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Simon still enjoys our luxurious pillow setup.

I Didn’t Need A Partner Or A ‘Perfect’ Body For Boudoir Photos — And Neither Do You

In an industry dominated by thin, cis, white bodies, it can be difficult to wade through to find intersectional blogs and influencers in the beauty industry. With that in mind, Rosewater shares some fabulous Instagram accounts that focus on beauty and makeup that break through the stereotypes of beauty standards, including bloggers of various skin tones, faiths, and gender identities.

Bianca resists the social pressure to “elongate” her figure with heels, embracing comfy flats instead.

Prabal Gurung used powerful slogan tees and a diverse cast of models for his Fall 2017 show finale, making a strong statement.

Dawnn Karen can tell you what you should wear and why you want to wear it. The 27-year-old Karen is a fashion psychologist—the only one in North America—and one of the youngest teachers at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).”

Loved seeing Danielle with all the cool kids on “the wall,” enjoying herself at Pitti Uomo.

Saskia embraces blush pink for the Valentine’s holiday. And Melanie layers pale pinks and grays for a gorgeous late winter ensemble.

Elton John is writing a Devil Wears Prada musical.

Rose and blush are trendy colors for spring, and the Barking Dog Shoes team has found a great group of super comfortable shoes in these shades.

“I look down at the red scales on my arms today. They’re itchy and thin. Letting go of the momentum of treatment [for psoriasis] terrified me. It was a regimen I’d had for two-thirds of my life. That dream of clear arms. That discipline. That belief. But taking a deep breath, putting lotion on my body and knowing that people are going to see my scales today has given me more peace than the 20 years of treatment.”

Hoda explains why Shepard Fairey’s most recent We the People image is problematic for her as an observant Muslim woman who wears hijab.

Did you know that alcohol is in most moisturizers? An aesthetician told me that even my beloved Aveda All-sensitive has alcohols in the formula … but I just can’t give it up!

Motivated by Octieber and determined to combat the world of gendered clothing, Lucy Rycroft-Smith tried menswear for a month and documented her findings.

Over at GoDaddy Garage, I talk about why it’s important for entrepreneurs to pay themselves a salary.

What Happens When You Include Your Eating Disorder On A Medical Intake Form

Nina makes faux fur look fresh with badass black accents.

Anthropologie is one of the only mall stores that stocks made in the U.S. items, which right now include this stunning black floral asymmetric skirt and these cool cargo joggers.

Love, love, LOVE this comic that celebrates the many ways to be androgynous.

“The makeover narrative has seeped into the corners of everyday life, crystallising a series of seemingly commonsense ideas about what it means to be a ‘good’ person. In makeover culture, looking good doesn’t just equate to feeling good. More profoundly, embodying physical beauty testifies to the fact that one is good; it becomes a means of realising one’s potential and of being true to one’s authentic self.” (Via YLF)

3 Ways Parents Can Boost Their Daughter’s Body Image

Grechen shares where to buy modern-looking hemp clothing.

Baseball jacket, graphic tee (namedropping some literary giants), and sequin pencil skirt. What a great combo.

Confession: I am so sick of $100+ shoes that fall apart after 8 months, that I’m slowly replacing most of my boots with Fryes. Nabbed this gorgeous pair of Vera Strappys on eBay a couple of weeks ago and I’m in loooove.

Were colonial men obsessed with their calves?

Femvertising shouldn’t have to be a term. We really shouldn’t be in a situation where all advertising is so un-feminist and so degrading towards women that there is a term for advertising that simply depicts women as powerful.”

Asymmetry, creative layering, and a moto? Love everything about Nadine’s amazing outfit.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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