Lovely Links: 2/24/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon has taken a part-time job as a pirate. (Photo by HM)

More than a little envious of Mary’s olive leather pencil skirt!

“For Iris van Herpen, technology is not an afterthought but central to her approach and vision. The Dutch couturier, who’s renowned for her extraordinary 3D printed dresses, focuses on the transformative power shaped by technology. By experimenting and innovating, Van Herpen not only pushes the boundaries of fabric and craftsmanship but also the boundaries of couture.”

The Telegraph weighs in on menswear brands that are great for women’s figures, too. They’re mainly UK brands, but some ship worldwide!

Cyn brightens up her late winter look with a bold yellow coat and bright orange bag.

As someone who is always, ALWAYS cold if her neck is bare, I enjoyed e’s ode to the classic, basic turtleneck.

Wide-width shoes in small sizes? Yesssssss!

Chastity rounds up a few of her favorite plus-sized sports bras.

Somewhat related: 12 Ethical Bras That Put Comfort First

Aaaand also vaguely related: Looks like Hanky Panky is making organic cotton panties in plus sizes! Woot!

“Shoes? How would shoes make me feel better? But I sensed that it was something more. Maybe it could only be in footwear so ‘unordinary,’ so resplendent, so beyond what I’d worn before, that I could take a step forward, then another step, even dance again.”

Has the trend of white hair on young girls and models made it more chic/acceptable for women whose hair is naturally white to go natural?

Jane tries out the pleated skirt trend in a gorgeous camo-print maxi. Ranti styles the same skirt here!

Queer-owned gender neutral underwear company TomboyX released a powerful video featuring androgynous model Rain Dove.

Jean shares some clever ways to layer subtly and keep warm in cold temps.

A tough but important read about invisible disability (discusses suicidal ideation): “To those of you tangled in an invisible illness, may you be seen, may you be heard, may your suffering cease, may your heart be unguarded, may you be loved, and may you be at ease. To those of you who love us and don’t know what to do: we love you, we need you, hold our hands, wipe our tears, hold our tea cups when they feel too heavy, and do what you need to do to take care of you.”

Kellie is my layering hero once again, doing a one-shoulder top over a striped button-front shirt. Brilliant.

The advantages of V-necks. (There are many!)

“Just because I don’t fit the stereotypical image of a gym rat, people have trouble believing that I’m actually an athlete. And while I love myself and all, the constant disbelief is starting to wreak havoc on my self-esteem.”

FoxLark is one of my favorite Etsy shops for jewelry that straddles the line between Boho and edgy. Yet to purchase, but seriously eyeing this long obsidian pendant.

Mo mixes two types of stripes with leopard print and absolutely slays.

Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio will be featured on Vogue Paris’s March issue, making her the title’s first transgender cover star.

If your personal style is sporty and you’re hoping to incorporate some sustainable pieces, Toad & Co. and prAna do some great organic cottons, and Athleta has started to incorporate recycled fibers into many of their designs.

“… self-love is a practice, or, many practices. i have written about these practices before and just want to say: practices take time. more than 21 days, more than 3000 reps, even more. practices for self love are like casting a spell in your body, waiting for a seed to open, accumulating the speed of flight.”

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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