Lovely Links: 2/27/15

Weekly kitty:


Smooches. (First seen on Instagram.)

Here’s a sampling of what happens when #askhermore actually hits the red carpet.

Related: 12 Women Who Had the Perfect Response to Sexist Questions (Via Capitol Hill Style)

I had an absolute BLAST talking with my friend and colleague Anupama Pasricha’s class on Sociocultural Aspects of Dress at St. Kate’s this week – photo evidence here, including my signature wild hand gestures.

In that class we talked about makeup and expectations, and I pointed out that I had on BB cream, concealer, powder, blush, brow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara which constituted what fashion mags call no-makeup makeup. In a new video series, Molly Soda explores the inherent absurdity of dropping tons of money on looking “natural,” and questions the very concept of how we define “natural.”

Laura’s reversible two-plaid scarf looks stylish and cozy.

Are high fashion designers devolving into aggregators?

This post provides food for thought about identity and professional dressing norms. I enjoy changing up what I wear from occasion to occasion and environment to environment, and I think that doing so shifts my emotions and focus in constructive ways. But I can see how – for those who are disinterested in style as an expressive medium or who feel confined by dressing expectations – it could feel very constrictive. (Cheers to Mollie for the link.)

Holy crap do I ever want to hang out with Shugs & Fats. Here, they explore how to spot a feminist on the street. Hilariously.

Audrey’s bold outfit shows how bright colors and deep blacks can work beautifully together.

“It’s 2015, and — surprise, surprise — women in the legal profession continue to be judged based on the merits of their outfits instead of the merits of their legal arguments. Over the course of the past five years, women have been lectured on “what not to wear” by bar associations, Biglaw firms, law schools, and even federal judges.”

I’m a seasoned Amazon shopper, but this was news to me: Amazon has a coupon page and a hub called Gold Box Deals, both of which show you some of the best bargains on the site.

Jewelry can be extremely powerful, emotional, and sentimental.

Frustrated by recent online slurs against groundbreaking plus-size model Tess Munster (AKA Holliday) by other plus-sized women, Shay asks her readership, “How is it we say we want to see women on the larger side of plus, but when we do, we don’t like it?

This week’s Sudden Death poll pitted red against blue. Loved the responses!

Anyone ordered from SmartGlamour? They did a truly diverse NYFW show, every item is fully customizable from XXS to 6X, and they have a popup shop planned for March 6 in the East Village.

Carrie Brownstein muses on how your city of residence can affect your style.

Tortoiseshell hair. It’s a thing. Apparently.

In my Star Tribune column, I talked about utilizing colorful handbags, styling midi skirts, and leather vs. pleather for boots.

“I’ve struggled my whole life with the size, shape and weight of my body. The biggest single difference has been adopting Intuitive Eating with my amazing nutritionist over the past year. But after that, it’s sewing. You know when you look in the mirror and think “ugh, I look terrible”? 90% of the time that’s your clothes. They’re too tight, things are bulging, or maybe they’re too loose and boxy. Once you can make clothes to fit, you learn that anyone can look good.” (Thanks, LaPriel)

Artisans from India and Ethopia contributed vibrant designs for these Tarrrik scarves.

Love the detailing on Tiffany’s striped sweater – those intersecting panels make the piece so much more eye-catching.

Jessica has assembled a guide to vendors and styles that carry sizes 4X and larger for Skorch Magazine. The magazine is free, but you have to register to view full articles.

Black, red, and leopard will always be one of my favorite combinations.

It’s easy to be hesitant when fashion makes such an obvious attempt to be more inclusive. These are images that are intrinsically share-worthy, and when 99% of fashion shows are experienced through photographs and social media, anything to increase clicks is fair game. But the diversity ‘trend’ — it doesn’t have to mean something negative, so we might has well call it that — does seem to have its roots in the right place.”

Lucy dressed to blend in, then began dressing to explore her creativity. Now, she gets called out when her outfits aren’t creative or weird enough to meet the new expectations of her peers and even teachers. FRUSTRATING.

