Lovely Links: 2/21/14

“Somehow, by some ill-advised stretch of imagination, I thought this process would be easier for me. Why? Because I was going to design clothes for me, the plus-sized girl who loves fashion but, like many others, becomes annoyed and nauseous at the prospect of actually shopping for it.”

Might not think a metallic leopard print mini skirt would be elegant, but oh my goodness, is it ever.

Thanks to Hayley for pointing me toward Design Seeds, an AMAZING site for color pairing inspiration.

Loads of cute options in this post about stylish shoes for bunions.

“Here is the truth: when someone tells you that you are not enough because of your hair, your eyes, your weight, your height, she is judging you based on what she believes to be true, what she has prioritized, what insecurities she nurses.”

I love every detail of this sophisticated outfit from the elegant peplum top to the orange accents and bold lips.

This tutorial shows how to make a ruffled maternity belly band from t-shirt or a bit of knit material. (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

For most of my late teens and early 20s, I had severe anorexia, and it wasn’t always so easy to push perfectionist thinking aside and recognize that society-at-large’s messages that I needed to “be better” were actually super harmful and ruining my life.”

Beverly provides inspiration galore in her roundup of casual outfits. Swooning over that fisherman’s sweater.

Thrilled to hear that Getty Images has launched the “Lean In Collection” in partnership with, featuring more than 2,500 photos of female leadership in contemporary work and life.

Who knew camo could be so glam?

Seven reasons dressing your age is overrated. Love these images. Super Kawaii Mama also shares some thoughts on the cultural myth of age-appropriateness this week.

Beloved plus size line Eloquii – formerly a sister brand to Express and The Limited but now under new ownership – is back after a hiatus! And there was much rejoicing!

This week, one of my current online clients introduced me to Ureshii, a small, woman-run company that creates custom garments by hand and from scratch. From their site: “We make clothes to fit your body. We do not make garments in standard sizes only, we choose each pattern piece based on your information. This includes lengths and depths, not just relative width of the garment. This means that we adjust for every measurement you give us. We sit down together and go over your measurements and general body type.” AMAZING. And my client says the clothes are fab.

Anna explains how her yoga practice has provided her with a body acceptance blueprint.

A new company focused on producing TV and film projects about and led by women may help bust through the “celluloid ceiling.” I loved Zoey Deschanel’s recent commentary about separating out “female entertainment” as a practice that works against gender equality, but also see the value of supporting women-driven stories in any way possible.

Check out this helpful roundup of vendors that carry full-figured bras.

I’ll take a Little Red Dress over an LBD any day, and love Erica’s gorgeous frock that she sewed by “frankenpatterning” several dresses into one! Amanda wears her gorgeous red dress for a Valentine’s night out.

HM picked up a gorgeous pair of Grenson brogues when we were in London, and if I could borrow them from him, I would. (Oxfords aren’t quite my bag, so even though they make women’s styles I don’t think I’ll invest. Just admire from afar!)

Trends are sticking around longer these days, as evidenced by this list of 12 continuing trends from the Fall/Winter runway shows.

Marie looks marvelously edgy in this leather paneled fit-and-flare dress from plus size designer Ashley Nell Tipton.

“To untangle from this furious frenzy we need to see feminist work less as being about individual perfection and more as a practice, one that incorporates uncertainty, mess, the vulnerability of genuine engagement, evolution and community.” (Via Geek Feminism)

Just when you’ve got it all sussed out, your coloring begins to change as you age. This follow-up post on understanding undertones is incredibly helpful, too.

Fashion Online Learning Domain (FOLD) is a collaboration between Marist College and Betsey Johnson to help students gain real-world learning experiences through engagement with their peers, professionals, and scholars in the fashion industry. You can sign up for online courses and participate in the community here. (Cheers, Garrett!)

Sheila pairs lemony yellow with bold houndstooth for a funky-but-classic ensemble.
Here are three simple methods to break in new shoes. Anyone tried the first two? I typically go with cushions and time. And, therefore, blisters.

And from the Department of Random: A little local love for the Purple One: Every hairstyle Prince has ever rocked.

Additionally: David Attenborough narrates Olympic curling.

Finally, BUNNY STAMPEDE. (Cheers, Gabriel):

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/21/14”

  1. A.B.

    I wish I could get behind the “lean in” phenomenon but I just can’t. I think it minimizes and even erases the extra challenges that women of color, women living in poverty, women who are single parents, etc. have to face in the work force.

    But on a positive note, I am so glad that Eloquii is back. I bought 2 t-shirts from there right before the brand went kaput and they are the best shirts ever. Looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer now and hoping that they have some stylish career wear for plus sizes.

  2. Kris

    I love Ureshii. I have a couple dresses and a skirt from them, and they are amazing and wonderful. The black bamboo can fade (it’s the nature of the fabric), so don’t wash it on warm like I have. 🙂 Of course, I’ve had it for about 5 years and have worn it regularly, so that might have something to do with it!

  3. Cee

    Why do you tend to link to curvy or plus-size bloggers for the outfit inspiration links in these lists? It feels very calculated and intentional to make sure you have the appropriate size and racial diversity with the bloggers you feature (yes, I know Jean is a petite blogger, but just speaking to your tendency). Or you seem to celebrate plus-size offerings and cute workout wear for plus-size women, etc. with a zeal that seems strange and disingenuous for someone who is firmly not plus-size. This is coming from a plus-size reader, myself.

    • Sally

      Like you, many of my readers are plus-sized women. I know this because, like you, they tell me so. I link to them here because I want the people who read this blog to feel included and represented. I write about plus-sized garment options mainly because my readers request them. I do it mindfully in an attempt to reflect the diversity I see in the real world. If you want to call that “calculated,” that’s your prerogative. This post will tell you more about my reasoning and perspective:

  4. Robin

    Hey Sal, regarding custom clothes: I’ve found a few excellent sources on Etsy. My favorites are a made-to-measure coat (usually a special challenge for me) and custom leggings in my short length with a very comfortable waistband. The prices were higher than in many stores but not at all outrageous for the options I chose, and because the items fit so well, I wear them all the time. Etsy might be worth a post, especially if you can get particular stores recommended by readers.

      • Robin

        I love the “metallic” (shiny) black ones I bought from Origami Customs, and to a lesser extent the “roll down” pair I got from them in a matte grey, because I don’t like the waistband of that one as much as the first. Unfortunately the prices have gone up in the last few months, but I might get more anyway, as the waist of the shiny one is amazingly comfortable, with no squeezing or pinching, and because they’re custom they fit perfectly, so I end up wearing them all the time.

        The seller was responsive and helped me through fabric options, and I think that level of responsiveness made me more comfortable with the whole idea of ordering custom, pricey (for me), and online. And I bet she’d work with me to make one in the same “shiny” cut that I like but in a non-shiny fabric…one of these days I’ll spring for another pair.

  5. Tagatha

    Thank you so much for the Design Seeds link! I always have some trouble figuring out colour combinations and this is a great resource!

  6. Abi Tiki

    Hi Sal!
    Love those brogues…and your blog!
    There are so many tempting metallic leather shoes around at the moment, and yet I can’t find much information about caring for them.
    Would you consider doing a post on caring for metallic leather?

    Thanks for all the inspiration.