Lovely Links: 2/12/16

LOCALS! I will be hosting a fundraiser for the
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Leaders of Today and Tomorrow
at the Uptown John Fluevog store!

There will be raffles, treats, demos, and if you donate to LOTT you get to take home a piece of jewelry from my collection.

This is a ticketed event, all proceeds to LOTT – get your tickets here. Don’t delay, it’s a small space so tickets are limited.

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Weekly Kitty:


Trying out a new bedspread.

All-black layers, all elegance from Stephanie.

“The only rule you shouldn’t break is to have fun with fashion at any age, and the most important style tip of all is to to be patient with your style. It takes time, energy, resources, a good sense of yourself, a positive attitude, and several retail seasons that are in line with your style preferences to build a wardrobe that you’re happy with.”

Alice does a great job of bracketing her mixed-print outfit with pops of burgundy.

Well look at that: We now have petite, tall, and curvy Barbies, as well as a variety of new skin tones and hair textures. Sadly, Hello Barbie still has some stereotypical leanings.

Loving your body isn’t a one-step process. I wish it were, but it isn’t. You can’t decide, today, that you’re going to love your body forever and that’s that. But you can do something just as important: today you can decide to try.”

On I shared tips for tracking down your perfect tee shirt style.

Evereve has become my go-to spot for personal shopping clients looking to up their casual style game. The stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s funky and arty, and they carry several made-in-the-U.S. lines and a handful of organic ones, too.

Jane’s luxe grey layers and faux leather skirt create an outfit that’s sophisticated and cozy.

I’m so tempted to poke fun, but as a sufferer of Itchy Winter Shins, I find I cannot: Guess has made jeans that moisturize your legs as you wear them.

Lots of cute options in this roundup of orthotic-friendly boots.

Rochelle is ready for spring in an outfit with mixed prints and blush accents. Also adore Cheryl’s blush pink, feather-and-sparkle ensemble.

“Courtney Demone, a transgender woman who lives in Victoria, Canada, has started a campaign called #DoIHaveBoobsNow? Demone hopes the experiment will both help challenge the western sexualisation of female bodies and highlight how social networks categorise trans and non-binary people.”

Five fun faux braid tutorials from Hair Romance

This leather and silver bracelet is sleek, unique, and affordable.

Style is about you, your personality, body, colouring, lifestyle. It’s not a prescription that can be given to you by a stylist. Sure a stylist can help you discover your style, but it should be an inside-out process not an outside-in one. This is why so many ‘makeovers’ don’t work, as they are someone else’s vision expressed on that person, rather than a discovery of who the person is and how that can be reflected authentically through their appearance.”

Jessica shares her power outfit recipe – what’s yours?

I finally made my way through the Spring/Summer lookbooks, and pinned most of my favorite designs, in case you’re curious!

Do you all follow the typical guidelines for when to throw out your makeup?

‘You’re so skinny,’ became a judgment about everything I was doing or not doing to heal, but it exposed more about the speaker’s own body image than what they saw in front of them.” (Disordered eating discussed)

How to create a wardrobe you value

I’ll always adore the yellow, black, and red combination for bold, graphic outfits. Other bold colors like purple and turquoise are fabulous for shaking off the winter doldrums, too.

Creating a self-acceptance verb list is an easy way to support your own body image journey.

I blame The RealReal for sparking my current obsession with Yigal Azrouël. Asymmetry, leather, and a ridiculously cool aesthetic. Also stalking pieces on eBay.

Love hats on others but fear them for yourself? Peek at this post for encouragement and tips on how to enjoy wearing hats.

“I don’t know the fear, embarrassment, and/or anger that comes with unwanted sexual attention. A not insignificant part of me wishes I did, though. I’m not just exceptionally lucky, or exaggerating, or somehow oblivious. I’m a wheelchair user: a visibly, physically disabled woman. And my wheelchair acts as a strange sort of forcefield. People register ‘disabled’ before they register ‘woman’ and the former always overrides the latter, because in our ableist society, a disabled body is necessarily a desexualized one. ”

Gina talks frankly about the politics of wearing a cheongsam as a mixed-race woman.

Rowan is a vision of elegance in clean-lined gray and black.

And from the Department of Random: Meet Mulan, the short-spined Peruvian mongoose, and Kayak, the Mongolian bush tiger.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/12/16”

  1. No Fear of Fashion

    Thanks for linking to my yellow, red, black outfit. Although I think my new jeans dress is so right up your alley. More than the long wide black skirt.


    Thank you so much for linking to my outfit again! I’m very glad you like it! I love Stephanies outfit as well by the way, that hat looks amazing on her!

    PS: Your kitty is cute <3


  3. Courtney L.

    Itchy Winter Shins

    Oh gawd, do I ever have this issue. I have scratched my shins until they bled more than once. I moisturize like crazy, but they are still itchy & flaky. This year, I bought one of those brushes for scrubbing your back, and I use it on my lower legs 1-2 times a week. It helps me a lot. It cuts the baseline itching down to a level where moisturizing will make them not itch (or itch at such a low level that I can keep myself from scratching.)

  4. Katja Stokley

    Sally, thank you so much for the diversity of your links. I know many fashion bloggers do their best to showcase a variety of ages, styles and body types, but you’re the only mainstream blogger in my feed who ever links to disabled women’s stories. Kayla ( ) is spot on – since I’ve started using a wheelchair, I’ve never been cat-called (or panhandled, for that matter). I think visibly disabled women experience a different kind of street harassment – the unwanted healing suggestions, the unwelcome prayers.