Lovely Links: 2/13/15

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Box inspector Harriet is on the job. P.S. This article about the feline box obsession.

Love this fantastic take on a casual Valentine’s Day outfit.

The holy grail of shoes for many: Flats with arch support.

Feel like neutrals are classy but dull? Here are eight all-neutral outfits that are anything but boring.

“When the average customer hovers around a size 14, and the plus-size market is growing in numbers, casting a net towards the so-called ‘in-betweenies’ might be the way to bridge the gap for plus retailers. Hey Gorgeous is one of the first online retailers to enter this specific space, but as interest in the market grows, it might not be the last.”

Sewists are you reading Seamwork? This phenomenal online magazine has tutorials, patterns (for sale), and stunning photographs featuring wonderfully diverse model.

Wow. Check out the pixel hair coloring trend. (Via Hair Romance)

Such a great way to style a smaller, square scarf.

So many of us love black but it doesn’t quite love us back. Here are three simple ways to incorporate black garments into your outfits even if it isn’t your best color. (My suggestions – many of which overlap with those put forth by Imogen’s post – here.)

On the Fox 9 Buzz this week, I offered some tips for styling slouchy pants.

How can one shoe have so many things going on at once? Boggles the mind.

“Fashion incites because, uniquely, it displays deeply held beliefs and bodily secrets, using materials optimized for attraction and surfaces. We say who we are when we dress, even if there are things we try never to say at all.”

In September, Athleta will launch a designer collaboration with Derek Lam. (Via YLF)

Gracey’s cape is incredible, and she looks incredible in it. The end.

I recently switched to this Tarte brow pencil, and I’m thrilled with it. Spoolie brush end, self-sharpening with a tiny but sturdy point, goes on easy and looks natural.

“… using singular they is far more than a way to respect friends who have gender identities outside the binary. Singular they has exciting potential to be part of a radical shift in the dominant gender culture. Changing the culture may seem like a mighty task for one little pronoun. But actually, it wouldn’t be the first time that a pronoun was near the center of a momentous cultural shift.”

How helpful is the maxim “Buy what you love” in curating a versatile wardrobe?

Even a fit-and-flare devotee such as myself can appreciate a great sheath, and this riff off the Black Halo Jackie O dress is a truly great sheath.

Darlene reports in on the state of the big bust clothing landscape. Interestingly, she says that the American market is drying up while European markets are holding steady or expanding. Check out her Clothing for Big Busts resource page, too.

This minimalist wardrobe FAQ is FASCINATING. And I love that it delves into the misconceptions that minimalist wardrobes must have less than X pieces and that you must dress in a minimalist style to have a minimalist closet.

Vaguely related: Natalie talks about why she loves having a small wardrobe that’s mostly stocked with basics.

22-year-old Karlie Kloss and 93-year-old Iris Apfel co-star in the new Kate Spade campaign.

My dresses are languishing right now, but I’m still tempted by this simple, elegant A-line knit dress. Well played, Gap.

‘Female’ as a noun erases the subject—making ‘female’ the subject of the sentence. In the most technical sense, it’s correct, but by employing this word that is usually an adjective as a noun, you’re reducing her whole personhood to the confines of that adjective.”

The top five reasons we hold onto clothes we don’t like, want, or need.

I’d heard that editors have declared the age of the skinny jean to be over, but not yet heard of the replacement style for it-denim fans: The “strinny.” Yep.

Do you engage in tiny rebellions when it comes to style or body image?

Some of these garment and accessory examples are a little obvious – yep, that’s definitely a bra – but I totally geek out over infographics like this.

On I offered my picks for high-quality tights and rounded up some online tools for sale and markdown tracking.

Basic self-care isn’t just an indulgence. It is an act of survival. It helps you function better, be better, feel better.”

What a fantastic way to style a faux side-shave.

Musings on the smear-ability of lipstick, and how it reflects the expectation that women wear makeup but pretend that they haven’t.

Alyson offers her tips for wearing leggings in a grown-up way. I loved this quote from the piece, “I cheer on anyone who wears clothes others have deemed unsuitable for older women, to whom leggings are a two-fingered salute in fabric form.”

For its February/March issue, BUST magazine featured models from ALDA, a coalition of models pushing for more body diversity.

Is couture relevant? From a marketing standpoint, it just might be.

Another great question that stands unanswered: Are we over The Red Carpet and its associated sexist pageantry? The Mani Cam snub has sparked discussion.

I’ve been craving a leather bag that looks beat-up in just the right way. This Frye bag would be it, if it didn’t cost a small fortune.

Oh Alison, you are so smokin’ hot in your black jumpsuit.

A short history of women fussing with our eyebrows.

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/13/15”

  1. Lisa

    Thank you Sal. Of course, I thought of you, when deciding I needed to tell the Internet, for their sake and mine, about getting UTIs from skinny jeans. Seriously. Shame is overrated:). <3

  2. Ginger

    One good thing about dresses at The Gap is that they often make them in Tall. If the regular is shorter than you’re comfortable with you can order tall.

  3. crtfly


    I thought that was a joke shoe. It’s for real and is sold at Bergdorf Goodman. $898.00 for a plastic shoe. I just don’t get it.


  4. Melanie

    I pick up something new every week here. There’s always something that provokes a strong reaction. Thanks.

  5. Asher Sadik

    Calling women “females” is entirely ordinary among African-Americans (men and women); the Jezebel piece betrays a limited sensibility.