My search for high-waisted, distressed-but-not-ridiculously-so skinny jeans ended with this pair from Gap Factory. And they’re only $30!

I’ve never successfully pulled it off myself, so I’m all the more impressed by Dana’s collared-blouse-under-dress ensemble. She’s totally rocking it.

More masterful layering: Turtleneck, dress, and tartan skirt. Amazing.

An important reminder about compliments.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered cold-weather styling tips for tunics.

And from the Department of Random: Everything in Paper’s Sunday Funnies roundup from last week. Especially the red pandas. But also DJ Arch Junior. And Nicki’s hilarious side-eye. OK, really, all of it.

Additionally: The Atlantic explains why Minneapolis is a fabulous place to live. Also see our mayor’s response to the article.

Finally: I LOVED this video about the Olinguito and how new species are discovered.

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15 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/27/15”

  1. The Style Crone

    Thank you Sally, for the inclusion in your Lovely Links. Your “weekly kitty” is adorable!

  2. Heather Harrell

    I admit I’m prone to issues with models. After years of seeing super skinny models, if I see a thicker model I have to really stop myself and inquire if it’s not a flattering clothing item, or is it the model is really thick?

  3. Melanie

    Designers as aggregators, yes. I don’t think the “Pantone colour of the season” would have gone over years ago. I thought the point of competition, even in fashion, was, well, competition, difference, not everyone being the same. Or maybe I never paid enough attention before to notice. We had oxblood and then marsala, but do you think that’s because fashion houses have leftovers they want to offload under a shining new colour title…? Or maybe I just didn’t take my anti-cynic pill today.
    Great list, Sally.

  4. pambamboo

    Thank you SOOO much for the Olinguito story! WOW. As i tell my faithless and superficial Facebook friends 🙂 – you are really missing out by not clicking on my video posts! Yes – they are longer than 0.30 seconds – but so worth it.

  5. Shawna McComber

    With regards to that no-makeup issue: I have always thought that the whole point of makeup was to look like yourself only better, thus the no makeup look. I get that at certain times a person wants to look glamorous and thus red lips or sparkling green eye shadow might make that statement, but it seems quite normal to me that the purpose of makeup be to fake attractiveness. When I wear makeup, I don’t use much and thus don’t look much different (in my profile pic to the left, I don’t even know if I have makeup on or not) but to me I look slightly improved. I would not want anyone to look at me and say ‘oh nice makeup’. I just want to look healthy and well rested and the prettiest version of myself.

  6. Ori Ciuraz

    As a kid I had naturally ‘tortoiseshell’ hair. Why is it that the best hair of my life occurred at the time I had the least interest in it?

  7. Ali

    Love, love, love your blog! Do you take requests? I have no idea what to do with belts. I know they accentuate an hour-glass figure, but for those of us who are more of a diamond are belts are good idea? Skinny ones? Wide ones? Same color as the fabric underneath or not?

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi Ali! Thanks for your kind words, my dear. And yes, always taking requests! Looks like I need to update my photos somehow, but this post has some belting tips. If you’re a diamond-shaped figure and want to belt, it kind of depends on your figure-flattery priorities. Belting underneath a cardigan or blazer is a great place to start as it defines your waist subtly … if you want to shoot me an email with more specifics, I can help and/or cook up a post!

      • Ali

        Thanks! That post is very helpful. I’ll experiment a little. Belting underneath sounds like a good place to start. I’d love to narrow the look of my waist, so perhaps that will do the trick.

  8. Jeanette C.

    Sally, so awesome that you included the olinguito video in your round-up! I ended up watching all the videos in that series.

  9. LaPriel

    Wow, you have such a fabulous voice! I enjoyed your video.
    I also enjoyed the link to Rookie. I keep trying to make my wardrobe one style, but I occasionally like to step out of my box and wear something a bit different. I am not sure how to explain why this is frustrating to me. The point is that this article helped me to realize that I don’t need to stay in a box. Thank you for sharing.