Lovely Links: 2/15/13

Wondering what can and should be tailored? This post outlines the basics of which alterations are common and easy, and also has some great visuals that show how tailoring can drastically change a garment.

“The most ‘inauthentic’ female entertainers should be heralded as celebrity spokespeople in the crusade against impostor syndrome because their shape-shifting is so visible, and because they’ve accrued so much wealth and power as a result. But the fact that these women all found success after changing themselves is used as a way to discredit their work.”

A brushed gold statement necklace and wide-leg white trousers make this outfit dramatic and chic.

This flowchart for selecting colors that flatter your complexion is simple and straightforward.

Leave it to Megan to track down a shirt printed in shoes with spats on them. Such fun!

When it comes to fashion, then, women are socially shamed no matter what we do. Don’t engage at all? There are entire television series dedicated to making you over, since you clearly lack self-esteem. Do a little shopping but at cheap low-end stores? You look ‘trashy.’ Buy pricier items and enjoy it? You’re shallow and materialistic.” (Also see the counterpoint: Can Fashion Fix Fashion?)

A hairdo archeologist challenges the belief that ancient, ornate coiffures were wigs. (Via Skepchick)

On the running list of Things I’d Like to Borrow From Other Bloggers, we have Alison’s gorgeous blue leather jacket. Zounds.

This post is chock full of advice, guidelines, and loads of links to further information about pant lengths and figure flattery.

Do you have a personal mission statement? Alex offers some ideas for crafting a personal manifesto, which can be an amazing way to boost self-esteem.

Love the shape and print of Cheryl’s romantic brocade blazer.

Ragen states very succinctly an absolutely vital message about fat shaming: “Even if weight loss was very easy for every person, it’s not OK to stigmatize, shame, humiliate or oppress fat people.” Other message from her post? Weight loss is NOT easy for every person, and even those who lose weight through dieting frequently gain it back.

Just like Lisa, I’m fascinated by the intarsia knit trend. Dodo sweater, anyone?

A media fast – even a short one – can work wonders on your confidence and self-image.

I adore polka dots, but am even more charmed by dot prints that are a bit more abstract than geometric.

Did you see Helen Mirren’s pink hair? Peter opens a discussion about unnatural-looking hair colors and age-related norms.

Even if you don’t give a hoot about what’s coming down the runways, this Pinterest board of Fashion Week Street Style may be fun to peruse.

I identify with some of these more than others, but it’s certainly an interesting list: 24 Lies People Like to Tell Women.

Never would’ve thought to combine nautical and punk elements, but love the results!

Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall blogger Kjerstin Gruys’ book is available for pre-sale now. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy, and friends, it is STELLAR.

Check out this fabulous list of 75 ways to show yourself some love today.

I’m head over heels for this vintage-y ensemble that combines black, pale blue, and magenta. Such a great combo!

“My whole life I’ve been told that my face is too full to rock the pixie bob haircut I’ve always wanted, or that my chest is too flat for tube tops, or that my body is too short to wear all the vintage clothes that make me happy. So for the longest time, I hid my body under ordinary clothes and resisted the urge to come home with ones that I really wanted or loved.”

It’s possible that this is the coolest ring ever designed by humans.

Bright pants are a great way to add some fun to a winter outfit. Especially when paired with a leather peplum jacket.

In this touching post, a simple act of kindness and empathy makes a difficult shopping trip a bit easier. (Cheers, Nancy.)

And from the Department of Random: Goats (and sheep) yelling like humans. I’m sure some of it is fake, but it is still hilarious. And slightly creepy.

Additionally, you’d better use the other door.

And, finally, if you’d like to see Simon Kitty attempting to hatch mitten kittens, you can do so here. (Gotta credit DeeDee with coining “mitten kittens.” Brilliant.)

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/15/13”

  1. Claire

    I’m always confused by those seasonal color categories because they all seem to leave out those of us who have a mix of warm and cool tones. The only advice I’ve ever seen is “you’ll look good in every color!” which just isn’t true…

    • cecelia

      Agreed! I look great in colors out of each of those categories, and horrible in some of the ones that always get recommended for me. I also don’t fit neatly into any category.

  2. Alison

    I am always so honored when you link me in your Friday round-ups because I swear Sal, you are the best at scouring the web for the coolest, most inspiring or thought-provoking things! Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, and if we lived on the same side of this country I’d surely loan you my jacket! 🙂

  3. Judy Carpenter

    You really do grow on me. I didn’t realize how much good stuff you say till I read that you had written a book. I’m sort of a picture looker and didn’t read blogs all the way thru often. And I’ve missed a lot. You taught me that. I’m so glad you are a blogger. I’m learning a lot about being OK with my looks. Thanks.

    • Sally

      You are so sweet, Judy! Thanks for your kind words, and I’m thrilled to hear you’ve found my book and blog helpful.

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I adored Helen Mirren’s pink hair. And no, I don’t need to copy it to admire it, but I don’t see anything age-inappropriate about it. Go Helen! And thanks for a great round-up, Sal.

  5. Oh to Be a Muse

    I noticed I was getting all this traffic from your site today, so I had to see what was going on at Already Pretty! Thanks for featuring me in your links roundup for this week. So happy to hear that you love my blazer! I actually got it from H&M about 2 years ago.

  6. Lisa

    Thanks for including me in your Lovely Links round-up! I still have my heart set on that dodo sweater.