Lovely Links: 2/17/12

This brilliant gal has compiled available information and created an algorithm that might just help you figure out which size you actually wear at which retailer. Be sure to read this post for explanation of the project. (Cheers to everyone who sent this my way!)

Nothing like a chic hat and structured bag to make an ensemble look marvelously ladylike.

Check out this fascinating project that explores gender and embodiment by photographing men and women exchanging outfits and poses.

Not only does Jessica share some utterly gorgeous boudoir photos, but she speaks frankly about how she struggled with and overcame her fears of posting them.

“It’s okay to have buyer’s remorse; such a feeling means you are that closer to knowing your personal style. Admitting a sartorial mistake is a sign of growth, a lesson on what not to do or purchase in the future.”

Such great, simple tips for moving yourself toward holistic self-love.

These just might be the best bridal party dresses ever created. And wow, does bride Lilli look lovely, or what?

“The thing about self-love is that it’s become a bit of a buzz word, as in something that everyone talks about but no one really makes very clear, and to the self-love-novice it can be difficult to know where to begin.”

Why do we wear clothes that don’t fit to our bodies? Many and varied reasons.

This post on the body image benefits of sensual and sexual pleasure really struck a chord. (We did a Strong, Sexy & Stylish podcast on the same topic recently!)

Keri shows another marvelous way to tie and wear a square scarf.

“How sad to hold on to a shirt that doesn’t fit me anymore because it reminds me of a particular kind of fun I used to have. Why not find a new shirt, one that looks fantastic and promises fun, and wear it for all the new adventures I want to have?”

Sometimes it can be hard to tell sexual empowerment from validation-seeking.

Sometimes a tattoo can be so much more significant than ink and symbols.

Dressing creatively is so much fun, and if I stuck to what made me look thin and young, it sure would be boring, and I certainly wouldn’t be very happy.”

These tips for supporting and helping a friend who is wrestling with body image or eating issues are incredibly helpful.

Autumn interviews Sister Nancy Ruth, a nun from the Order of St. Andrew, about beauty, fashion, and the inherent femininity of a habit.

Some sound advice for making skinny jeans work for your body shape.

And from the Department of Random: What this week really needs to round it out is a video of a kitten and fawn snuggling.

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/17/12”

  1. Emi at Project Swatch

    I always really love your link compilations – I spend a TON of time online, but you always include fascination and thought provoking articles and pieces I haven’t seen yet!

  2. Kaffesoester

    As always lots of great links. My favorite this week is the top one, what size am I. What a brilliant idea, I think she should be paid for it.

  3. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    I am silly-smiling at the best bridal party dresses–those cheerful flowers are so gorgeous and HAPPY! Perfect for a wedding day.

    Also loving the chic hat and structured bag (and darling dress, too!) Love that she titled her combo “The Great Gatsby.” It’s perfect!

  4. Autumn Whitefield-Madrano

    That Sociological Images post is great. More than the clothes what gets me is the way that the people just…stand differently.

    I remember taking an acting class in college where we drew names of classmates and were supposed to observe their physical habits–how they stood, walked, sat, etc.–and then we’d perform them and people would guess who we were pretending to be. The person who drew my name was this very fragile-looking, petite woman, and I remember thinking as I watched her pretend to be me (not knowing it was supposed to be me) that she seemed so timid and shrunken into herself. I got quite upset when I learned she’d been watching me and that that was MY posture–seeing it on someone whose body sort of naturally exaggerated the timidity of my physical stance made me realize how shrunken I’d actually been. (I’m 5’7″, broad-shouldered, sturdily built.) It’s sort of the same thing–seeing it on the “wrong” person calls attention to how odd the physicality is in the first place.

    Thank you for linking to the interview with Sister Nancy Ruth. It was great to present the thoughts of someone we don’t often hear from.

  5. Grace

    I love love love your links.

    The “what size am I” guide, I know, is not YOUR project…
    but there are NO retailers in her algorithm that deal with me, not even Old Navy USA, which is just not accurate. I know, I should post that on her site.

    I think it’s an AWESOME idea…and would maybe be even more helpful for someone to develop for “non-standard” sizes…. whatever THAT means.