Lovely Links: 2/1/13

Since I’ve been getting a number of repeat questions in comments and via e-mail,
I FINALLY got around to creating an FAQ page. Please take a look!

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I’ve got an upcoming speaking gig in which I’ll be discussing
the intersection of style and body image!

Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well:
A lecture and Q&A by author and blogger Sally McGraw

February 23
2 – 3:30pm
St. Frances Cabrini Church, 1500 Franklin Ave SE, Minneapolis
$20 at the door ($10 for ASG members before Feb. 12, $15 after)
Sponsored by the Minneapolis/St.Paul Chapter
of the American Sewing Guild – huge thanks to the ASG for making this possible!

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And don’t forget that my book is still for sale – print, Kindle, iPad, and Nook!

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Did you know that The Smithsonian has a fashion blog? It’s called Threaded, and includes such fabulous topics as the history of sequins. (Via Moda Veloce)

If you’ve ever hit the thrift stores on 50% off days, you know it can get pretty hectic. Here are some tips for shopping calmly during half-off days at the charity shops.

Want to add some sparkle to your office-friendly looks? Here are some realistic ways to rock sequins during the day.

If you head over to Facebook you’ll see that my transformation into John Bender from the Breakfast Club is finally complete.

Headed to (or living in) San Francisco? Check out Tomboy Tailors. “The 1,100-square-foot shop will stock bespoke and ready-to-wear, dapper suits for women, inspired by the lines, detail and tailoring of men’s suiting.” (Cheers, Nancy!)

Turns out, one amazing skirt can change how you feel about style and your figure.

Although I never really believed it had fallen out of favor, it seems that plaid is having a moment in the spotlight. And I’m totally on board.

BeauCoo is a newish site that bills itself as a body positive community for women that matches users with women of similar sizes to make it easy to shop and share. Their blog has some fun posts, too – love this one about powerful petites.

Speaking of petites, Kelly looks smashing in polka dots and tweed.

Highlighted by The Feminist Wire, Jamilah Lemieux, News & Lifestyle Editor for, says of her work, “Among our biggest victories? The fact that we are a Black site taking on LGBT and women’s issues. And there’s no rage about this, these are our most widely-read stories.”

Would you try hair chalk? Low-risk, all fun!

Burgundy, leopard, and studs in a single outfit? Yesssss.

“But here’s the good thing: regardless of my age or my looks, I am still ME. The me who likes stripes and plaids and polka dots, who loves the pairing of brown boots with a grey dress, who prefers odd accessories and quirky styles.”

I feel like this method would create some serious closet bulk, but am still intrigued: How to hang a sweater without stretching the knit.

Une Femme proves that layered necklaces can look subtle and chic.

Although I’ll never agree to a time-based closet culling rule, I can get behind Susan’s other guidelines for deciding if a garment should be donated or kept.

Autumn gives her take on Rosea Lake’s skirt length photo that’s been making the rounds (think I linked to it a few weeks back), and explores the age-related implications.

Lisa mixes tweed and gingham effortlessly and stylishly.

In advance of her book Punk Style, Monica Sklar has published an article titled Punk Dress in the Workplace. (Click on the PDF icon at right to download the complete article.)

“I hate taking a handful of items in a store’s largest size into a dressing room and not being able to close any of them, so that I walk away feeling like I am just too outsized for clothing, all clothing, that I literally don’t fit.” (Cheers, Steph!)

Roisin showcases yet another gorgeous dress she made herself. And her knickers. Gonna click through now, aren’t ya?

And from the Department of Random, Canine Division: Do you dare brave the Black Hole of Cuteness? And on a related note: 21 Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are. Actually it’s been a really rough week, so let’s make it three. Bandit is my hero. (Thanks to Ashley for this one!)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/1/13”

  1. Sara

    Beware the hair chalk! A blonde lady that works in my office used some pink hair chalk that she bought in a hair salon and a month later it’s still very bright. Absolutely cannot get the pink streaks out.

  2. Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

    Sal! I’m with you- plaid all the way- but somehow it is having a moment, isn’t it? I am stoked (as well as wearing two plaids, one stripe today) and leopard. And whoever just made my day rocking gingham and tweed needs a Nobel Prize for snazzy. Yup. Have a great weekend!

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve had at least one plaid shirt in circulation since I was in first grade. Can’t get enough of it, really.

    And, are you trying to kill us with cuteness with those dog pics? One of my favorite pictures of me ever is of me laying on the couch and my 100lb dog laying on top of me, pretending to be asleep, so he could avoid getting a bath.

  4. Lindsey

    I love your blog!!! Love all of the valuable things you write about women and self esteem. I also love this video! I have a red nose 50 lb. pit bull, Mia, who is the love of my life. Pit bulls get such a bad wrap and she is the best dog ever. Thanks for enlightening our world:)!!!

  5. poodletail

    Merci mille fois for the Smithsonian “Threaded” link. I learn so much from you, Sal.

  6. Rachel

    Woah, you read my blog?! I’m so flattered! Like I seriously did a double take seeing my blog name on your site.

  7. Victoria MacLean

    Hi Sally, thanks so much for the BeauCoo mention in your blog post, looking forward to reading your blog!! -Victoria, cofounder of BeauCoo