Lovely Links: 2/19/16

I will be hosting a fundraiser for the
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Leaders of Today and Tomorrow
TONIGHT at the Uptown John Fluevog store!

There will be raffles, treats, demos, and if you donate to LOTT you get to take home a piece of jewelry from my collection.

This is a ticketed event, all proceeds to LOTT – get your tickets here. Don’t delay, it’s a small space so tickets are limited.

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Weekly Kitty:

World’s fastest game of hide-and-seek.

“Because our culture teaches that women’s bodies and faces determine our worth, and that only certain rare bodies and faces are worthy of anything good, people who want empowerment for women are stuck in two conflicting groups. The first group is fighting for women to be valued as more than bodies to view, while the second group is fighting for more women’s bodies to be viewed as valuable.”

Chioma rocks the Victorian trend with a twist in her blouse and leather skirt outfit.

This winter I’ve embraced turtlenecks with open arms. Mine are thrifted, but I keep an eye out for the Land’s End tag since I know it means durability.

Stephanie shares several recent videos she’s made about fatness, confidence, and diversity, including one in which she shares her story of suffering from depression and how mental illness is perceived within the Afro-Caribbean community.

Beata’s ribbon and flower tie is such a fun accent for her classic blouse and trouser combination.

Watch these students at a high school in Chicago react to being told they’re beautiful.

“These eight plus size wedding gown designers are helping to alleviate a bit of the frustration plus size brides feel. With sizes that can range from zero to 32, they’re letting all brides know that no matter their body size or shape, there’s a wedding dress perfect for them.”

Red leather moto? Yes, please! Love how Folake has styled hers.

On GoDaddy Garage, I wrote about the friends and family discount conundrum.

Danielle sure can rock a bow tie.

Don’t know how they do it, but Alternative Apparel’s Eco Fleece is the softest material I’ve ever worn. Like if cashmere and French terry had a baby.

When I transitioned at 30, I entered a world I didn’t understand. Though I have always had a stray guy friend here and there, it wasn’t until I became one that I really experienced ‘Hey, brothers’ and side hugs and now, this rowdy, good-natured group of jocks. Without a boyhood, I don’t quite know how to translate the camaraderie, how to find the right teasing note when I joke around, when to ask a guy who’s bleeding if he’s okay and when to leave it alone. I am not sure how to be my whole self anywhere: The queer bar isn’t my world anymore, not exactly—and this isn’t, either.”

You Look Fab highlighted two takes on maternity wear: Could rental businesses make dealing with maternity clothes less costly and frustrating? Or is designing “investment” pieces mean to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy the way to go?

So fun: Four unusual ways to wear a white button-front shirt

Beth, your outfits are amazing. This one in particular, but also all of the others. That is all.

“For people who are gender nonconforming, finding clothing that fits properly and makes them feel comfortable can be difficult. To help, Sky Cubacub created the Rebirth Garments clothing line. Cubacub said they created two sides of Rebirth Garments for ‘queercrip’ people—one for those who identify as gender nonconforming or nonbinary and the other for disabled people.”

An Open Letter: The End of the “Female Bassist”

Gracey shows off her advanced layering skills. Also Katha has been killing it this winter with her creative layers.

What are you holding on to in your wardrobe and why? This post helps you suss out the reasons, and decide how to proceed.

Flattering your figure in traditional ways does NOT always need to be a dressing priority, as Grechen points out.

I’ve been lusting after one of Foxtail’s gyroscope necklaces for years, and now she’s designed one that spins on three axes!

Love how the lines of Khatu’s over-the-knee boots, moto, and asymmetric sweater interact.

AP contributor Nadine was interviewed over at Sister House!

On I wrote about fine vs. costume jewelry, the best transitional pieces to buy, and where to shop for quirky, personality pieces.

We’re still eager to ameliorate the equation of beauty and vanity with that of beauty and goodness. But we’re not particularly eager to replace the former equation with the latter. Cynically speaking, there’s profit to be made from keeping vanity at the fore; if beauty is only goodness, what happens to Maybelline?”

And from the Department of Random: If you enjoy laughing and have access to Hulu, I HIGHLY recommend Moone Boy. Hilarious, charming, and quirky – my favorite combo. Credit to my Mom for recommending this show to me.

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  1. crtfly


    What a great article about the trans person who learned to be a boxer. Thanks for the link.