these cities?

My favorite self-proclaimed Recovering Sweatpants Addict rocks a citron tunic and robot necklace.

Please do swing by the Already Pretty Facebook page to check out this amazing conversation about courage in style, courage in body love, and courage in general. Have I mentioned lately that you all AMAZE me on a regular basis?

The exploration of the named garment and its implications is downright fascinating.

Both of these ensembles prove that ladylike and funky can coexist.

Since I got my taxes done today and am feeling a bit broke, I’m eyeing up these nine places to nab free beauty product samples. Hey, “with purchase” can mean something bitsy!

Danielle explores the role of the belly in art, history, and fashion through the ages.

“I would argue that our culture puts women in a double bind when it comes to clothing and comfort. Prioritize comfort over style and you’re labeled slovenly or apathetic; prioritize style over comfort and you’re seen as shallow and frivolous.”

Tanesha looks absolutely radiant in her soft coral blouse.

The Citizen Rosebud shares a list of 40+ style bloggers that she adores.

Huh. Apparently, v-neck cardigans look dead sexy worn backwards. Who knew?

“I felt like it ought to bother me, having been raised in a society where nicknames based on physical characteristics are not generally nice things, especially for women. And yet I sort of like being gordita.”

Monochrome blues + pattern mixing = awesome.

I contributed a few ideas to this article for keeping your outfits fresh if you work from home.

And from the Department of Random: Why did I drag my husband to Australia back in 2005? Mostly because of these guys. (OK, and the wombats. And devils. And pademelons. And platypus. And tawny frogmouths. Seriously, you Aussies have the BEST animals.)

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/10/12”

  1. Meg

    Wombats are my favourites. I love their solid stocky barrel bodies and fat bottoms. But you all in the States and Canada have bears! – from Sydney.

  2. TinaPete

    Wore a cardigan backwards this week with a little vest over it. Used to do this in Junior High all the time in the ‘sixties.

  3. Autumn

    Thanks for the links! I had a lot of fun doing the glamour bits and am glad you found them interesting.

    I used to wear deep V-neck sweaters backward in junior high, of all times to be fashion-forward. I don’t know if I’d try it now, though. My god, am I less fashion courageous now than I was then?

  4. Becca

    Oh, thank you so much for including me in the links round up, Sally! You make me blush, dear one. 🙂